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Field of Streams logoWell, my streamers have fallen on hard times of late and last week’s performance is something I’d, quite frankly, rather forget. However, I will display the poor numbers in question, as part of my due diligence to you, the reader. Overall seven starters took the hill and they did manage to go 4-3, although most of the starts were what have yous. There were only two quality starts, and overall they finished with a 6.64 ERA was 6.64, a 1.63 WHIP and a K/9 of 4.81. It was a rough week that I would rather not relive. As I mentioned, it was not without some quality, so let’s show you the Ins, Outs and What have yous and never speak of this again,

Ins IP  BB  ER  W/L
Jonathan Niese Mets 7 6 0 2 5 W
Erasmo Ramirez Rays 7 5 0 0 4 W
Brett Anderson Dodgers 5 10 3 7 1 L
Eduardo Rodriguez  Marlins 5 9 3 7 1 L
What Have You  
Aaron Nola Phillies 5 9 1 4 2 W
Nathan Eovaldi  Yankees 5.1 7 3 4 4 W
Jeff Locke Pirates 5 7 3 4 3 L
 Total 39.1 53
13 28 20 4-3

And now we move on to today’s main course…


Chris Tillman, Orioles (vs. Athletics) – I know what you’re thinking, Tillman was back to his old(ish) ways as he got the early hook in Seattle his last time out. First off Seattle’s offense has been fairly decent lately; secondly, that was coming off of four straight high quality starts for Tillman (and five out of the past six). The common thread in those high quality starts? The fact Till was facing some struggling offenses. The good news here? I feel like you can probably guess, but I’ll answer anyways – the Athletics offense is struggling a bit these days. Over the past couple of weeks the A’s are 29th in wOBA, 25th in ISO and dead frickin last in runs scored. Think what you want of Till, but he is pitching fairly well when he should be, so look for him to once again, umm, pitch fairly well.
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Matt Garza, Brewers (vs. Marlins) – The Braves and Marlins are duking it out right now to be the worst offense down the stretch. Thus, this selection of Garza means that I don’t have enough data on the pitcher throwing against the Braves on Monday to pick said pitcher. The Marlins showed some signs of life against the Red Sox recently, but they are still 29th in ISO over the past two weeks. And getting guys on base against the BoSox only moved their wOBA up enough to be 21st in that time period. Matt Garza has his moments too; it’s not like he is completely unstreamable against above average teams. In fact, Garza has rattled off three consecutive quality starts and has quality starts in four of five outings. Garza has also not allowed more than three runs in any of his last five starts, going at least 5.2 innings in each. We can all wait for the other shoe to drop, but I don’t think that happens this time out.
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Eduardo Rodriguez, Red Sox (vs. Indians) – Look, I could try to find statistics that make Eduardo a good go to player in this one, but I am not going to do that. Whoa, whoa, don’t skip ahead, I’m going somewhere with this. You see, I do like Eduardo, but right now when I have chosen to use him, like say against the light hitting Marlins, he has not delivered. When I think I shouldn’t start him, like against the Yankees, he throws gems. So, now I am going full  Costanza with him and just going with the opposite of my instincts. Yes, that’s where I am at this point of the season. I would probably leave Eduardo out against the Tribe so that means he will probably throw a no-hitter. Yeah, seems extreme, I know, but allow me my hyperbole and just stream Eduardo.
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Nathan Eovaldi, Yankees (vs. Twins) – Those who have following Field of Streams these many years will know Nate the Great was one of the original FoS favorites. While you may not have seen much of him in FoS this season, don’t you worry – we are still on good terms. Anyways, Nate has been doing fairly well recently, allowing more than three runs just once in his last ten starts. While it was his last start, he still only allowed four runs in that one. Now only four of those starts were quality, but Eovaldi made his way into the sixth inning in all but one of those starts. With a 3.62 FIP, Eovaldi may deserve slightly better than his 4.26 ERA indicates. Of course I’d like a few more Ks, but the ground ball rate over fifty percent balances the sub-seven K/9 pretty nicely. I’d lock Eovaldi in for at least very close to a quality start in this one.
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Wily Peralta, Brewers (vs. Marlins) – While Peralta’s short term and, well, long-term resume is not quite that of Matt Garza, I still like him against the Fish. Since returning to the Brew Crew’s rotation, two of Wily’s last three starts have been quality making me think he may just be headed for a decent finish to 2015. I may be in the minority here, but I am sure I am not in the minority in thinking the Marlins are not quite an offensive threat. Sure, this could be a gut instinct here, and, sure, the Marlins could (as they have a couple of times) prove me wrong, but I like the likelihood of Peralta tossing a QS, here.
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Tom Koehler, Marlins (at Brewers) – While I will admit the streaming on Wednesday is somewhat light, TK is rarely the worst option imaginable. Ten of TK’s last 13 starts have been quality and his implodability factor is not too high. What I mean is he has allowed more than three earned runs in five of his 21 starts this season and only had three starts where he didn’t go at least five innings. Koehler is another low K, high ground ball guy, and the latter will help in Milwaukee. The Brewers are not the Marlins by any means, but in th past two weeks they are 27th in ISO, 25th in wOBA and 27th in runs scored. I think Koehler is good for a quality start in this one.
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Kyle Hendricks, Cubs (vs. Braves) – Last week streaming against the Braves was very much a no-brainer, but the Braves are showing some signs of life at the plate lately. Nevertheless the Braves are still only 25th in ISO over the past couple of weeks and, well, Kyle Hendricks has been decent enough in his own right. Although Hendricks has a 3.97 ERA, his FIP sit in the mid threes and he has a decent enough K/9 ta boot. Kyle’s last start did not go so well, but again, this is the Braves. Not only have the Bravos lacked power at the plate, but Hendricks has already had a pretty nice start against Atlanta. In that start, Hendricks allowed two runs (one earned) over 5.2 innings, while striking out five. Hendricks has not exactly been racking up the quality starts, but I like the odds of him getting one here against the Bravos.
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Patrick Corbin, Diamondbacks (at Reds) – Since Patty Corbs returned to the D-backs rotation, he has been (for the most part) on point. Corbin has allowed more than three runs in just one of seven starts and has thrown a quality start in three of his last four. While the ERA is a tad over four, a lot of it is from his one start where he only lasted one and a third innings against the Nats. But let’s not focus on the ERA as much as the fact that Corbin has a K/9 close to nine; in other words (for those of you slow on the uptake) he is striking out almost a batter an inning. When Corbs is not striking guys out, he is getting them to burn worms about 50% of the time. Did I also mention the fact that Corbin’s last start was against the same Reds he is facing this time around? Corbin rocked a quality start, going six innings and allowing three runs while striking out five. Corbin had a 1.94 FIP in that particular game, for whatever that’s worth? Bottom line for ya, this should be another quality Corbin start.
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Well, that’s all I got. Go on, get outta here, go stream!

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