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Field of Streams logoWell, last weekend’s streaming wasn’t fantastic. I mean not the worst streaming I’ve seen, but very uninspiring, nonetheless. How uninspiring? Well, four streamers ended up going 0-3, with an ERA of 5.75, a 1.62 WHIP and a 7.96 K/9. How about that K/9 – that was decent, right? Well, two of the starts were quality and Jake Peavy went five innings allowing just two runs, so three out of four were respectable…ish. Daniel Norris’ five earned runs in 3.1 innings set me up for a tough streaming weekend though. Well, I’ll certainly try to do better this weekend, as I serve you up today’s main course…


Robbie Ray, Diamondbacks (at Braves) – Honestly one of the first things I do when looking for streamers these days is look to see who is facing Atlanta. Over the past month the Braves are 29th in wOBA, 29th in ISO and 29th in runs scored. They’ve been horrendous at the plate and they are without their best hitter (Freddie Freeman) so a sudden offensive hot streak seems highly unlikely. The bottom line here – if you aren’t picking up what I’m putting down, is streaming against the Braves is just plain good business these days. Enter Robbie Ray (great country singer name). Robbie Ray already is in good shape with the Braves stepping into the batter’s box against him on Friday, but seems like he may have already been in decent shape, regardless. What am I blabbering about you may ask? Well, Ray actually has a 3.13 ERA (nice), a 3.16 FIP (super), a 1.17 WHIP (plenty serviceable) and an 8.23 K/9 (darned decent). Ray has only gone six or more innings in two of his last five starts so the quality starts may not always be there, but THIS IS THE BRAVES and that trumps most, right now.
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Danny Duffy, Royals (vs. Angels) –  Danny Duffy has had his ups and downs, and yes he has an ERA of 4.19 which is actually a half a run lower than his FIP. Duffy is one of those guys I kinda hope will have a breakout, but nothing really points to that happening anytime soon. Duffy’s K/9 is below six and he doesn’t even have a high ground ball rate to compensate for that. Now, although Duffy’s last start was clunker-ish, going into that outing he had thrown a quality start five out of his last six. Now the Angels are not exactly the Braves, but over the past couple weeks the Angels are 30th in wOBA, 27th in ISO and 30th in runs scored, so they are not quite an offensive juggernaut at the moment. Sure, maybe what they need is game against a pitcher who does not K a lot of batters or induce a ton of ground balls, but right now the odds lean slightly in Duffy’s favor. Am I 100% into this stream? No, but let’s call the percentage, mid-to-high 70s.
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Patrick Corbin, Diamondbacks (at Braves) – I am not one to beat a dead horse – mostly because it is not as fun as it sounds – but yet here I am, again, picking a matchup against the Braves. Everything in the Robbie Ray section, about the Braves offense obviously still holds true here, so why wouldn’t I suggest this matchup? The only thing that would prevent me from recommending a pitcher against the Bravos was if he was the lamest of ducks. Patrick Corbin does not fall into that metaphoric category. Corbin totes around an ERA just over four which is decent enough for streaming. Plus, remember, this is against the Braves. Corbin’s FIP suggests his ERA is mostly deserved, but with a K/9 close to nine and a ground ball rate a hair over 50% I like his chances for a darned decent start. Three of Corbin’s last four starts have been quality, and while single game data can be tough to read, he had FIPs below three in those starts. All of that is good enough when facing the current Braves offense.
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Brett Anderson, Dodgers (vs. Reds) – Yes, Brett Anderson, the Field of Streams darling, was knocked around a bit in his last outing. I understand that, but it’ll take more than one bad start for me to jump ship on Anderson. First off, the Nats have some good bats (I’m a poet) and you may have noticed that I also did not recommend starting Anderson in that outing. See? Sometimes I know what I am doing. Anderson’s ERA skyrocketed to 3.43 (which is still quite respectable), and he still makes batted balls go to the ground almost two-thirds of the time so I am still aboard the S.S. Brett. Now the Reds are not as bad as the Braves at the plate, but they are in the bottom third of the league over the last two weeks in the important offensive categories, so I’ll place the odds in favor of Anderson bouncing back in this one.
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Kyle Gibson, Twins (vs. Indians) – Hey, a 3.75 ERA will play when streaming, right? Things are not kind for Sunday streaming, and while it is crunch time in head-to-head leagues – you may want to tread lightly this Sunday when it comes to streaming. I have never been super high on Gibson, but in a pinch he can serve up some fantasy goodness. A ground ball pitcher who can maybe get you six or seven Ks every nine innings is not flashy but can be serviceable. Six of Gibson’s last nine starts have been quality, although only two of his last five starts have fallen into the quality category. Again, tread with caution here. The Indians are 26th in the majors in ISO over the past couple weeks, so I like to think that at least steers us away from a Gib-plosion? Yeah, I am not big on this one and actually wish there was a bit more to lean on here, but if desperation strikes, this may be your best option come Sunday.
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Joe Ross, Nationals (at Giants) – I guess truth be told, I like Ross better than Gibson on Sunday, just because he has better numbers (albeit in a smaller sample size). Of Ross’ eight starts this season, six have been quality and it was not until his most recent start that he allowed more than three runs in a start. With a 3.08 FIP and SIERA, it looks like Ross has been pitching fairly well, and you gotta love the 8.70 K/9, right? Plus, when he is not fanning batters, 48.2% of batted balls are burning worms, which will keep him and his team in games. This is in a pitcher’s park though, so mistakes should be minimized if he happens to let balls get in the air a tad more than usual. The Giants are perpetually an offense I have trouble understanding, but in the last fortnight they are 22nd in the majors in runs scored, so right now they are something of an above average matchup for streamers. All works in Joe Ross’ favor if you ask me, and by reading this post, you have basically asked me, tacitly anyways.
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Alright, stick a fork in it, this week’s Field of Streams is done!
For real. Go on, get outta here, go stream!

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