Field of Streams; Week 25 Weekday Streamers

Field of Streams logoTime to take a look at this week’s streaming options, so come on in… the water’s fine. Well, the waters were actually a bit choppy last week, as the seven recommended streamers did not do so hot.

Overall, they were 0-2, with an ERA of 5.31, a 1.39 WHIP and a 9.09 K/9. Well, the K/9 was good, right? Okay, I fully admit not one of my better weeks, but there were some bright spots as you will see in Ins, Outs and What have yous…

Ins IP  BB  ER  W/L
Erasmo Ramirez Rays 7.2 1 2 0 6 ND
Brett Anderson
Dodgers 6 7 0 2 7 ND
Joe Kelly Red Sox
2.1 5 1 3 4 ND
Tommy Milone Twins 1.1 4 3 5 0 ND
What Have You  
Eduardo Rodriguez
Red Sox
5 3 1 9 L
Jhoulys Chacin Diamondbacks 5 4 2 2 3 ND
Tanner Roark Nationals 5 8 0 6 4 L
 Total 32.2 34
11 19 33 0-2-5

Well, dem’s your apps, let’s dig on in to the main course…


Eduardo Rodriguez, Red Sox (vs. Rays) – Eduardo is almost putting the car on cruise control right now, allowing no more than two earned runs in any of his last five starts. In those five starts his K/9 has been close to 7.50 which is above his full season number in that category, so bully for him! Now he wasn’t exactly lights out when he last faced the Rays, but three runs in five innings can get the job done from time to time. But let’s jump past the opponent and right onto the venue. EdRod will be pitching at home and in Fenway he has been darned good. Eduardo has not allowed more than three earned runs in any of his last eight home starts and in only one of those did he allow more than two earned runs. EdRod is a borderline must start at home right now, in my humble opinion.
(36.3% owned in ESPN, 29% owned in Yahoo!)

Jhoulys Chacin, Diamondbacks (at Dodgers) – This could be just the streaming jewel you are looking for this week. No? Come on, that’s gold! Alright, anyways, moving on. Chacin has had three starts this season and has not allowed more than two runs in any of them. In fact, Chacin has allowed exactly two runs in each of them. Two out of three starts were of the quality variety and Jhoulys has gone at least five in all of them so the results are good. Now, the FIP point to some steep-ish regression, but my gut tells me that this is not where that regression begins. The Dodgers offense is middle of the pack right now when it comes to run production, so it is not wildly outside the realm of possibility, right? Right. This is a slightly leaning closer to a gut call stream than, say, a stat based stream, but I like my chances!
(3.5% owned in ESPN, 2% owned in Yahoo!)


Tom Koehler, Marlins (vs. Phillies) – TK is generally a viable streaming option and not quite an all out owning option, what with his ERA around four and FIPs in the 4.50 range. The thing is TK is more often good than not, so he has that going for him… which is nice. In fact four of Koehler’s last five starts have been quality, and over his last three starts he has an ERA of 2.25. Koehler won’t generally blow folks away with his K totals, but he did randomly have a recent 10 K game against that Brew Crew, so ya never know. Plus, this is against the Phightless Phils offense. Over the past two weeks the Phils have been dead last in wOBA, 25th in ISO and 27th in runs scored. All in all I think this has QS written all over it!
(7.7% owned in ESPN, 10% owned in Yahoo!)

Aaron Harang, Phillies (at Marlins) – Okay, if you don’t like TK down in Miami, hows about rolling with Harangutan? Yes, I know, the numbers have not been great for Harang of late (or all season really), but look at his opponent. The Marlins have not been Phillies bad on offense, but they haven’t been good either. In the last couple of weeks the Fish are 26th in ISO and 24th in runs scored so you see what I’m sayin’? Now I know there is still the fact that this is a pitcher with an ERA north of five, but Harangutan has already pitched once against the Marlins (in Miami) and he threw a solid quality start allowing two runs over seven innings. Might still be some risk here, but my gut is telling me this is a go. Either that or it’s telling me to stop eating pizza before bed. it’s a coin toss, really.
(5% owned in ESPN, 13% owned in Yahoo!)


Rick Porcello, Red Sox (vs. Rays) – Remember Rick Porcello? You know the big offseason pitching move by the BoSox? Well with an ERA over five it’s okay to admit you forgot about him. Seriously, I won’t blame ya. The point is, Porcello is looking fantasy relevant once again – you read that correctly folks. Porcello has allowed more than three earned runs in just one of his last eight starts, and six of those starts were quality. Even if you are not buying this Porcello run, you should be buying him pitching against the Rays. Porcello has three starts against the Rays this season and each one was quality, including a seven scoreless inning outing back in May. Porcello hasn’t necessarily owned the Rays, but has been quite solid against them. Solid enough for me to recommend Ricky on hump day.
(32.4% owned in ESPN, 40% owned in Yahoo!)

Jake Peavy, Giants (vs Padres) – Peavers was a guy touted as an early season streamer that would become widely owned by season’s end. Well an injury derailed that prediction, but since coming back Jake has been doin’ work. In the fourteen starts since Peavy’s return he has allowed more than three runs four times, pitching eight quality starts in the process. Peavy has only allowed more than four runs once in those last 14 starts and three of his last five starts have been quality. There is also the fact he looked good in his last start against the Padres, allowing just one run through seven innings. I feel like you should be able to get a nice little quality start out of Peavy here.
(21.9% owned in ESPN, 15% owned in Yahoo!) 


Patrick Corbin, Diamondbacks (at Dodgers) – Apparently a good amount of folks out there are not into a 3.29 ERAs and K/9s near nine. It’s not for everyone, I guess? Corbin’s FIP point to very little (if any) regression and he is currently on a streak of four straight (and six of seven) quality starts. The dude has been on a roll, and as I pointed out not too many paragraphs ago, the boys in blue (the Dodgers, not the cops) have not quite been lighting up the scoreboard lately. And Corbin’s last start was actually against these very same Dodgers, and in that outing he went six innings, allowing two earned runs. People need to start taking notice of Corbin and they will, so scoop him up off the waivers now.
(40% owned in ESPN, 33% owned in Yahoo!)

Jarred Cosart, Marlins (vs. Phillies) – Well, I have always kind of liked Cosy, but he has not been that solid this season. In only four of Cosart’s ten starts has he gone more than five innings, but the silver lining here is that he has only allowed more than two runs in one of his last five starts. The issue is only one of those starts was quality, and in only two of those starts did Cosart go at least five starts. Okay, but those were also Cosart’s last two starts and his most recent start was quality. There’s that and, well, as mentioned, the Phils are not so much the Phightin’ kind at the plate lately. Cosart already has two solid starts against Philly this season. In those two starts Cosart went 11 innings and allowed four earned runs and I think his third start against the Phils should be decent as well.
(2.2% owned in ESPN, 2% owned in Yahoo!

Well, that’s all I got. Go on, get outta here, go stream!


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