Start and Sit Week 5

It looks like I am starting to get the hang of this whole start and sit thing. Last week I went 15-8-5 in my picks which has me hovering right around 50 percent on the season.

I said I wanted to get 75 percent of the games that might have been a little wishful thinking. I will keep shooting for that but it looks like I will be close to 65-70 percent than 75.

This week I didn’t really have any picks that would have killed your week which is a big goal. The digging deeper calls have been alright but not fantastic. That has to be expected a little bit: the guys are not highly started.

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Phillip Rivers vs Steelers (58% started): I worry about this one a little bit because I think with Roethlisberger out, the Steelers won’t open the offense up leaving opportunities for a high scoring game. Rivers has been great when given a good matchup this season, and he leads the NFL in passing yards. He gets Antonio Gates back this week, but he might be without a couple of his top receivers. I would still trust Rivers as a top 10 option this week.

Tyrod Taylor at Titans (45% started): I am going back to the well once again with this one. He has such a high floor every week he is worth starting all the time. The Bills were plagued with penalties last week, and if they hadn’t had so many Taylor might have had another 20 plus point game.

Eli Manning vs 49ers (52% started): The 49ers are bad and Eli has been on a roll the past few weeks. There is a lot of potential for him in this matchup.


Andy Dalton vs Seahawks (37% started): You might have to start him with injuries and bye weeks, but if you can I would look elsewhere. The Seattle defense has been great the past two weeks.

Derek Carr vs Broncos (21% started): Bad matchup for Carr in this game. If you are starting him it is in the hope of garbage time points, I can see this one getting out of hand early.

Digging Deep

Alex Smith vs Bears (28% started): Take out his clunker against the Broncos and Smith has been a top level quarterback. The Bears matchup well for a passing game, and Smith is coming off back to back games where he has scored at least 17 points.

Blake Bortles at Buccaneers (17% started): Who would have thought that through four weeks Bortles would be a top 10 quarterback? He has weapons in the passing game and provides a few points each week with his legs. If you are without Cam Newton this week you’re options could be a lot worse.

Running Back


Giovani Bernard vs Seahawks (54% started): Bernard matches up well for the Seahawks. The Bengals will need to use the passing game and should have trouble running into the middle of the Seahawks defense.

Dion Lewis at Cowboys (68% started): He is going to do well in total yards every week. With Blount back in the picture I do not see him obtaining many blow up games, but he will provide solid numbers this week. The Cowboys are vulnerable to pass catching running backs.


Todd Gurley at Packers (78% started): He is playing in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is great at home, and because this isn’t a division game the Rams probably won’t show up. The Packers will blow out the Rams, limiting Gurley’s production.

Carlos Hyde at Giants (78% started): He had a great week one but hasn’t done a lot since, mostly because the 49ers keep getting blown out. I don’t expect the trend to stop this week. Reggie Bush will be used a lot in the second half when the 49ers are in catchup mode.

Jeremy Hill (71% started): I noted it with Bernard, but I do not see the Bengals having success running between the tackles. Hill is the goal line and short yardage back; Bernard is more versatile for the offense.

Digging Deep

Chris Thompson at Atlanta (1.4% started): I like him a lot this week for PPR, borderline top 25. He can be usable for standard leagues as well. The Falcons are very susceptible to pass catching running backs, and if this game was within two touchdowns I would be surprised.

LeGarrette Blount at Cowboys (29% started): Lewis might be the more stable back week to week, but Blount still has value as the bruiser. Blount could find his way into the end zone multiple times in any given week.

Wide Receiver


Allen Robinson at Buccaneers (64% started): The Buccaneers have not been great on defense this season; they have allowed six touchdowns to receivers so far. The Jaguars are also starting to turn into a competent offense  Allen Hurns is going to start drawing some coverage away with his recent success. Neither defense in this game is very good so this game could turn into a shootout.

Vincent Jackson vs Jaguars (62% started): The big difference between him and Mike Evans last season was the touchdown total.

James Jones vs Rams (70% started): Get on the James Jones bandwagon people! Jones is a locked in top 20 receiver and with Devante Adams out you could argue he belongs in the top 15. Aaron Rodgers works wonders at home, Jones should be one of the beneficiaries.


Golden Tate vs Cardinals (44% started): Something is wrong with the Lions offense. I think it is mostly because Matt Stafford is hurt, but it is bringing down the rest of the offense.

Brandin Cooks at Eagles (51% started): One of the biggest disappointments at receiver this year. Drew Brees takes what the defense gives him and it hasn’t involved Cooks this year. His best game of the season was a seven point output with Luke McCown at quarterback.

Michael Crabtree at Broncos (35% started): The Broncos have two of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. I don’t think Derek Carr is going to be able to do much against this defense. Crabtree might be able to get some garbage time points in the second half, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Digging Deep

Kamar Aiken vs Browns (18% started): By default he has to get targets. They are down three pass catchers leaving Aiken as the top target left in the offense. I am not sure the Ravens will pass a lot this week, but if they attempt 30 passes he should get about eight targets. As a desperation start that is fantastic.

Tight End


Charles Clay at Titans (55% started): He has joined the top five class at tight end I think. I might even take him over Jimmy Graham at this point.

Owen Daniels at Raiders (42% started): This is primarily matchup based. Daniels is in a prime spot to beat a defense that got destroyed by Gary Barnidge and Crockett Gillmore.

Antonio Gates vs Steelers (50% started): He is back and should be one of the top two targets in the offense. His quarterback is currently leading the NFL in passing yards.


Zach Ertz vs Saints (37% started): He had his best game in week one where he had three catches for 46 yards. He has only had more than 30 yards once this season.

Larry Donnell vs 49ers (36% started): He hasn’t had a game with more than 40 yards receiving this season. He is way off my radar when looking for a tight end to start.

Jimmy Graham at Bengals (88% started): I think Graham is outside the top eight at tight end until the Seahawks use him differently. I wouldn’t start Daniels over him this week, but I would start Gates and Clay. While watching their games it is weird, but Wilson just does not look at him at all in the passing game.

Digging Deep

Richard Rodgers vs Rams (26% started): Injuries to the pass catchers in this offense have moved Rodgers up the totem pole for targets. Last week he had four targets when the team was either inside the 10 yard line or the play ended inside the five, he caught one for a touchdown.

Tim Wright vs Cardinals (1% started): This is a hail mary play. It looks like Eric Ebron won’t play and Ebron was putting up some decent numbers on the season before getting injured. Wright is a pass catching tight end and could benefit with Ebron out.



New Englan Patriots at Cowboys (60% started): The Patriots against Brandon Weeden, do I need to say more?

Baltimore Ravens vs Browns (67% started): Josh McCown has played well lately, but I would expect 1-2 turnovers and a handful of sacks.

New York Giants vs 49ers (47 % started): The 49ers have given up 14 sacks so far this season. The team is in shambles and you can expect another 4-5 sacks with week with a chance for a few interceptions.


St. Louis Rams at Packers (57% started): Do not play a defense against Aaron Rodgers on the road, it probably isn’t a good idea to start the defense no matter where the game is.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Saints (34% started): The Eagles defense hasn’t been great from a fantasy perspective. I expect this to be a high scoring game.

Digging Deep

Atlanta Falcons vs Redskins (23% started): The Falcons will roll in this game meaning a lot of throwing for the Redskins in the second half. It should lead to some sack and interception opportunities.



Connor Barth vs Jaguars (1% started): The Buccaneers have attempted the most field goals in the NFL (12) and teams against the Jaguars have attempted 13 field goals this year. Keep an eye on the weather report though; as of now they are calling for possible rain showers. It is best to shy away from that game if it looks like rain before kickoff.

Cairo Santos vs Bears (20% started): This has little to do with last weeks game. The Chiefs should be able to move the ball on the Bears which could lead to some opportunities for Santos.


Sebastian Janikowski vs Broncos (23% started): Not a great matchup this week.

Dan Carpenter at Titans (32% started): He hasn’t been terrible this season, but they brought in another kicker this week. Carpenter could be on a short leash.


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