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Field of Streams logoThe end is nigh, folks. That’s right, the baseball season is wrapping up in just over a week; can you believe it? Well, believe it or not, here we are. The end is most assuredly, nigh. Don’t worry though, for those still needing streamers, I got your backs three more times! Before I give you this week’s streaming gems, let’s see how last weekend’s streamers fared, and, to be honest, they fared fairly well. Last weekend’s five recommended streamers were 3-1 with a 2.03 ERA, a 1.19 WHIP and a 5.52 K/9. Not quite the K totals I like to see, but with that ERA, I’ll make do. Of course not every outing is a gem and a half, there are, of course, Ins, Outs and What have yous…

Ins IP  BB  ER  W/L
Patrick Corbin
Diamondbacks 7 5 0 0 5 W
Carlos Rodon White Sox 7.2 6 1 1 4 W
Kris Medlen Royals 5 5 3 0 2 W
John Danks White Sox
5 7 2 3 3 L
What Have You  
Kyle Gibson
5 3 3 5 ND
 Total 31 28 9 7 19 3-1-0

Dem’s your apps, now on to the main course…


Carlos Rodon, White Sox (@ Yankees) – The Carlos Rodon quality start train just keeps on chugging along. Carlos has rattled off seven straight quality starts, allowing just nine earned runs over 48.2 innings, while striking out 45 batters. Basically Rodon has been rolling right along. Now, while the Yankees have had a decent enough season, they are 25th in wOBA over the past two weeks and around the middle of the pack in runs scored and ISO. Now Rodon’s first start against the Yankees was not great, but I am banking on Rodon being a different pitcher than the one the Pinstripes faced the first time around. Basically Rodon has been on fire over the last seven starts and the Yankees have only been kind of slightly  intimidating at the plate in recent days.
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Rich Hill, Red Sox (vs. Orioles) – If you had told me at the beginning of this season that I would be writing about Rich Hill in Field of Streams, I would have most likely guffawed right in your face and then walked away. Well, almost six months later and here we are with me recommending Rich Hill as a streamer. Hill’s sample size in 2015 is a miniscule two starts, but both starts were quality and Hill fanned ten batters in each of those starts. Plus one of those starts was against the hard-hitting Blue Jays. Now it would be naïve of little ol’ me to expect Hill to maintain a 12.86 K/9, but Hill does have a career K/9 of only a few notches below nine, albeit through a lot of bullpen work. Now, the Orioles are a decent hitting team, but against lefties this season the Os are 25th in wOBA and 16th in ISO, so I think you go ahead and take a chance on Hill in this one.
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Eduardo Rodriguez, Red Sox (vs. Orioles) – Eduardo has not been as lights out as aforementioned teammate Rich Hill of late, but he’s been doing alright for himself. Four of Eduardo’s last six starts have been quality and he has not allowed more than three earned runs in any of those six starts. Plus Eduardo is taking the mound in Fenway where he has not allowed more than three earned runs in his last nine starts, and in six of those nine starts he did not allow more than two earned runs. Granted, Eduardo is facing the Orioles who were the last team to rough him up in Fenway, but Eduardo does have two very decent starts against Baltimore including his most recent start against them. I think Eduardo keeps his decent start streak going and shuts down the Orioles come Saturday.
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Tyler Duffey, Twins (at Tigers) – Duffey has an eight start sample size which is small, but workable for our purposes. Through eight starts Duffey has a 3.15 ERA, a K/9 of 8.67 and has been inducing groundballs at close to 50%. Those are numbers that I can work with for sure. Plus Duffey is facing the Tigers this time out and, well, they have not been crushing baseballs lately. In the past month the Tigers are 28th in wOBA, 29th in ISO and 28th in runs scored. That’s bottom of the barrel right there, folks. Oh and Duffey already has a start against these very same Tigers just the other week and it went swimmingly. In that outing Duffey went six and one-third of an inning allowing one run on seven hits while walking two and striking out seven. Like I said, swimmingly. With the way the Tigers are swinging the bats down the stretch I like the chances of Duffey replicating that swimmingly good start.
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Ervin Santana, Twins (at Tigers) – Yep, picking on the Tigers again. You can reference the previous paragraph for my reasoning behind that. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Done? Okay, back to this stream. The Tigers lackluster hitting right now certainly helps this recommendation, but did you know Big Erv has actually been on nice little streak of his own? Santana’s last five starts have been high quality, with him not allowing more than two runs in any of those five starts while posting a K/9 of 9.75. Also, like Tyler Duffey, Erv also has a recent good start against Detroit, allowing two runs over seven innings. There is not much telling me this won’t be a nice little stream for Erv.
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Chris Heston, Giants (at Athletics) – Let me start by saying that after Ervin Santana, I don’t have much confidence in Sunday’s other available streamers. I through a dart at the board of the remaining streaming options and it stuck into Chris Heston’s name, so that is where we find ourselves right now. Okay, that is a bit of a lie since, well, I don’t own a dart board, but I am honest when I say that I am not super confident in the remaining streamer field. But it’s not like Heston is a putrid option here. No, really! Heston has a 3.52 ERA and a 3.92 FIP so, ya know, you could conceivably do worse. In Heston’s last seven starts he has allowed more than three earned runs just once, so the implodability factor is light-ish. I add the “ish” because only one of those starts was quality as he has only completed six innings in one start. Some of the recent short outings could be due to the high amount of Ks (20 over his last 14 innings) and on the other side, walks (11, in those same 14 innings). The Athletics have been an up and down team when it comes to run producing and they are currently on the upside, so there is plenty of risk attached. Desperation is stinky cologne.
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Well, that’s all I got. Go on, get outta here, go stream!


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