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Field of Streams: Week 22 Weekday Streamers

Field of Streams logoWill Emerson is still N/A but he will be back next weekend.  That doesn’t help you in the here and now; that’s what I’m here for, another spot start and (hopefully) successful week of streaming.  While I do have one team that is primarily all stream, I prefer having a set pitching staff.  Streaming can be fun, but there are weeks I want to bang my head against the wall being at the mercy of the wire.  I’m sure Mr. Emerson is going to feel that way when he returns to see what his streaming options for last week did.  Pat yourself on the back if you played his Ins and avoided his Outs.

Nate Eovaldi Yankees 8 4 3 0 7 ND
Patrick Corbin Diamondbacks 6 3 2 1 7 ND
Brett Anderson Dodgers 6.2 5 1 0 4 W
Robbie Ray Diamondbacks 3 5 5 6 3 L
Nate Karns Rays 3 4 4 5 3 ND
Rubby De La Rosa Diamondbacks 5 5 4 5 4 L
Jonathan Niese Mets 6 5 5 5 5 ND
Chris Tillman Orioles 6 9 1 4 1 L
Total 43.2 40 25 26 34 1-3-4

The ins are really IN while the outs are really OUT.  There were no gray areas last week and if you played any of the outs, I’m not going to rub salt in your wounds by recapping this.  On to this weeks main course…


Scott Feldman, Astros (vs Seattle) – Feldman isn’t the best pitcher to own.  He can be unpredictable at times, he doesn’t have the best track record and will not get you many strikeouts.  Overall this year though, he is a solid option who can eat innings (6+ innings in three-quarters of his starts).  He has been a different pitcher in the second half, putting up an ERA and WHIP of 2.36 and 1.14 since the all-star break.  The biggest knock on him this year (other than the lack of K’s) is his home ERA is over 5.0.  Hopefully today’s opponent follows along with their yearly and not more recent numbers.  The Mariners are 25th in BA, 24th in runs scored, 24th in OBP and 3rd in strikeouts.  They hit better in August which is a concern, and they are tops in the league when it comes to homers on the road.  So who wins out today, a revitalized Mariners offense or a mediocre pitcher on a hot streak?  Could be a little of both and watching this game could be as tense as watching Fernando Rodney close.  Overall I think Feldman will come away with a quality start, though I’m not holding my breath for a win with King Felix on the hill for the M’s.  Stream with caution here.
8% owned in ESPN, 8% owned in Yahoo!

Brett Anderson, Dodgers (vs San Francisco) – Anderson has become a staple here at field of streams, and I can’t explain why his ownership is so low. Here’s the poop on Anderson:

  • 16 of his 22 starts have been quality.
  • He has allowed more than 3 earned runs in a game only 3 times.
  • In 15 of his starts he has allowed 2 or fewer runs.
  • He has a 66.7% groudball rate and a FB% under 20

Anderson has faced the Giants 3 times this year.  The first two times were in San Fran and he allowed 3 earned runs in each game.  The third time was in Los Angeles and Anderson held the Giants to 5 hits and 1 run.  The Giants may be one of the top hitting teams in the league, but they were only average in August.  Worst case scenario, Anderson puts up a quality start – I’ll take that.
21% owned in ESPN, 19% owned in Yahoo!

Anderson’s opponent today (Jake Peavy) is available in 90% of CBS and ESPN leagues should you need another option today.  I don’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling about him, but he should get you a quality start.


Matt Shoemaker, Angels (@Oakland) – It’s hard to put a finger on which Shoemaker you will get.  He struggled the first 3 months, turned a corner in July, imploded for 2 starts against the White Sox and Royals in early August, was demoted, then came back up and dominated.  Considering he was on a roll before the implosions, I’m going to lean towards Shoemaker being back (for the most part).  In July he put up a 1.78 ERA, 1.14 WHIP and close to a strikeout an inning.  That’s close to what Shoemaker was doing in the second half of last season.  Shoemaker is a flyball pitcher (42.5%), but that issue will be somewhat reduced today considering he’s playing in the Colosseum against a team that ranks 25th (for the month of August and the season) in home runs.  Oakland is also 25th in runs scored for August and is in the bottom half of the league for BA and OBP; plus they gain no split advantage playing against a righty or at home.  I’m expecting a quality start at a minimum, a win and a handful of strikeouts.
15% owned in ESPN, 32% owned in Yahoo!

Justin Nicolino, Marlins (@Atlanta) – Nicolino has 3 quality starts in a row going at least 6 innings in each start and allowing no more than 2 runs.  He has a 50% groundball rate in August and it is almost 60% versus lefties – that should help keep Freddie Freeman and Jace Peterson in check.  As for the rest of the Braves, the team was 28th in runs scored for the month of August.  Against lefties they are in the bottom third of the league for hits, BA, OBP, run scored, home runs.  At home the Braves are 29th in runs scored and dead last in home runs.  I don’t expect a lot of strikeouts (the one area Atlanta seems to excel in) and a win might be hard to come by since the Marlins will be facing Shelby Miller, but I can see a quality start with solid peripherals.
3% owned in ESPN, 1% owned in Yahoo!


Carlos Rodon, White Sox (@Minnesota) – Rodon is starting to build some stamina, going at least 6 innings in each of his last 4 starts.  He’s also striking out over a batter an inning.  Now if he can lose a few walks and keep the ball inside the park a little more we would be in business.  In time people, in time.  For today, the current rendition of Rodon will do as he faces off against the Twins.  Minnesota is the 6th worst team for strikeouts against lefties.  Average wise they are in the middle, but when it comes to scoring runs against lefties the Twins are 3rd in the league.  They are also 6th in the league for home runs against lefties, and surprisingly have more success hitting them at home.  Fortunately for Rodon the Twins have struggled in August (26th in batting average); unfortunately that have excelled this month in home runs and runs scored (6th in both).  On paper this could go either way, but in real life I’ll take the young fireballer with a 95+ MPH fastball.  He may give up some hits and a couple of runs, but you’ll be more than happy with the end results here.

Given his ownership levels, this could be the last time you see Rodon’s name here on field of streams.
41% owned in ESPN, 36% owned in Yahoo!

Tommy Milone, Twins (vs Chicago) – Does anyone else think of Thorton Melon when they see Milone’s name?  Just me?  OK, never mind.  The White Sox are a middle of the road team hitting wise in August, but are in the bottom third of the league offensively for the season.  Against lefties they are 27th in runs scored and dead last for home runs.  On the road they are 28th in home runs but do get a boost when it comes to scoring runs.  Tommy Milone is one of the more hittable lefties in the league and doesn’t generate a lot of strikeouts, but he has had some success this year against the Sox. In his first start against them in Chicago he 2 hit them over 7.2 innings while striking out 7.  The next start he allowed 10 hits and 2 walks over 6 innings, but he held the team to 2 runs and came away with the win.  If the Sox were hot I might think twice here, but since they are struggling, facing a lefty and playing in Minnesota, I’m going with Milone.
8% owned in ESPN, 6% owned in Yahoo!

Adam Conley, Marlins (@Atlanta) – I’m going to stick with the lefties versus the Braves this week.  Conley is still figuring things out, but he has generated a strikeout an inning over his last 3 starts.  This is where I would start pumping up his stats, splits and makeup, but to be honest…I got nothing.  Conley was doing well in the minors prior to being called up, but his resume screams average pitcher (at best).  So why recommend him?  I’ll admit this one is a gut call; one I feel confident recommending, but a gut call none the less.  I’ve done well this year with these off the cuff random selections so you’ll just have to just go with me on this one (or not – your call).
1% owned in ESPN, 1% owned in Yahoo!


With only 6 games on the schedule there are not many streaming options available; at least none I would touch.  The Twins have owned John Danks this year; Vogelsong or Rusin in Colorado is ERA suicide; Pittsburgh is hot and playing at the Milwaukee launching pad so no Garza for me; Matt Boyd and Matt Wisler are bad and should not be trusted.  Today might be a good day to skip as far as streaming goes and just pick up an extra start this weekend.  The only one I would half-heartily recommend is:

Mat Latos, Dodgers (@San Diego) – I’ve been a fan of Latos throughout his career.  This year, not so much.  Latos has started 19 games this season.  In the 10 games he went 6 or more innings he allowed more than 3 earned runs just once.  Of the remaining 9 games where he did not go 6 innings, he allowed 4 or more earned runs in over half of them.  In the ones he allowed fewer than 4 earned runs, he gave up a high number of hits (for the most part) that hurt your WHIP.  The strikeouts are there – well, a little over half the time.  It’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  He is pitching at Petco today which is a bonus.  Latos has logged over 200 innings in that park and has a career ERA under 3.0 there.  The Padres were an average hitting team in August whose production seems to fall off at home.  On paper, Latos in San Diego seems like a smart play, but I don’t trust it.  If he goes 6 or more innings you’ll be happy; anything less than that and….well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
27% owned in ESPN, 47% owned in Yahoo! 

As Will would say: “that’s all she wrote; get outta here, go stream”!

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