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Field of Streams logoThe end is near, my friends. Right now you are probably in the midst of your head-to-head playoffs, fighting for a rotisserie championship or focusing on your fantasy football lineups. Maybe, like me, it’s all three, but the point is – sad as it may be – the fantasy baseball season is winding down. Streaming is the most important it has been all season at this point and I am here to continue guiding you towards a championship. You know the drill though, we can’t just jump right into the main course like some uncouth heathens, no, no, no, we need to get some appetizers in the form of last week’s performance. Last week’s seven weekday streamers went 4-1, with a 3.86 ERA, a 1.18 WHIP and an 11.12 K/9. That’ll play just fine and I’m pretty sure that K/9 number is a new Field of Streams record. Of course, as always, there are the Ins, the Outs and sometimes even the What Have Yous?

Ins IP  BB  ER  W/L
Patrick Corbin Diamondbacks 6 6 0 0 5 W
Aaron Nola
Phillies 7 6 1 0 7 W
J.A. Happ Pirates 6 3 0 2 10 W
Aaron Harang Phillies 5 8 3 5 6 L
Erasmo Ramirez Rays 5 6 0 4 9 ND
What Have You  
Josh Tomlin
Indians 5.2 5 0 3 6 Win
Jorge De La Rosa Rockies 5 6 3 3 6 ND
 Total 39.2 40
7 17 49 4-1-2

Well, dem’s your apps, let’s dig on in to the main course…


Eduardo Rodriguez, Red Sox (at Orioles) – Ed-Rod’s last four starts have been fairly money if you ask me, and since you are reading this I am assuming it is implied that you are asking me. Anyways, over Rodriguez’s last four starts he has allowed eight runs (five earned) over 26 innings, giving up 28 hits and just four walks. The strikeouts still aren’t quite where I thought they would be, but in most outings Ed-Rod will deliver a serviceable amount of strikeouts. Okay, obviously you are thinking, “okay Will, but all four of those starts were at home and his last road start was an unmitigated disaster – against the Marlins of all teams”. This is true, but three of his five road starts have been quality, so more good than bad on the road? Look, the road implosions are a mild concern, but I am all for riding the hot hand in this one. Plus Ed-Rod has allowed more than three earned runs just once in his last eight starts, and his last start in Baltimore was nice. In that outing, Ed-Rod threw six scoreless innings while striking out seven.
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Erasmo Ramirez, Rays (vs. Yankees) – Alright, yes, Erasmo has allowed four runs in three of his last four starts, but all that means is his ownership levels continue to drop. So it is time to buy low on Erasmo. Well, maybe not for a long-term ownership type deal, but for this start against the Yankees. This is not to say the Yankees are a struggling offense at the moment, but Erasmo has pitched well against the pinstripes. In five appearances against the Yankees this season (two starts) he has allowed three earned runs over 15 innings and in the two starts he allowed one earned run over 11 innings. So while Erasmo has struggled a bit lately, this is a matchup that works for Erasmo.
(17.8% owned in ESPN, 26% owned in Yahoo!)


Brett Anderson, Dodgers (vs. Rockies) – Yep, here we are again with me recommending Brett Anderson. Brett is the front-runner for the 2015 Field of Streamers, streamer of the year. I keep on recommending Brett, he keeps on pitching well, yet still remains widely available. People, if you don’t like a pitcher who has allowed more than three earned runs just three times in 27 starts then I might not be able to help you. I mean, do I really have to go over Brett’s numbers again? Ten of Anderson’s last 15 starts have been quality, and in only one of those 15 starts did fail to go at least five innings. Anderson has pitched against the Rockies twice this season and has allowed three runs (two earned) over 10.1 innings; he even struck out eight in one of those outings. Anderson remains one of the safest streams going guys, and it’s about time you all jumped on board.
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Jhoulys Chacin, Diamondbacks (vs. Padres) – Remember Jhoulys Chacin? Yeah, he’s back and with the Diamondbacks, and after two starts he has a 2.70 ERA, a 1.05 WHIP and a respectable 7.43 K/9. A decent strikeout rate and a ground ball percentage north of 50 can translate quite easily into fantasy goodness, and thus far that is what has happened. Two starts, both quality. Now the FIP is over four, but the SIERA and xFIP are in the mid threes – two starts is hardly any sort of respectable sample size though. Sample size, smample size, right? No? Okay, well we can at least see the start of something good here, and while the Padres are not lightweights at the plate they are not a murderer’s row up there, either. I think Jhoulys gets another QS, here.
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Joe Kelly, Red Sox (at Orioles) – Maybe it was talking with Hall of Famer, Pedro Martinez, maybe it was something else. Either way Joe Kelly has been fine and dandy over his last seven starts. In none of those seven starts has Joe Cool allowed more than two earned runs. In all seven of those starts Kelly has gone at least five and a third innings and five of those seven starts have been quality. The FIP’s from those starts seem to think this should not be happening, but it is, so who am I to argue, right? Plus the Orioles are not exactly lighting up scoreboards lately, coming in at 20th in ISO and 18th in runs scored over the past couple of weeks. Also, the Orioles strikeout a lot. Only the Cubs have been striking out at a greater rate lately so I think you can count on a QS with some decent Ks.
(32.8% owned in ESPN, 28% owned in Yahoo!)

Drew Hutchison, Blue Jays (at Braves) – First off, I KNOW! I said I wouldn’t do it, not I SHOULDN’T do it, but that I wouldn’t do it. But here I am, once again recommending Drew Hutchison. Hutch drives me to drink. Okay, that’s a lie, I have plenty of other things doing that, but if I had high investments in Hutch I would probably have an industrial sized bottle of Mylanta by my bedside. For now, it’s just the regular sized bottle. Anyways, I am not even gonna look at Hutch’s stats but rather the stats of his opponent. The Bravos are dead last in the majors over the past fortnight in wOBA, ISO and runs scored. Even Hutch should be able to deliver a good start against the likes of Atlanta’s lineup. I know I said to steer clear of me recommending Hutch, but the Braves. The Braves, people.
(33.9% owned in ESPN, 42% owned in Yahoo!)


Tanner Roark, Nationals (at Marlins) – Okay, so a 4.41 ERA and a K/9 below six are not super appetizing numbers, but I am not saying you need to own him long-term, I am saying this matchup is a tad enticing. The Marlins are a bottom third offensive team right now and Roark can be solid enough to make some things happen here. Roark has an ERA below three against the fish this season, albeit in four relief appearances. Nevertheless, the fish are not hitting much of anyone. Both times this season where Roark has stopped being a reliever to start a game he allowed just one run. That may not have much meaning, but it doesn’t mean nothing. Possibly? Anyways I think this should be a solid enough start for you, but a QS may not be in the cards as Roark doesn’t generally go too deep into games. So take of that, what you will.
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Tommy Milone, Twins (vs. Angels) – The streaming card for Thursday is kind of light and Mayday Milone has been kind of decent-ish. Look, in Milone’s last five starts he has allowed more than three runs just once and his last two starts have been of the quality variety. According to the FIP that 3.54 ERA may regress a bit, but only to the low fours which is perfectly fine for our streaming purposes. Plus the Angels are in the lower tier of the league offensively over the past two weeks, so in a pinch, Mayday could get the job done for you on Thursday.
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Well, that’s all I got. Go on, get outta here, go stream!

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