Buy Low/Sell High Week 7

Almost a third of the teams in the NFL have had their bye week to this point.

If you are struggling at 0-6, 1-5 and potentially 2-4 you might have to start exploring the opportunity of trading players on their bye weeks for a slight downgrade in order to not play without one of your better players. This does not mean trading Aaron Rodgers for Cam Newton just because Rodgers is about to hit his bye week and Newton has already had it. However, trading away Matt Forte for Chris Ivory this week at 1-5 is something that you might have to do.

If you can try to get a week ahead and sell a player for someone who has already had his bye week. Look to trade players who have byes coming up in weeks 8 and 9 for players who have already had a bye and you can ride every week through the end of the season.

As a team in control at 6-0, 5-1 and 4-2 you can target struggling teams who can’t afford to have their star players on a bye. Also as one of the teams in the driver’s seat you can use your place in the standings to trade your depth to upgrade your roster for the playoffs or buy injured players from owners who can’t take another week of Dez Bryant sitting on the bench.

Just like every other week, any questions you have ask them in the comment section below or if you need a quick answer ask me on Twitter @TheSportsGuy40.

Good luck in your matchups, and happy trading!


QB – Aaron Rodgers – Packers

Included him last week, but I think he needs to be here again. Rodgers still provided owners with 19 plus fantasy points this week but he hasn’t been “Aaron Rodgers” the past two weeks. Rodgers is missing his deep threat in Jordy Nelson and I think that has been hurting him to this point, but this is still Aaron Rodgers. If you own Rodgers, he said it best himself “R-E-L-A-X” don’t sell him low.

Potential buy low offer: Philip Rivers and Allen Robinson for Rodgers

QB – Carson Palmer – Cardinals

Potential buy low offer: Palmer has been providing average fantasy numbers the past few weeks so his owners shouldn’t be looking to sell for pennies on the dollar. Palmer is in one of the better offenses in the NFL and has plenty of weapons at his disposal. Palmer gets the Ravens and Browns the next two weeks before his bye. Buy him now and get ready for some huge production.

Potential buy low offer: Joseph Randle for Palmer

RB – Eddie Lacy – Packers

I know, another guy who was on last week’s list. The big worry with Lacy this week is that he only managed to get four carries. I just can’t buy Lacy being this bad. As the weather gets colder in Green Bay Lacy should continue to get more work. If you take a peek at Twitter you can see how fed up a lot of his owners are. Depending on the owner, you might be able to get him for next to nothing.

Potential buy low offer: Lacy for Eric Decker and Danny Woodhead

WR – A.J. Green – Bengals

He has only had one game where he played like the true stud he is. Green may not get consistent targets like he did in the past but his talent is still there and when the Bengals need to pass he can do damage. The Bengals are on a bye this week so Green might even come cheaper than normal.

Potential buy low offer: Mark Ingram for Green

WR – Antonio Brown – Steelers

Big Ben will be back soon. Brown has been killing his owners the past few weeks and they might be ready to give up on him. I am not sure if Roethlisberger will be back this week but you need to jump on a chance to trade for Brown before Roethlisberger comes back. Once Brown has a good quarterback throwing him the ball he slides safely back into the number one spot for fantasy receivers.

Potential buy low offer: Chris Ivory and Allen Hurns for Brown


RB – Jonathan Stewart – Panthers

I mentioned him as a sell low last week. If you didn’t sell him lsat week I would do everything possible to trade him this week. Cam Newton normally gets the goal line work leaving Stewart with very little big game upside. Someone might buy into Stewart as the guy of people expected he could be on draft day, a high-end running back two when healthy. If you can snag a guy who can be an every week flex that is a great deal to make.

Potential sell high offer: Stewart for Travis Benjamin

RB – Ronnie Hillman – Broncos

He broke out with 111 yards on 20 carries against one of the worst run defenses in the league. Even with the big game it was C.J. Anderson who got the touches in overtime. I don’t think the Broncos will ever settle on one running back and I don’t expect either back to do this on a regular basis. If you can get someone to think Hillman is going to be the guy in Denver You might be able to get a solid receiver in return from a running back needy team, or the Anderson owner.

Potential sell high offer: Hillman for T.Y. Hilton

RB – LeSean McCoy – Bills

He played great in his first game back, even at less than 100 percent. McCoy noted himself that we wasn’t 100 percent yet so his hamstring issue is still lingering. I would use this as a time to sell him and not risk another injury or setback with that hamstring. McCoy is a top 10 back when healthy so you should be able to sell him at a top 10 running back level.

Potential sell high offer: McCoy for Julian Edelman

WR – Demaryius Thomas – Broncos

I have said it on this site a few times, this isn’t the Broncos of 2013. The offense is really struggling and this is your chance to sell Demaryius as an elite receiver. The Broncos are happy to win games 3-0 if they have to. Putting up points isn’t a priority for this team. If you can, wait to see how serious Emmanuel Sanders is injured. If he is out for a while Demaryius should put up some solid numbers as the no doubt go to target in the offense.

Potential sell high offer: Demaryius Thomas for Arian Foster

TE – Gary Barnidge – Browns

I am not convinced he can keep this up. I think he can be a top 10 tight end this season but he won’t be an elite option week after week. He was pretty quiet the whole game other than the touchdowns.

Potential sell high offer: Barnidge and Pierre Garcon for Mike Evans


WR – Brandon Marshall – Jets

The offense has been great this season after what it was under Rex Ryan. Marshall won’t be putting up 100 yards every week but I think he will be a borderline top 10 receiver rest of season but I don’t think people value him that way.

I would take him over: Emmanuel Sanders, T.Y. Hilton, Randall Cobb.


QB – Peyton Manning – Broncos

It is over for Manning as a fantasy quarterback. Sell his name value for whatever you can and roll with Blake Bortles instead.

I would sell him for: Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Tyrod Taylor, Blake Bortles.


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

104 thoughts on “Buy Low/Sell High Week 7”

  1. Would you also consider Hopkins a “Buy High” option as well? Averaging over 11 targets per game, some are saying he has a chance to be the top WR of the year. Thoughts?

    1. I definitely think Hopkins is a buy high. Preseason I thought he had a chance to jump into the elite group of receivers, top eight, but I didn’t expect this. If you can buy him at less than top five value it can be worth it.

  2. 12 Team STD (4-2 record) (waivers reset every week)
    My Team:
    QB: Carson Palmer, Sam Bradford
    WR: Antonio Brown, Calvin Johnson, T.Y. Hilton, Allen Hurns, Davante Adams
    RB: Le’Veon Bell, Latavius Murray, Danny Woodhead, Tevin Coleman, Karlos Williams
    TE: Greg Olsen

    Looking to trade this week to help my team for the playoffs. I’d like to move Bradford if I can and whatever else you think I may need. (I will post the other teams with Lacy, Marshall, and Green which seem like they may be good buy options at this time.)

  3. Team 1 (4-2 record) QB: Rivers, Big Ben
    WR: Cobb, Fitzgerald, Keenan Allen, Tavon Austin
    RB: Lacy, Bernard, CJ Spiller, Knile Davis

    Team 2 (1-5 record) QB Luck, Taylor, Bortles
    WR: AJ Green, B. Marshall, Steve Smith Sr., Cruz
    RB: Hyde, Chris Johnson, Forsett, Yeldon

    1. Murray for Lacy. (or maybe woodhead + Adams?) Murray had his bye week and Lacy on his bye week, so that helps make the trade appealing for the Lacy owner.

    2. I was thinking Calvin + Murray/Woodhead for Marshall/Green + Hyde/Johnson.

    1. I probably wouldn’t pursue the second option. I think Calvin vs. Marshall is close and I would want to avoid investing in the Cardinals backfield. I heard this somewhere I think it was 3.3 yards per carry for Hyde outside of the huge game in week one against the Vikings.

      I think trying Woodhead plus Adams is a good option. Some reports today say they will ride the hot hand in Green Bay. My money is still on Lacy to win out on that over Starks but that adds a little more worry to buying him.

      Even with the concern over Lacy I would probably do the Murray for Lacy trade. It would be strictly for the upside of what Lacy can do. If he doesn’t hit and become a stud again oh well he can go on your bench as your third running back behind Woodhead. If he hits you’re team is as close as a lock to winning a championship as you can get in fantasy football.

      I would do Murray for him as a last resort. I would think you can buy him even lower than that. Who is his quarterback? Maybe Bradford would be useful for him.

      Team 1 does have bye week issues but at 4-2 I don’t know if he will really be worried about it. If he was 3-3 or worse that might matter. Still, there is a good chance he is fed up with Lacy.

      Team 2 is in trouble at 1-5 but has depth to cover A.J. Green’s bye this week so I am not sure how low he would be willing to sell.

      You can probably part with Karlos Williams at this point. Add a player like Diggs or Michael.

      1. His quarterback is Rivers and Big Ben (he’s team 1). Would you offer the trade now or wait until tomorro when the new projections are available for the week. I’m not sure how well Woodhead or Murray are predicted to do this week.

        Would you drop the vikings defense this week against the Lions?

        I am still torn on Williams. I really feel like he’s going to outplay McCoy when he’s back. Speaking of that.. I need to pick up a bench player this week. Diggs is available.. but i’m 11th on waivers.. will have to look into that more.

        1. He really isn’t looking for a quarterback then.

          I wouldn’t worry about waiting for the projections. In all honesty I would take those projections with a grain of salt.

          Woodhead might be in for a bigger role because of Gordon’s struggled and fumbling issues. Murray is a good back and as long as the Raiders don’t have to go pass happy is a good start.

          If you need a defense I would look to target the Rams, Falcons and Steelers this week.

          Williams has a pretty serious concussion if it has kept him out for two weeks now. If McCoy is playing the best Williams can do is 50 percent of the touches. Williams had a chance to play without McCoy and had a good fantasy day because of a touchdown but struggled to run the ball.

          Diggs is a good player his big issue is staying healthy and if he can keep the job as a starting receiver he can be a top 40 receiver with some nice upside.

      2. This is the team I fear may win the whole thing… and they’re the one with the worst ranked QB. Any favorable trades I could try? What do you think of my chances? lol

        (Record 5-1)
        QB: Flacco, Romo
        WR: E. Sanders, Snead, A. Cooper, Crabtree, Garcon, Decker
        RB: Forte, Blount, McCoy, Ronnie Hillman
        TE: Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas
        DST: Broncos
        K: Josh Brown

          1. Thanks. Do you think I should offer that team Bradford? If so, who would you ask for in return? Here’s the other 5-1 team I’m concerned about. Do you like my chances? Any possible trades with them?

            QB: Rodgers, Stafford
            WR: Moncreif, Randle, Maclin, D. Baldwin, Crowder
            RB: Ingram, D. Herron, B. Sankey, D. Martin
            TE: Gronk
            DST: Seahawks

          2. If you can manage something to do Bradford plus a running back for Forte you could try that. Otherwise there isn’t much there to go for.

            Gronk has had a few “down” weeks in a row. If you can get Gronk from that team I would do that. You could try Olsen plus Hurns. This team really doesn’t have all that much besides Gronk and Rodgers.

          3. Autocorrect* rocky= only Also Gronk owner turned down olsen + Hurns. Countered with Alex Smith for ty Hilton. I dont think I need a mid level QB that bad. Or am I missing something about Alex Smith? Maybe he will need to pass a lot more without Charles? Any other offers for Gronk?

          4. @Andy. Gronk owner countered with Alex Smith for ty Hilton trade. I don’t think i need another mid range QB, or would he be worth it for week 9? The owners full team is listed above. Would any trade offer with him make sense? Is Ingram good enough? He looks thin at WR. He may like calvin or Hilton

          5. Don’t trade for Alex Smith, especially for Hilton.

            Based on some of the counter offers you are getting these teams just aren’t likely to trade with you. That is fine though because not everyone likes to trade.

  4. Thank you. I have offers for Gronk and Lacy out there.
    Please rank these available player that I could pickup off waivers: (or just pick the top 4-5 that I should target)

    Ryan Mathews
    Chris Thompson
    Toby Gerhart
    Brandon LaFell
    Charles Sims
    Stefon Diggs
    Javorius Allen
    Ty Montgomery
    Torrey Smith

    1. Mathews

      Not mentioned I think Danny Amendola is worth a look just in case Edelman ends up being bothered by his finger injury.

      You could also give Robert Turbin a look for a running back flier.

        1. I don’t think Malcom Floyd is worth an add. I do think Michael could have a good week this week though.

          He seemed involved in the offense this week and he goes against a bad Ravens secondary this week.

      1. Do you have an resources to predict who would be a good QB to start week 9 (on Palmer’s bye week)? I was thinking I may want to trade Bradford for someone’s backup ahead of time to get a good starter for that week.

        1. Lacy owner rejected Lacy for Woodhead and Williams (didn’t have Adams until this morning) and proposed Brown for Cobb and Tavon Austin. I’m pretty sure that would not help me. Correct?

          1. @Andy with regards to your reply to my post. That’s what I was thinking. His offer does not seem reasonable even value wise. I’m not sure if there are any other players on his team that could help me. Maybe Fitzgerald and Lacy for Megatron and Adams?

            I was thinking it may be a good time to sell high on Megatron after such a good week this week. Do you think he keeps it up?

            I was also wondering if it would be advisable to trade for M. Bryant or is not advisable to have 2 top WR on the same team (Steelers)?

          2. Ya his offer isn’t good at all. Some people just don’t like trading unless it is a lopsided trade in their favor. Cobb’s value is lower than Brown’s right now. Austin wouldn’t ever start on your team, he is a desperation start on a team without a good group of receivers and your receivers are great.

            I wouldn’t sell on Calvin right now. I think the Lions will keep featuring him. I do not think he is the elite of elite receivers like he used to be but he is still great, it just depends on how often they throw him the ball.

            I have no problem trading for Bryant. I think you have three receivers better than Bryant. The only way I would do it is if you get Bryant and a pretty nice upgrade at running back.

            I don’t mind having two receivers on the same team. It could potentially limit your week to week upside. For instance the odds of two receivers on the same team putting up 100 yards and a touchdown in the same week aren’t great.

            My philosophy is start/get the players you think will score the most points. For example last season if you had Jordy Nelson I wouldn’t avoid getting Randall Cobb, same goes with Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

            Bryant obviously isn’t on the level of a Cobb or Sanders as a second option, but I am using that to prove the point that it doesn’t matter if the guys are on the same team.

            Bryant is more of a third receiver to me rest of season. Somewhere in the 25-30 range. I would take Hilton over him by a good amount but like I said if you can manage to trade Hilton and Murray or Woodhead for a top level running back and Bryant you could do that.

            I just worry that after the one great week the Bryant owner will want top 15 type value for him.

        2. Just noticed this comment.

          For a readily available guy you could start Ryan Fitzpatrick that week going against the Jaguars.

          No other games really jump out as someone I would want to start. Maybe Josh McCown on Thursday night against the Bengals but I don’t love that matchup.

          If the Dolphins roll again this week with you could look at Ryan Tannehill if he was dropped.

          My order would go
          Tannehill (only if the Dolphins look good again this week)

          If the Dolphins revert back to what they were earlier this season in week 8 I wouldn’t target Tannehill.

          1. Yea. Unfortunately the Bryant owner rocky has Gordon, Freeman, Jennings and Sproles. Any of those make sense?

            Would u pickup Fitz this week off waivers and drop Bradford then? He’s currently available. I could make him a low priority waiver.

          2. I think Freeman is too good and none of the other ones are good enough. I doubt you could pull off getting Freeman unless you gave up Brown or Calvin.

            If you can do Calvin and Murray or Woodhead for Bryant and Freeman that is probably doable. I am not sure it is a move that you have to make though. It is doable but not an oh you have to do that trade kind of deals.

            Some quarterbacks that are being relied on for fantasy teams are on a bye this week. If you really really want Fitzpatrick you will probably have to claim him this week.

            Bradford put up a decent fantasy game last night but looked horrible doing it.

            I would rather start Fitzpatrick during Palmer’s bye week than Bradford, so really Bradford has no use to you. I doubt you could get anything for Bradford in a trade so you could probably just drop him.

  5. My team 6-0
    12 team league
    QB : Mariota, Big Ben
    RB: Carlos Hyde , Duke Johnson Jr. , Joique Bell
    WR : Hopkins , Calvin Johnson , Gronkowski, Allen Robinson, Dez Bryant , Brandon Laffell, Victor Cruz Cole beasley, James Witten.
    DF: Carolina and Atlanta .

    I need a solid running back or two.. I traded away devonta freeman.. I know I know… Who do you think I should go after and what should I offer. Robinson for Gurley ? or should I go after lacy ? Should I wait a week and see what I can get for Lafell if he does good ?


    1. I can’t fault you for trading Freeman, I had him as a sell last week too. There was no way to expect him to do this week after week.

      You’re definitely in need of a RB. I noticed you included Gronk with your receivers. Do you just play all tight ends and receivers in the same spot, as in your league doesn’t require you to start a tight end.

      1. I traded freeman and brandon Marshall for deandre Hopkins and dez bryant.. No, our league doesn’t require us to play a tight end.

        1. I assume you start 3 WR/TE and a flex. If that is wrong let me know.

          If that is the case Gronk still has pretty good value but his elite elite value of being a tight end isn’t there.

          If you can get Gurley for any receiver outside of Hopkins I would do it, I am just not sure that is enough to get a deal done.

          You can go after Lacy but I am not sure who you could trade for him. Your top 4 are way too good to give for Lacy right now and the rest just aren’t good enough.

          I think LaFell has more value as a bench player or flex than a trade chip. He will have up and down weeks and he will probably be the 4th option in the passing game behind Gronk, Edelman and Lewis. He will have his good weeks but I don’t see him being consistent.

          You could target some flier running backs in free agency like Robert Turbin, Christine Michael, David Cobb and hope one breaks out for you.

          I think you can safely drop Cruz and Beasley, probably Witten too because you don’t have to start a tight end.

          If you really really want to upgrade at running back you might have to trade Calvin or Hopkins for two players in return.

          1. I think that post is visible. Lacy owner apparently doesn’t want to move him and said the only player he’ll trade for I’d Brown. I asked if he would do a combo trade and no reply. I am thinking of trading Coleman to the Freeman owner as a handcuff and Hilton/Hurns for M Bryant and either R. Jennings/Malcom Floyd/Sproles.

          2. Start 2 RB , 2 WR/TE and 2 Flex. I offered Allen robinson and a defense for Gurley. I’ve been offered some great players for gronkowski.

  6. Should I trade away Matt Ryan for Amari Cooper? I am currently 6-0. He is 2-4.

    I have Matt Ryan and Andy Dalton (bye Week 7). I could use another solid WR. I currently have Randall Cobb (bye Week 7), Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Rueben Randle, and Ty Montgomery (who I will probably drop tonight for a Defense, as I have the Jets and they are playing the Patriots this week).

    I could pick up a bye week fill in QB this week, such as McCown, Bradford, Tannehill, Stafford, Kaepernick, etc…) and then roll with Dalton for the rest of the year. What do you think?

    1. I would do that deal. You get rest of season value in Amari Cooper for a guy you were just going to start once.

      I would probably rank them McCown, Stafford, Tannehill.

      That would give you a nice group of receivers with Cobb, Cooper and Robinson with Hurns as a bye week fill in.

      If you are looking for a defense the Steelers and Vikings area readily available and should have good weeks. The Rams could have been dropped during the bye week as well.

    2. My current team:
      QB: Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton
      RB: Adrian Peterson, Danny Woodhead, LaGarrette Blount, Joseph Randle, Matt Jones, Jerick McKinnon
      WR: Randall Cobb, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Rueben Randle, Ty Montgomery
      TE: Rob Gronkowski
      DST: Jets
      K: Adam Vinitieri

      His team:
      QB: Marcus Mariota, Derek Carr
      RB: Mark Ingram, Isiah Crowell, Melvin Gordon, Chanderick West, Duke Johnson
      WR: A.J. Green, Larry Fitzgerald, Jamison Crowder, Amari Cooper, Andre Johnson, Sammy Watkins
      TE: Richard Rodgers
      DST: Bills
      K: Steven Hauschuka

      Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR), 1 DST, 1 Kicker

      1. He is really in a tough spot at quarterback.

        You might be able to hold him hostage for a better deal. Maybe try Ryan and Hurns for Green.

        Or because you are sitting at 2-4 you could do Ryan and Cobb for Fitzgerald and Cooper.

        Cooper is a nice target for you because his bye is in the rear view mirror and you will have him every week from now on. Fitzgerald has two fantastic matchups coming up that could help get you two wins.

        His running backs aren’t that great either.

        If you can mange to get Randle in the deal I would look to do that. There is no way of knowing exactly what Dallas will do this week but if Michael comes out and is the starter Randle will have next to no value.

        I would make Fitzgerald and Cooper a priority if you could. Maybe something like Hurns, Ryan and Randle for Fitzgerald and Cooper. You can trade Robinson if he doesnt go for Hurns but I am not sure if I would do it if it had to be Cobb.

  7. Start 2 RB , 2 WR/TE and 2 Flex. I offered Allen robinson and a defense for Gurley. I’ve been offered some great players for gronkowski.

    1. In a league that doesn’t require a tight end Gronk goes from a top 10 player probably top 15-20 player.

      I think trading Gronk or Calvin might be your best bet to sure up the running back position.

      You could do Gronk for two running backs or a running back and a receiver.

      If I understand your league setup correctly that would make your lineup
      RB Hyde
      RB (Player you trade for)
      WR/TE Hopkins
      WR/TE Calvin/Gronk
      Flex Robinson
      Flex (Player you trade for)

      You could trade Calvin or Gronk, whatever one gets you the better players in return. I think they will be close to even rest of season, Gronk has already had his bye and should carry a little more value so if you get a choice try to keep him.

      What were some of the guys you got offered for Gronk? If you could deal him for someone like Ivory plus a decent receiver that might be something to do.

  8. B K I am putting this down here because I think a lot of stuff is getting jumbled and it is getting hard to follow.

    Don’t trade Brown. I have a feeling the Lacy owner isn’t going to deal with you. You might just have to stand pat this week.

    1. Thanks Andy. The Lacy owner isn’t dealing and neither is the Gronk owner. They appear to be content with their lineups ROS.

      Not to talk down about your co-writer… but I just read the latest article and the back I picked up last week, L. Murray, was ranked #23 ROS. I’m a bit shocked. He’s got Lamar Miller at #9… and he’s on a team in my league that may be open for trades. Thoughts? 22 guys ahead of Murray. Any good targets? (FYI i posted there to get his take too.)

      I realize FF is all subjective and I commend him for writing the article.. I can’t imagine all of the analysis it took to make that list…but then on, I see Murray ranked #5 ROS. If i remember correctly you stated he was somewhere in the middle.. maybe 15-20…

  9. There are a lot of different opinions on things and we really never know who is right or wrong until the season is over.

    I can see reasoning for Miller love. He comes out of the bye week with a new coach and the team does great and feeds him a lot. I can also see why someone would rank Murray low, back to back bad weeks and an injury concern.

    There are a lot of aspects that go into ranking players and it just depends on how you weigh all of those aspects. The best thing about fantasy sports, and sports in general, is that they are so unpredictable. If everyone knew what was going to happen they wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining.

    Miller definitely gets a boost after last week and Murray goes down because of his struggles. Right now it is close to a toss up as to who I would rather have.

    For me I am taking Murray still by a hair, but if Miller has another good week and Murray struggles that would flip.

    For Miller it comes down to do you believe last week’s performance was the start of a trend or not. It very well could be but I am leaning on the side that it is more of a blip.

    It isn’t the same coaching staff that was there in the past, but I am still going to side on the past with Miller. To this point in his career he has only had one game where he has had 20 plus carries. I just don’t see him getting this much work consistently. I see more of a 15 carry back with the potential for 20 touches in good weeks.

    I don’t handle rest of season ranks here but again a quick look at it I would probably still have Murray around running back 15 and Miller in the 15-20 range.

    1. Thanks Andy. Well said. All predictions will vary. Do you think I should target anyone other than Lacy with Murray this week? The ESPN projection for Murray this week is very good…so if if there would be some good trade targets, I think this week may be best. The targets with an owner that may trade with the right offer… are Foster, Miller, and C. Michael.

      I just wanted to run my Waiver priority (i’m #8 out of 12) by you and see what you think. 1. Fitzpatrick 2. Ryan Mathews 3. Rams DST 4. Diggs 5. LaFell Does that make the most sense with my team? I have one open slot to fill. I would fill that and drop Bradford.and Vikings DST (so essentially get 3 of those 5 players hopefully) Would you roll with the Vikings this week and move the DST to the end? It appears to be the top waiver DST, so I doubt i’d get it as my 3rd priority.

      1. No issues with the waiver order. If you really want Fitzpatrick you will probably have to put him first so you don’t risk someone else grabbing him.

        If the Rams are the only defense out there you might want to bump them above Mathews to give yourself a better chance to get them. Mathews is a great stash in case DeMarco gets hurt but he needs that injury to be a weekly starting option.

        If I had to guess you will probably get Mathews or Diggs not both. Your team has more of a need at running back than receiver so it makes sense to put Mathews higher.

        1. Well, I needed a week 9 starting QB so want to go with your recommendation of Fitz as it seems the most pressing issue if he’s swept up. Do you like the Rams significantly more than Vikings DST this week that would make losing Fitz worth it? I agree Ryan Mathews would be a good addition. I am looking for potential trade pieces to target a better RB2. The more i read, the more I worry about Murray as a long term option.

          1. Definitely like the Rams more than the Vikings this week. It is a better defense in a better matchup.

            The Rams are a great defense option for this week and next week. Fitzpatrick you would use for just one week to cover Palmer’s bye week. Both of them will probably get claimed this week so I really doubt you will get both unless the owners missing quarterbacks this week already have viable starting options.

            With the Rams you get a defense that you can start confidently up until the play the Bengals in week 12. Fitzpatrick you are only starting one time.

            For which one you would rather have I would probably lean to the defense just because you will use them more often. With Fitzpatrick it is just a plug and play.

            I still think Murray is more than ok as a RB 2. If him being your “hole” on your roster as an RB 2 your team is in great shape.

            That doesn’t mean you can’t look for an upgrade though.

          2. Miller owner just got back with me.. he’s interested in trading Miller! His team:
            QB: Newton
            WR: Julio Jones, Hopkins, Hankerson, Andre Johnson, Boldin
            RB: Lamar Miller, A. Foster, Christine Michael, Randle, Bradshaw
            TE: Barndige
            DST: Jets

            Help me create a trade: 1. Murray + Hilton + Calvin for Miller + Hopkins + A. Johnson?
            2. Murray + Hurns for Miller and Christine Michael
            3 ?? is there a one/one trade for Miller that makes sense?

          3. I don’t like option one. I am not really a huge fan of option two either but I like it more than option one.

            You could try Murray, Calvin, and Hurns or Woodhead for Hopkins and Miller.

            To me Miller to Murray is a pretty lateral move. This trade pretty much you give up Calvin and a bench receiver for Hopkins which is great for you. I don’t know if he will be wanting to trade Hopkins though.

            Tell him he can have Murray plus his choice of Calvin or Hilton plus his choice of Hurns or Woodhead for Hopkins and Miller.

            This isn’t for Miller but along the lines of your trade one option you could do Calvin, Hilton and Murray for Hopkins and Foster. Not sure if he will go for it but that is a great trade for you.

  10. If your RBs are Ivory,Gurley,Blount,Geo,Hillman and your WRs are AJ Green, Dez,Snead, Benett and Lafell. Would you trade Gurley and Geo for D.Thomas from Den if you had to play 3 WRs??

    1. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t do Gurley alone for Thomas. Gurley is a very elite back right now.

      You are absolutely loaded at running back and have the depth to trade for a receiver.

      If you are trading Gurley you need to get someone like Julio, Hopkins, Brown, Beckham in return.

      I would try to trade Blount or Gio this week for a receiver. You can trade either one, but not both together. Try to get T.Y. Hilton, Alshon Jeffery or Amari Cooper. Maybe you can pair Blount or Gio with Snead for one of those guys if they don’t want to do a straight up one for one.

  11. Do you like Allen Hurns or Martavis Bryant ROS? Freeman owner has Bryant and I was thinking of trading Freeman’s handcuff, Coleman, with Hurns for Bryant. I heard that Jax has a good schedule week 10 and longer though.. so I wonder if Hurns would be start-able come playoff time. Bryant looked so solid though…and with Ben R. back.. he could be solid alongside Brown. Also, Bryant probably has a higher trade value though if i wanted to use him as a trade piece. Would you offer that trade?

    1. Depends on your definition of rest of season.

      From this week through the end of the year I think Hurns will average more points per week, but when Roethlisberger comes back I want Bryant by a pretty wide margin.

      So given the opportunity I would make that trade. Hurns/Bryant are bench pieces for you so I would take the extremely high ceiling of Bryant.

      1. Rolled the dice on waivers and I believe I won. Priority was: 1 Diggs 2 Rams DST 3 Fitzpatrck…etc and it got ALL THREE! Would Hurns and Coleman for Bryant still be a good offer? Should I give him the choice of Diggs/Hurns + Coleman… or try to use Diggs in a trade offer to try to update at RB?

        Updated Lineup: QB: Carson Palmer, Ryan Fitzpatrick
        WR: Antonio Brown, Calvin Johnson, T.Y. Hilton, Allen Hurns, Stefon Diggs, Davante Adams
        RB: Le’Veon Bell, Latavius Murray, Danny Woodhead, Tevin Coleman, Karlos Williams
        TE: Greg Olsen
        DST: Rams (streaming)
        K: Stephen Gostkowski

        1. If you can get Bryant I would still go for it. As a bench guy you want upside and that is what he provides.

          I would do it for Coleman plus Hurns or Diggs. Would try Diggs first.

        2. Okay, Freeman/Bryant owner just turned down Freeman + Bryant for Calvin and Murray. He wrote a nice reply and agreed the trade was fair (liked Calvin’s big week) but stated he didn’t want to trade away the only 2 players (he thinks Bryant will go off) that are giving him points other than QB. I read that as he is willing to trade Freeman if the offer is right and it helps his team. (this is the same owner who gave Brown for Freeman and Cooks so I know he’s trade willing). What would be a good offer to help us both?

          His Team: QB: Brady, E. Manning
          RB: Freeman, R. Jennings, Sproles, Gordon
          WR: Michael Floyd, Cooks, M. Bryant, Ted Ginn Jr., Kamar Aiken
          TE: Witten, Rodgers

          1. I’m not sure what you could do. He needs depth so you would have to do a 3 for 2 or 4 for 2 type deal and in order to make a deal worth it for you it wouldn’t be a great deal for him.

            You could try Calvin, Murray and Woodhead for those two.

            Or you could do something like Calvin plus any two of Murray, Woodhead, Diggs and Hurns.

            I don’t think either of those trades are slam dunks though. I was kind of torn on it when it was just Calvin and Murray for Freeman and Bryant, although I was leaning towards a good deal for you.

            Adding more to it makes me less excited but if you really really want to do it add Woodhead, Diggs or Hurns to the deal. If you want to do a 4 for 2 type deal it would have to be Calvin, Murray, Diggs and Hurns. Keep Woodhead, but I don’t absolutely love that trade.

          2. Thanks. I like those options. What about a deal that only includes one of Freeman or Bryant? I feel like he wants to hold onto Bryant.. but he may like the idea of Diggs. Are there any other players that I could get from him alongside Freeman or Bryant? I still have coleman… so the idea of Freeman is big for me…that could make me set…Could I afford to lose some WR depth to make that happen?

          3. There isn’t anything else on his team I would really want, besides Brady obviously. You could try to get Cooks, Ginn or Gordon as a throw in.

            For just Freeman you could do Calvin plus Woodhead and then get someone as a throw in.

            You could try for Eli if you want to. I like him more than Fitzpatrick during Palmer’s bye.

          4. So Calvin + Woodhead (is Murray too much) for Freeman and thrown in?

            What about:
            1. Palmer + Calvin + Murray + Diggs for Brady + Freeman

            2. Calvin + Murray + Diggs for Eli + Freeman

          5. I wouldn’t say Murray is too much but it would no longer be a slam dunk do it trade.

            Option 1 looks fine option too I wouldn’t worry about making it a point to get Eli by adding more to the deal. Just if you can get him as the throw in great if not no big deal because he is only a one week starter.

  12. Would love a suggestion here, I’m currently 5-1 and am trying to really pull away with a clever trade or two. Its a 10 team league, we play with 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 FLEX, DEF, and K.

    Team 1 (me):

    QB: Carson Palmer

    RB: Le’veon Bell, Chris Ivory, Andre Ellington, Jonathan Stewart, Melvin Gordon, Charcandrick West, and Bobby Rainey (we get points for kickoff & punt returns).

    WR: Deandre Hopkins, Calvin Johnson, Alshon Jeffrey, Allen Robinson, Martavis Bryant, Kendall Wright, Desean Jackson, Ted Ginn Jr. (again has kickoff & punt return upside)

    TE: Tyler Eifert

    DEF: Cardinals

    K: Robbie Gould

    I’m thinking of selling high on Stewart, Martavis Bryant, and maybe Allen Robinson (not sure if he’s really a sell high guy or if his current pace is for real)

    Hoping to pick up a buy low guy like Antonio Brown. I tried Stewart and Bryant for Brown, but the guy was having none of it. He wanted Alshon Jeffery or Ivory added into that deal. I’m thinking about offering Stewart, Bryant, and Robinson for Brown, but I’m not sure if I’m selling myself short there. Palmer, Bell, Ivory, Hopkins, Brown, Johnson, Eifert, Jeffrey, Cardinals, and Gould sounds like an incredible lineup though.


    1. You have receiver depth which can help you trade two receivers for one.

      That trade makes your lineup just about unbeatable come playoff time. Jeffery as a flex? That is just dominant.

      I like the deal for you. Stewart isn’t going to do great most weeks. What he did last week will be his best game of the season.

      Bryant will be pretty good once Ben comes back and Robinson has been providing good numbers to this point but you only start one of them each week unless you have a bye or injury. In reality with this trade you are trading either Robinson or Bryant out of your lineup for Antonio Brown.

      When you are trading for a stud you usually have to give up a lot, in what would seem to be an overpay, but this trade really helps your starting lineup.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! He accepted the trade! Robinson, Stewart, and Bryant for Brown. Probably going to pick up Joseph Randle whom someone just dropped to replace Stewart as a backup and maybe Romo to stash for later, I drafted him and dropped him upon his injury.

        Thanks for your advice on this! I feel like this was a great move for my starting lineup! Of course if injuries or serious underperformance strikes then I don’t have any quality backups, but why play for 2nd place?

        1. The trade pretty much give you four receivers that could be argued to be in the top 10, probably all in the top 15 rest of season.

          Lets say Hopkins gets hurt, hopefully he doesn’t I have him pretty much everywhere.

          Without the trade your receivers and flex are

          Doing the trade makes your lineup

          So your lineup, in pretty much a worst case scenario, is starting Brown, Calvin and Jeffery. I would love a worst case scenario that left me starting those guys.

          Your receivers all have realistic 25 point upside every week

  13. Trade off is me giving up Demarco Murray and Brandon Marshall for Lesean McCoy and Amari Cooper. PPR league, bonus @ 100 rush and/or 100 recieving

    1. I would say no to that one. I think Marshall is better than Cooper rest of season. Murray and McCoy are close to equal in value but I think I would rather have Murray

  14. Hi, how’s it going? Got another W this week, even without a K in the line up. 4-2 and on a 4 game win streak. Have to keep it rolling. Today, I was offered a trade. D. Thomas and M. Wallace for Lacy. I’m not going anywhere, but countering his offer. What do you think?
    His team: qb- Tannehill, T. Taylor; wr- D. Thomas, C. Johnson, S. Diggs, D. Funchess, L.Moore, M. Wallace, B. Perriman; rb- hyde, Ellington, d. Martin; te- donnell
    my team: qb- Stafford, Dalton; wr : B. Marshall, Watkins, k. Wright, D. Adams; rb- L. Bell, Lacy, D. Murray, R. Matthews, Duke Johnson, J. Randle, Hillman; te- Gates, Barnidge
    He needs rb I need wr. He’s 2-4 while my record is 4-2. The wr I’m interested in are c. Johnson, d. Thomas. What should i counter with? Qb, rb , te combo? Thanks for all the help.

    1. You can pursue other options but I would actually probably take that trade even with how bad Denver has been on offense.

      If you can get either Calvin or Demaryius for Lacy I would be all over that.

      If you want to try you can see if you can get Diggs in return instead of Wallace.

      Otherwise I would do the 1 for 1 trade of Lacy for Calvin or Demaryius, I would lean Calvin but would be fine with either.

  15. Andy: The talk of buying in on Lamar Miller has really been strong all over this week and I’m starting to think his value may skyrocket after his favorable match-up this week. Based on my roster, do you think Hilton for Miller is too much? The Miller owner did not like a Woodhead and Hurns deal.. and I think he’s buying into the hype on Miller as well. I feel like Hilton/Miller would be a flex play either way for me and the chance to buy now on Miller may be worth it. Who do you like ROS?

  16. In a vacuum I would rather have Hilton. I also think Hilton’s upside is higher.

    This isn’t really buying low on Miller though.

    The buy low window shut last week after the big game. If you buy him for Hilton you are going to need him to do what hid did last just about every week.

    With Luck back Hilton returns to top 15 status. Miller also has to play the Jets, Patriots, Bills, Ravens and Eagles down the stretch and all are pretty good against running backs.

    I don’t think the trade is horrendous by any means but it is a trade I wouldn’t do if given the opportunity.

    1. Thank you, kind sir. I’m liking my chances as is on that one too then… I just read that L. Murray has the Chargers again week 16 (championship week)… so this week’s match-up may be telling about that week. Are there any other trade offers I could for for Miller or ways to sell Diggs or Hurns while they are on currently hot?

      1. The thing is with Diggs and Hurns they are hot now but they provide more value than their perceived value.

        At this point in the season they are secondary guys to add into a trade, not guys that you can build a trade around.

        1. Thank you. Are you doing another Start/Sit article this week? I can wait till then to talk about this…but I will be trying to decide which 2 WR and flex to start. Maybe that will become clearer once we know more about Big Ben’s status. I like Hilton this week for sure at home against the Saints…but not sure on AB. With Diggs and Hurns hot (especially with Robinson’s recent injury last week), I’m not sure if they would be worth starting in FLEX over AB with what looks to be L Jones tossing the rock. I have a good feeling about how Jones finished off that game last week though.

          1. Start/sit comes out every Saturday morning around 7. It doesn’t include the Thursday game, obviously, but the later post date helps give a better idea on who will and wont be playing when the games are going to be played.

            Hilton does have a great matchup this week and should be a lock for your lineup.

            I think Calvin should be in your lineup this week as well.

            So like you said it comes down to Brown, Hurns, Diggs.

            I wouldn’t play Diggs. The gameplan for the Vikings is always going to be run the ball first. If they can run the ball 30-35 times and pass 25 times they will be happy.

            That leaves it to Hurns and Brown. My worry with Hurns is that Thomas played a lot of snaps last week for the first time this season and Hurns had his targets take a huge dive last week, his week was saved by a late touchdown.

            The good news for Hurns is this season the Bills have been bad against the second receiver in an offense while shutting down the number one guy.

            Brown is obviously the best player out of the three but the worry is with Landry Jones. Jones does seem to be better for the value of the Pittsburgh receiver but lets also remember his two touchdowns and about 100 yards came on amazing plays by Bryant. I think if Bryant doesnt turn a short catch into a 90 yard touchdown people would be thinking of Jones a little differently this week.

            That being said I do think Jones gives Brown a better chance to get eight or so targets this week.

            If Hurns and Brown are both going to get roughly the same amount of targets I will take the guy who is a much better player, Brown, all the time.

        2. Would Diggs + olsen for Gronk + Stafford be worthwhile? (basically just to get Gronk and drop Stafford) I know Gronk hasn’t been off the charts, but he may be worth having ROS. He might go for it. I’m not sure what value Diggs has ROS, but it seemed he was a bug part of their offense today.

          1. Just provided an answer to the other post. I did recommend that as an option. Just ask him what he would want other than Olsen for Gronk. Get a dialogue going to see what value he is looking for in return.

  17. Would Woodhead (or include diggs) for Blount be enticing to the owner at all and/or a good trade for my team?

    1. Or a better question, which RB should I get for bell’s week 11 bye. Which have favorable match ups that week?

    2. Blount is up and down week to week. Woodhead tends to be more consistent.

      Blounts big weeks are usually tied to New Englands blowout wins.

      With the makeup of your team I might rather have Woodhead. Take the 7-8 points and be satisfied whenever you need to start him. With Blount he could easily have 3 carries for 8 yards the week you start him.

  18. Question: I was offered Edelman for Mccoy and Brandin Cooks. My QB is Carson Palmer. My running backs are Lynch, Lamar Miller, Demarco Murray, and Melvin Gordon. My WR’s are Larry Fitz, Brandin Cooks, Crabtree, Diggs, and Anquan Boldin. Should I do the trade for Edelman?

    1. Value wise the deal is fine, but not fantastic.

      The trade definitely helps your team though.

      You have some nice running back depth without McCoy and you get a nice upgrade to your receivers with Edelman.

      Is there anyway for you to get a throw in RB or WR in that deal?

          1. Dion Lewis just dropped to waivers in my league?! I’m low on the priority, but I’m pretty sure that’s a solid pickup. Would you drop Coleman or K Williams for him? I am a believer in Karlos Williams outplaying McCoy for that job… but the upside of Tevin Coleman playing on a dominant offense like AZ if something were to happen to Freeman…tough call between those 2 for me.

  19. Dion Lewis is a must add. I guess one bad week scared the owner.

    I would drop Williams for him. I think the Williams hype train got out of control early this season.

    A lot of people were pegging him as a top 10 back when McCoy was out, but he is better as a compliment to McCoy.When he was given a full load he struggled.

    Toss onto that he has missed two weeks, soon to be three, with a concussion and he is still in concussion protocol and next week the Bills are on bye.

    1. Picked up Lewis and dropped Williams. 🙂 I have crazy depth at RB now. Thanks.

      Nice article on Start/Sit. I did notice a couple formatting/typo type things if you’re interested. For whatever reason, some of the titles/players are not in bold font like the others. Also, (I noticed this because i have L. Murray) i think your missing a big IF before “the Chargers get out to a big lead early…” At least i’m hoping that’s a big IF :-P.

      1. Ya from time to time stuff is bolded when it is typed up and then doesn’t show up bolded in the story. I don’t really know why that happens but it does.

        An “if” probably would sound better there than the way it is now.

  20. Just noticed that P. Manning is available. Do you like him returning to IND in week 9 or Fitzpatrick at home against JAX?

    1. Peyton Manning is nothing more than a lottery ticket player at this point. He could turn it around but I don’t think it happens, but hey a lot of people was saying that about Brady last year.

      For Palmer’s bye Fitzpatrick is the better option. If you want to take the chance that Manning bounces back you can do that too. It depends on what you want for your bench, the guy who should produce the one week you need him or a guy who could be completely awful or could bounce back to be a top level option.

      1. Thank you. I just wanted to make sure i wasn’t missing out on a player that hasn’t been readily available and might have had a favorable match-up that week.

        How much do you weigh match-up schedule during playoffs. I just noticed that NO runningbacks (basically Ingram) have favorable match-ups in weeks 14-17 with DET, JAC, ATL as their opponents those weeks. I was thinking of trying to target Ingram in a trade before other people realize these match-ups.

        1. I usually dont look at matchups more than a few weeks out. Right now I really wouldnt factor anything beyond week 10 or 11.

          When it comes to playoff matchups the only way I would take them into account is if the players are back to back in rankings. So much changes in the NFL, especially when you are talking games that are nearly two months away.

          1. Dominating this week! Currently at 110pts with 2 yet to play. 🙂 I just got a trade offer of Stafford for Diggs. (That doesn’t work for me because Stafford and Palmer both have the same bye weeks) He may be interested in Diggs after his performance this week. Here is his team. Any ideas on what I should counter with?

            QB: Rodgers, Stafford, Smith
            WR: Moncreif, Randle, Maclin, D. Baldwin, Crowder
            RB: Ingram, D. Herron, B. Sankey, D. Martin, Helu
            TE: Gronk
            DST: Seahawks

          2. Good stuff. It is always great when its Sunday night and your team did great.

            Definitely dont do Stafford, that doesnt help you at all.

            I always want to try to get Gronk on my team.

            Gronk, Rodgers, Moncrief and Ingram are the only players that interest me at all. You dont need a receiver so that throws Moncrief out.

            You could try to package Olsen and Diggs but that probably wont work. You could also try Palmer and Diggs for Rodgers, I think that is more likely to get done

  21. Yeah, just tried. Gronk and Rodgers are pretty much untradable in his eyes. He doesn’t view Olsen + Diggs as even in the same ballpark as Gronk. My guess is I’d have to give up Brown or Calvin plus olsen to get him.

    Wow, the same owner that had Charles go down also just had Foster go down. He’s also the same one that has Miller. Are you buying into Miller? Might he be looking to trade Miller while he’s on a crazy high like this?

    1. At this point I do think Miller is a top 10 back. You will see tomorrow though that I do have him as a sell high. It’s not that I don’t think he can be a quality back but I think you can get a pretty nice haul in return for him.

  22. Tomorrow (i.e Tuesday?) I’m assuming you are on EST. I am on PST. Ah, so not a buy high…? I guess I’ll see if he’s looking to sell him. MIA looks like a new team with their coach, though. Thanks again.

    1. No it would be Monday, I don’t start thinking it is Monday until I wake up the next morning.

      The buy low/sell high article goes up every Monday morning and the start sit every Saturday morning.

      I don’t see Miller as a buy high because I do not think his production can get any better than this, this is his peak, and while I do think he improved his status I don’t think he did to make himself a top 5 or so running back.

      The buy high player is typically someone who either had low value and had a good week trending back up, or someone who has been good that I think can get even better.

  23. Would you trade aaron rodgers for lamar miller if you have tom brady as your starter and palmer as a back-up?

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