Buy Low/Sell High Week 10

We are officially halfway through the NFL season as it turns into week 10. This week instead of being a downer and talking about some more injuries in this open, I am going to take a different road and look at what has gone right this season.

Based on ESPN’s average draft position (ADP) I am going to do a “Draft Day Steals” team. All of these players had an ADP outside the top 60, after the fifth round in 12-team leagues.

QB Philip Rivers
He is averaging more than 43 attempts per game. Volume leads to fantasy goodness.
RB Devonta Freeman
He got the job and ran with it, literally. 
RB Chris Ivory
He has struggled lately but he has still be a first half star. 
WR Larry Fitzgerald
He isn’t 25 anymore but he is trying to make people realize what his career could have been if he had a quarterback. 
WR Allen Robinson
 He has looked amazing this year and it helps that the Jaguars are always playing from behind.
TE Tyler Eifert
The tight end leader in touchdowns so far. 
Flex Danny Woodhead
No one ever wants him but he is consistently putting up solid numbers. 

On average this team would have averaged 99 points in standard leagues. You could have drafted kickers and defenses for the first five rounds then picked up these guys and dominated your league.

You might ask yourself why I went through and picked out late round guys who way outperformed their ADP. This team can help show how the middle and late rounds are just as important as the first five. Not only does it show that, but it is a good example of how buying low or buying high early in the season can really benefit you for the rest of the season.

A lot of people weren’t buying the Larry Fitzgerald resurgence after the first week of the season, but if you went ahead and bought him at top 20 receiver value you are loving it right now.

I don’t want to go on a somber note with this next team, but I am going to do it anyway. This next team is the “All-Disappointment” team. A lot of fantasy pundits won’t count injuries into a players bad season, but it does count so why wouldn’t you? I am sitting here watching Darren McFadden, and he was considered a bust by just about everyone out there because of his inability to stay healthy. Health is just as big of a skill as speed or strength.

All of these players were drafted inside the first 48 picks – the first four rounds of a 12 team league.

QB Andrew Luck
He finally had a good NFL game but it was actually better for fantasy owners when he threw picks and had garbage yards.
RB Jamaal Charles
Unfortunately he tore his ACL early in the season.
RB Le’Veon Bell
He was known to miss at least two games with the suspension. The MCL injury ended what could have been a great year.
WR Jordan Matthews
He hasn’t been able to get on track, mainly because he can’t catch a cold.
WR T.Y. Hilton
If it wasn’t for a corner falling down twice in the Saints game his season would be a lot worse.
TE Jimmy Graham
He is barely inside the top 10 for tight ends when he was drafted in the elite tier.
Flex Eddie Lacy
You could say he is hurting owners more than Charles and Bell. At least Charles and Bell were good when they were in the lineup.

Post your nominees for these teams in the comment section below. If you agree, disagree or think someone else is more deserving on one of these teams feel free to give your opinion. These teams are supposed to reflect year to date, the future value is not taken in to consideration.

Just like every other week, ask any questions you may have in the comment section below, or if you need a quick answer ask me on Twitter @TheSportsGuy40.

Good luck in your matchups, and happy trading!


QB – Ben Roethlisberger

If you are looking for a playoff quarterback I would be looking right at the Roethlisberger owner. When he is healthy he can put up great numbers. As of now they are projected a few missed weeks for him and he should be back and ready to go for the fantasy playoffs. Wait as long as you can before going after him. Try to find out all the injury information you can, but if it looks like this will keep him out three weeks or less I would be going for Roethlisberger if I needed a quarterback and my playoff chances were pretty solid. Worst case scenario I think he misses four weeks, three games, and returns just in time for the fantasy playoffs. I wouldn’t be shocked if some Roethlisberger owners even drop him after this week if they are fighting for a playoff spot.

Potential buy low offer: James Jones for Roethlisberger

RB – Devonta Freeman

If the Freeman owner is panicking after one bad week buy, buy, buy. Freeman is one of the few elite fantasy running backs left standing through nine weeks of the season. If you can afford offering a receiver in the near elite group for him get Freeman.

Potential buy low offer: Demaryius Thomas for Freeman

RB – Mark Ingram

Drew Brees took over from inside the 10-yard line. Brees had a one and 10-yard touchdown pass along with a rushing touchdown from one yard out. With Khiry Robinson out there was hope that Ingram would get more opportunities from inside the 10 and it didn’t happen this week. Don’t bet on Brees getting three goal to go type touchdowns every week and Ingram not getting any. Some of those opportunities will go Ingram’s way. Other than one game against Carolina, the Saints have a great schedule down the stretch.

Potential buy low offer: Michael Crabtree for Ingram

RB – T.J. Yeldon

He didn’t play that well this week, but it was expected in a tough matchup. The final stats look better than they really were, he broke off a long run later in the game. Yeldon hasn’t had a lot of great stat lines this season, but he has looked good so far. Yeldon is another player who has a nice stretch of games coming up where he can really do some damage on the ground.

Potential buy low offer: James Jones for Yeldon

RB – James Starks

I think there is a changing of the guard coming in Green Bay; it probably already happened this week. Lacy apparently got hurt at some point and also appeared to get benched for a period of time for fumbling. Starks looked better from the few times I saw him and he is a nice added weapon in the passing game. The Packers are about to get the really soft part of their schedule. It should be smooth sailing for a while for Green Bay.

Potential buy low offer: Marvin Jones for Starks

TE – Jordan Reed

His late touchdown might make the casual owners less inclined to sell because of his final point total, but his overall stat line wasn’t good today. When healthy Reed is one of the few “flex worthy” tight ends in fantasy. If you don’t have one of the few elite tight ends go for Reed this week. You might even be able to add him off of waivers, he is still available in a lot of leagues.

Potential buy low offer: Willie Snead for Reed


QB – Marcus Mariota

He returned with a huge game this week. Mariota has had a good rookie season, but fantasy wise he has only had two games that you can really get excited about. There are not a lot of good weapons in that offense. Mariota looks like a great option in dynasty leagues right now, but I am selling for redrafts; he doesn’t get to play the Saints every week. He has games left against the Panthers, Patriots and Jets.

Potential sell high offer: Mariota and Edelman for Odell Beckham Jr.

RB – DeAngelo Williams

What a game from Williams this week. I think Williams is going to be a good back as long as he stays healthy, around number 10 for the rest of the season. My worry with Williams is his health if he gets a consistent workload of more than 20 touches per game. If you can get someone to bite on top five running back value jump all over it. If you can’t then keep rolling him out there; as long as he is on the field he is going to be a great option.

Potential sell high offer: Williams for Allen Robinson and Mark Ingram

WR – Julio Jones

This is a really risky one. We all know what he is capable of. Heck, look at what he did this week. The Falcons are really struggling right now. Matt Ryan is not playing well and at some point I see it hurting Jones. Jones also gets two tough matchups against the Panthers in the fantasy playoffs. Do not sell Julio just to do it, but if you can trade him for another top-level receiver plus something else I think it is something that you should do.

Potential sell high offer: Jones and Frank Gore for Todd Gurley and Julian Edelman

WR – Allen Hurns

I am invested in Hurns in a lot of leagues, and I will be trying hard to move him this week. What he is doing is unsustainable. Hurns has touchdowns in six straight weeks and has only one game this season with more than five catches. Hurns is a borderline top 20 receiver with his production to this point and there is a good chance you can get even more than that in return. One thing to make me hesitant on selling Hurns is his upcoming schedule.

Potential sell high offer: Hurns for Justin Forsett


QB – Drew Brees

Ever since returning from his shoulder injury he has been on fire. The past two games have been one of the best two game stretches in fantasy history. As I mentioned before, the Saints have a nice stretch of games coming up and that horrible defense will almost always keep the games close enough that Brees can keep airing it out.

I would take him over: Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning.


RB – Jeremy Hill

He struggled against the Brown and was really outplayed by Giovani Bernard. Hill hasn’t looked like he did last season. If you can afford to keep him on the bench do it, but if you need some value out of a running back trade him for anything you can get.

I sell him for: Giovani Bernard, Jonathan Stewart, LeGarrette Blount, Danny Woodhead.


WR – Antonio Brown

Creative name right? I really didn’t know where to put him. I want to buy him, but he isn’t a buy low after this week. He also isn’t really a buy high because his owners might be freaked out now that Roethlisberger is hurt again. The Steelers will turn to Landry Jones while Big Ben is on the sidelines and that is good news for Brown, but he won’t do what he did this week. Then in week 11 the Steelers go on their bye week. There is a chance Roethlisberger returns after the bye and only misses one game, then Brown can go back to single-handedly winning weeks for his fantasy owners. More realistically I think Roethlisberger misses three weeks, two games, and I think the worst case is he returns week 14. Whether it is buy high, buy low, or whatever the way you want to consider it, get Brown if you can get him for any type of reasonable value. Brown is the number one target in fantasy if you are looking for someone to make your team unstoppable for a playoff run. He is averaging, averaging, 19.38 points in standard leagues when Roethlisberger starts.


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

52 thoughts on “Buy Low/Sell High Week 10”

  1. Nice article! Lots of ideas for players i’m sure a lot of people were wondering about. A few trade ideas as i have lost Bell and Lewis these past 2 weeks. I still have 3 quarterbacks in Luck, Bortles, and Carr. I see you like Brees more than luck ROS. Would you propose:

    1. Luck and TY Hilton/Hurns for Brees and Starks? (only problem with that is that Hilton and Luck both have bye week so i may need to include another QB)
    2. Carr for Roethlisberger straight up? (or should i wait to see more info on Big Ben due to the non urgency of the situation)
    3. Some sort of trade for Forte, Freeman, Ingram, or Gurley?

    Thanks again.

    1. You have three really good quarterback options rest of season. In your situation I would be looking to unload a quarterback and not really worry about getting one in return. It might even be beneficial to trade Luck and roll with Bortles and Carr. I didn’t have him as a buy but I love Bortles rest of season, he has a fantastic schedule.

      Similar to last week yes I did put Brees above Luck but it is a very very small margin. I wouldnt do the first trade. I would avoid the 1st trade.

      I dont have a problem with the Carr for Ben deal because you have so much else at quarterback. The thing is though you still have Luck and Bortles so Roethlisberger really isnt very useful for you.

      I would put feelers out there on trading one of your quarterbacks plus a RB or WR for an upgrade. Luck has the best rest of season value to me but I dont think Bortles is too far behind and I think Luck would net you a lot more in a trade. Bortles gets the Ravens this week, the Titans twice, the Chargers, Falcons and the best of all the Saints in week 16.

      1. Thank you. Good point on QB’s although i’m not sure ppl are high on Luck just yet. Tough call on who to target this week. Would you do Luck for Forte? That owner also has Freeman, Spiller, Melvin Gordon, R. Jennings as running backs. (he has brady and E Manning as his current QB’s) Maybe target lynch, stewart, etc? do you have any RB’s you like ROS? Should i try for Miller or my early season favorite, Karlos Wiliams?

        1. I think I would do Luck for Forte. I would see if I could get Freeman somehow first.

          I think Williams is going to be a nice play this week because I am not all that sure McCoy plays this week. Williams is a great handcuff but I dont think he has standalone value with McCoy on the field. There will be games where he breaks a big run and he might get a goal line carry or two but I have a hard time trusting him when McCoy is on the field. I wouldnt be trading for him but if he is on the waiver wire he is a must add this week.

          1. This is the owner i originally did the Freeman and Cooks for AB trade. He did just trade me M Bryant for Diggs and Davante Adams. I’m not sure what else i could give him other than AB. Would Hilton and Forsett for Freeman be enough? Or Luck and AB and Yeldon for Freeman and Forte? Or should i reverse the original trade? His WR’s are Ginn Jr., Cooks, Diggs, M. Floyd, Aiken, and Adams.

          2. I dont know if you could get him for Hilton and Forsett but you could try it. Luck, Brown and Yeldon might be too much for me.

            He definitely needs receivers. Who is his quarterback?

          3. I have an offer out there for Luck + Forsett for Freeman. No response yet. My guess is that’s a ‘no’ because he usually replies right away if he’s going to accept. His QB is Brady. I didn’t realize Freeman had his bye week this week. That actually works well with my match up schedule. I really hope I can get him. Having Coleman makes him the perfect RB for me.

          4. I put an offer out to the Cutler owner for Deangelo williams for Luck. He seems to have a ton of RB depth in Williams, Gore, Lynch, and Stewart. Do u think that is paying too much? I know you try not to think like this… But this may push this guy into unbeatable status. He has OBJ, Jeffery, and Mathews as his top WRs. Also Eifert. Please let me know if I should cancel that proposal.

          5. Surprisingly enough I would rather have DeAngelo over Luck. If I said that 2 months ago I would have been on my way to a nut house.

            You have Bortles and Carr who are two more than capable quarterbacks that you can use the one who has a better matchup each week.

          6. I knowknow, I still hesitate to part with Lucks upside since I traded palm we for him, but having Deangelo wouod really help my team. This owner may not be open to trading though. He has never responded to any of my proposals. What would yiu offer for Ingram. This is the A Rodgers and Gronk owner. He’s got the same 6-3 record as I do. He has been keeping 2 QBs on his roster so he may be interested in Luck, but not sure.

          7. There is now news coming out that DeAngelo has swelling in his foot. No clue how serious it is but I dont know if I would pull the trigger on that deal now.

            I didn’t think he could stay healthy with a full workload but I didnt think it would happen this fast.

          8. Wow. Just wow. Top 2 RBs and starting QB gone in 2 weeks. I cancelled the Freeman and Williams proposals. I can’t see dropping luck unless he’s out for the playoffs. I have so many open roster spots already. I don’t know of any good waiver wire pickups either. Not sure where to go at this point. Thanks for the heads up.

          9. Okay. I’ve picked myself off the floor and I’m back in the game 😛 Trade options/targets:
            1. (Marshall) or (Hilton + Hurns) for Ingram/Lynch? Which trades are realistic in those?
            2. AB for Freeman? (I’m still thinking this is the most realistic option long term…as I have Freeman’s handcuff…but i may wait until next week to try that one)
            3. Hurns/Hilton for Karlos Williams and LaFell

            I have 2 roster spots to fill (dropping Lewis and Gaskins): Some Available: Joique Bell, Richard Rodgers, Riddick, James White, B Bolden, Sproles, Dorial Green-Beckham, Mike Wallace, ASJ, Carlos Hyde, Ellington, Knile Davis, Sankey, Draugn, Colston, Agholor..

          10. How would you rank Lamar Miller, DeAngelo Williams and Ingram ROS? I may be able to trade Hilton + Hurns for Miller as well. Would you say any of those 3 RB would be a good move or would you hold out on Williams and Miller at this point?

            Would you pickup both White and Boldin if possible or try to get Hyde before Boldin?

          11. After doing some more research.. these look like possible trade options:

            1. Hilton and Forsett for Ingram
            2. Hilton for Forte/C. West (Do you like West over Forte ROS? It looks like west has an awesome ROS schedule)
            3. Marshall and Forsett for Freeman (would need to wait until next week to pass on Freeman’s Bye)
            4. AB for Freeman

            I was thinking of trying those in that order (1-4). Thoughts/alternatives?

          12. I would have a healthy DeAngelo over Miller rest of season. I worry about DeAngelo staying healthy though.

            Sorry I didnt get back to you about the waiver question. I dont know if Hyde will be back this season. If I had the choice I would probably grab both New England backs and hope one breaks out.

            I like deal 2 the most but I dont think you will be able to get that done.

            The first deal I would rather a healthy Forte than a healthy West. A healthy Forte is still an elite back, West will never be truly elite in my eyes even with a good schedule.

            I like deal 3 more than 4 just because I like to have as many studs as possible on my team and I would want to keep Brown any way I could.

          13. Thanks for the reply. I originally picked up White and Hyde…but dropped Hyde and picked up Bolden after I saw your message. So you would rank the deals 2,1,3,4? I’m not sure you saw #1 (the deal for Ingram) as you mentioned Forte instead. I put the offer out there for Forte for Hilton.

          14. Just noticed the Fitzgerald owner has rivers on a bye and big ben as backup. Would u trade Carr and M. Bryant for Bug Ben and Fitz? I think that’s a fair offer. Would u do it for just Fitz if he turns down the trade? He also has T. Austin. Would u do Austin and bug Ben for Carr and M Bryant?

          15. He turned down Carr and and Bryant for Ben and Fitz. He picked up cousins off waivers. Would u do Bryant for Ben? Or Carr + Bryant n for lacy and Ben? I may have to overpay for Ben. This is the owner who would only take AB for lacy early in the year.

          16. Alfred Morris just dropped by another owner. Would u pick him up and drop Bolden? He looks like he is the top back in Washington.

          17. I wouldnt try to trade for Ben even with Luck out. You have a nice 1-2 matchups option with Bortles and Carr.

            I also see Fitzgerald trending down rest of season. The offense as a whole will still be good but with Michael Floyd back and healthy he is taking some of those targets away from Brown and Fitz.

            I really dont want any part of Morris at this point. Extremely limited upside and a floor of literally 0 points per week. I would hang onto the Patriots backs and hope one of them clicks over Morris.

            In regards to the trade I think I did miss/forget to mention the first one.

            I would probably rank them in order 2, 3, 1, 4.

          18. I wouldnt do Marshall for Forte unless you can make sure you have Langford too.

            I would do Hilton and Coleman for Forte. I am indifferent on if I would do Forsett and Coleman. That would probably be like the Marshall trade as I would only do it if I could lock up Langford as well.

          19. Trade 3 accepted. Thoughts? Freeman for Forsett and Marshall. I feel like I gave up a lot…but having Freeman’s handcuff makes me feel better about it. I get to start Marshall tonight too. I don’t have a RB1 this week though. Do I start White alongside Yeldon? Also, who do I pickup in my empty roster spot when this goes through on Saturday? Maybe ASJ again… As always… Thanks for the advice.

          20. You did give up a good amount but you got a bonafide stud in Freeman and you have the handcuff already.

            Is White the only option you have left? Won’t you still have Forsett because the trade wont go through until after this week.

          21. Trades clear in 2 days in this league, so I have Marshall but not Forsett. White, Yeldon and Bolden are the only other RBs I have right now. He dropped a WR to waivers that im interested in, but I’d rather not say on here until he’s visible to the other players in the league. That won’t be until the trade clears. Do I need to trade for another RB this week? Maybe a back who has a good schedule opposite weeks of Yeldon… So i can play the one with the better schedule? Any ideas on trades? Should I keep Hilton now or still try to move him? Maybe Hilton for starks?

          22. LOL. just received an email stating 8 players to buy/sell for the playoffs… and 3/4 of them…(hilton, yeldon, bortles). The only one i don’t have is C. West. I’m not sure I’d be able to get him though because the owner has yet to respond to any trades…I like what I’m reading though…

            Here is a quote: “He’s going to be a Jamaal Charles-like workhorse down the stretch and check out Kansas City’s remaining schedule: Two games each against the Raiders and Chargers, a road game in Baltimore and a tilt against a Cleveland Browns defense that’s allowed the most rushing yards in the league.”

          23. I can see why some people are all in on West but I don’t think he will be a top 10 back. I worry a little about Hilton because I don’t know if Luck will be back before week 15.

            And in regards to your trade I still think you will have Forsett because, usually, if part of the trade cant go through then the whole trade wont go through. So since Marshall is playing tonight and you have him as part of the trade you should still have Forsett on Sunday.

          24. Hmmm…well…i talked about the fact that he would have Forsett to help him with his tough match-up and I would absorb Freeman’s bye in the trade talk. Not good if that isn’t true. Any idea how I would find out for sure? This is an ESPN league. Would you be comfortable starting White…or should I trade for another back? Who would you trade off of my roster at this point and do you have any other buy low RB’s at this point that I’d be able to target?

          25. I would bet that Forsett would still be on your roster because you were allowed to use Marshall tonight, although at the moment that is actually a negative for you.

            If you and the other owner agree to it you could move things around so that the other owner has Forsett for this week. For example cancel the trade and trade Forsett for Freeman straight up and then trade Marshall for nothing or a random bench player once the week finishes up.

            In the case that you don’t have Forsett, you can start White. At this point there isn’t a whole lot left on waivers I would assume. Maybe grab Marcel Reece because of Murray’s concussion, although it looks like Murray will play. I would rather White over Reece if Murray is active.

          26. How is it possible to cancel a trade once its status changes to “Accepted”? I don’t see any options to do so.

          27. Thanks for the idea about making the trade work. The other owner isn’t worried about it and wants to just let it go through as is. I’ll sleep much better tonight (and this weekend if i have Forsett) knowing I gave him the option.So thanks, I REALLY appreciate your advice.

          28. I just realized i now only have 2 possible WRs for week 11 due to the steelers’ bye and trading Marshall. I’ll have to pickup a solid flex option or start White 2 weeks in a row. That week is a tough opponent as well with Rodgers, Ingram and Gronk et all. On the plus side… Big Ben is healing ahead of schedule, but I’d almost rather he heal up for the playoffs vs play this Sunday.

          29. I know you said that hes ok with it but if you wanted to you would have to get the commissioner, or league, to veto the trade. You yourself can’t cancel it.

            Who are some receivers available on your waiver wire?

            I really don’t think Ben plays this week but it is an encouraging sign that he is progressing.

          30. You are 100% right about the trade processing date. I just looked closer at it and it says it will process the morning of November 17th. Thanks again for the heads up. I’m glad i offered to make sure he had Forsett for Sunday.

            Well, I’m not sure if there are any WR’s that are on bye week 10 that will have good week 11s but here are some of the flex’s available: Joique Bell, Riddick, Fleener, Clay, Dorial Green-Beckham, Mike Wallace, ASJ, Carlos Hyde, Ellington, Knile Davis, Sankey, Draugn, Colston, Mike Wallace, Cole Beasley, Cecil Shorts, Agholor..I’m not sure how to really rank them for week 11 though. Are there any others you don’t see on that list that I should look at?

          31. Would you trade Martavis Bryant for LaFell? I’m looking at options that would eliminate the need for the week 11 scramble…His other WR’s are Hopkins, Julio Jones, Boldin, and Moncrief. His lower RB’s are K wiliams, Rawls, C Michael, Alfred Blue… I may rather have Bryant ROS though.. not sure.

          32. I have Bryant way above LaFell and and a decent bit ahead of Johnson. His upside is immense.

            I wouldn’t make a season changing trade just to cover one bye week, especially if you aren’t desperate for a win.

            I wouldn’t mind adding Hyde, DGB, Amendola, Bell, Riddick. Those guys are all around the level of White anyway. Hyde has upside if he plays and is healthy, or at least close to it.

            You could probably add your favorite of the group you listed and then if someone on that list breaks out and you didnt pick him up, hope to get him on waivers next week.

          33. Thanks. I just read something about Beasley having a big week this week against TB… would you pick him up over Bolden? I don’t think I’d start him instead of Hurns this week, but he would be a good trade candidate if he goes off for 20pts on my bench…

            It looks like I won’t have an empty roster spot until the trade processes next Tuesday. My fear is that the player he drops gets added to the Wed AM waivers and then is up for grabs for everyone…How are you doing in your leagues? Tough matchup this week for you? Any roster concerns?

            P.S. On your latest article…”Starks” is showing as “Starts” again… 🙂 gotta love that autocorrect.

          34. I wouldnt start Beasley or add him over Bolden. I would keep Bolden and hope he breaks out.

            I’m in 4 leagues personally and I am 8-1, 6-3, 6-3, and 4-5. Of course the league that I am 4-5 in is the one I care about the most.

            My 8-1 team is pretty good, one of my 6-3 teams is a dyansty league where I lost Bell, had Ellington and Hyde so my running backs are really ugly, other 6-3 team is a juggernaut to say the least just got unlucky early in the season, my 4-5 team I am deciding between Hurns and Yeldon as starts this week and I am going with Hurns.

          35. Nice. Keeper leagues add a whole other element to the game it seems. Glad to see you are doing well. Knowing you, you’re setting yourself up for the playoffs too so as long as you make the playoffs in that 4-5 league… You’ll be set having Hurns and Yeldon. Good luck today!

            I am starting both Hurns and Yeldon… And I officially still have Forsett. My opponent has Brees… So assuming he doesn’t got off for another monster game, I’ll do pretty well.

          36. Ya it is the first year of the dynasty. I wanted to sell at the deadline because even at 6-3 my team has no shot at the title without Bell. Jonathan Stewart is my locked in number 1 running back and my number 2 has been pretty ugly in recent weeks.

            My 4-5 league I am actually in the playoffs right now as the six seed. Just some bad luck, second in total points just played the wrong teams a few times this year. I have a ton of depth I would love to trade in that league but the teams that could use depth have nothing I would want so I have been a little stuck in that league.

  2. So I have a lot of decent players on my team, but no greats. An offer was offered to give me Antonio Brown for Lamar Miller and Allen Hurns, would this be worthwhile? My league plays 1qb, 2wr, 2rb, 1te, 1flex. I still have plenty of wr to play with, landry, decker, lafell, but my rb’s would be west, forsett, and hillman, which isn’t bad, but I don’t know if I can trust them.

    1. I like the deal on face value but it really leaves you think at running back. It would be two solid options in West and Forsett and praying that nothing happens to them so you dont have to rely on Hillman.

      I would assume you go from starting something like
      Miller, West, Forsett, Hurns, and then either Landry or Decker weekly

      This would make your lineup after the trade look like this
      West, Forsett, Brown, Landry, Decker

      Lets say you start Decker every week.

      In essence your starting lineup loses Hurns and Miller to add adds Brown and Landry

      At this time of the year running backs are going to pop up on the waiver wire due to the starters getting hurt or role changes. If you do this trade you need to be really hitting the waiver wire hard because Hillman is not someone that you want to start in the fantasy playoffs.

      I would lean towards taking this deal.

      How is your playoff situation though? Brown is without Ben for the Browns, has a bye and then a tough matchup against the Seahawks. When Ben comes back he is going to be a stud but if you are hanging on by a thread for the playoffs you can’t afford to take 1 possibly 2 bad games plus a bye week.

  3. Boldin/Floyd/Michael for Jordan Matthews?

    After last week, my trio of Gurley, McCoy and Lacy has me slightly worried. It seems like there isn’t much I can do about that now though. Hope and pray!

    1. I am assuming that is Michael Floyd. Either way I would do that deal. Michael didn’t play a single snap. I have a feeling if/when McFadden gets hurt they might bring someone else in rather than let Michael play.

      Pretty much giving up 3 things that aren’t worth much for Matthews who hasn’t been good but at least has upside.

  4. Just double checking a previous trade question now that I had another less than 3 pt loss this week.
    2-7 record thus far. 4 games out. Injuries and high scores but close losses have been excruciating this year.

    Qb cam newton, Winston, Romo ir
    RB j hill rd 7 keeper, r Mathews, j bell, k gaskins, Foster ir, bell ir
    Wr dem Thomas, Hurns, Diggs, cooks, Snead, moncrief, j Nelson ir
    Te d Walker
    K Walsh
    Def Rams, Bengals

    Have an offer of L Murray rd 9 keeper and N Washington for d Thomas and k gaskins. We can add one new keeper a year, Max of three. Would be able to keep l. Murray rd 9 and Nelson rd 13 if I make the deal…id lose rights to hill. Thomas can’t be kept by anyone….
    If I stay pat with Thomas, I’d be have to keep hill rd 7 and Nelson 13. Scoured the league. Top teams are set at wr, which is my strength. Murray is best value keeper at RB I found… figured I’d lock up a feature back and wr1 In the late rounds so I can go best player/value for next years draft. I know it’s a next year deal but any and all thoughts appreciated. Thanks!

  5. My team in a 12 team. 5ppr
    qb : Dalton
    Wr : B. Marshall
    Wr : D. Thomas
    Wr : C. Johnson (mega)
    Rb : D. Murray
    Rb : Lacy
    Te : Barnidge
    flex : D. Adams
    K : McManus
    Def : Car
    Bench : R. Matthews, V. Davis, K. Williams, T. Riddick, C. Thompson, _____.

    Hey , Andy. How’s it going? I’m looking for the best upside guys and matches. On waivers is Duke Johnson, shaun draughn, David Johnson, Jordan todman, Rawls, cobb, c. Michaels. I have an open slot on my bench to add a player and I don’t mind dropping another if needed. N. Agholor is available for wr depth. Trade deadline is the 13th, but it looks like my starting line up is locked and only up to waivers. So, what you think? Thanks.

    1. Upside in order
      Rawls, Duke, David Johnson, Todman, Cobb, Draughn. Rawls is leaps and bounds ahead of the other guys in terms of upside. Duke and David Johnson carry some week to week stand alone value but nothing that you would really want to start.

      Ya your lineup looks prepped for a nice playoff run. I wouldnt necessarily make any trades.

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