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Field of Streams logoWelcome back to Field of Streams, the feel good fantasy post of the year. Okay, maybe no one has called it that, but one can dream. Last week it was basically all our nothing with the streamers.  Half of the starters allowed just one earned run each, while the other half gave up at least 5 earned runs.  Over my 8 streamers went 3-2 with a 5.79 ERA, a 1.54 WHIP and a 6.85 K/9.  At least the strikes where good, and hopefully you skipped one or two of those questionable starts.  Here’s a look at last weeks In and Outs.

Ins IP  BB  ER  W/L
Bartolo Colon Mets 8 7 0 1 5 W
Jonathan Niese Mets 7 4 1 1 6 W
Jake Peavy Giants 6 5 1 1 8 ND
 Brett Anderson Dodgers 6 4 2 1 5 W
Wily Peralta Brewers 3.1 8 3 6 2 L
David Phelps  Marlins 4.1 8 3 7 3 L
 Jose Urena Marlins 2 6 1 5 0 ND
Matt Wisler  Braves 5.1 9 3 5 3 ND
 Total 42 51 14 27 32 3-2-3

Those were the appetizers, although some were a little overcooked. On to the main course.


Jon Niese, Mets (vs. Rockies) – Niese has long been a friend of the Filed of Streams crowd. This year Niese has not been quite as sharp, but still a good streaming option. Jonboy has thrown a quality start in ten of his last 11 starts. That is pretty neat, I think. Aside from that Niese is carrying a 3.51 ERA and the FIPs are around four, which makes Niese super streamy. The Rockies are a decent hitting squad, but this game is not in Colorado and Niese is pretty much rolling right now. Also, Niese has a low implodabilty factor, as he has only allowed more than four earned runs twice in his 21 starts this season. Looking at Monday’s streaming possibilities, Niese is at the top of the list.
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Brett Anderson, Dodgers (vs. Nationals) – Eleven of Anderson’s last 14 starts have been quality. If that doesn’t scratch you right where you itch, Anderson has a very low implodability factor; in 21 starts this season, Anderson has allowed more than four earned runs… well, never. Anderson has allowed more than three earned runs just twice this season. Twice! Not to mention Anderson’s ERA is only 3.06; sure that may regress towards the mid threes, but nevertheless, that’ll play. Also, you may think the Nats are a great hitting team, but they are basically in the bottom third of the league offensively right now so everything points to a good start for Brett.
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Erasmo Ramirez, Rays (vs. Braves) – Erasmo Ramirez has a 3.83 ERA, and judging by the FIP data that seems warranted. Good news because for our purposes, that’s plenty fine for streaming. Erasmo’s K/9 and GB% are not overly fantastic, but are easily playable. Granted Erasmo has had some recent bumps in the road, but three of his last five starts have been quality and shake numbers recently be darned, cause he gets the Bravos this time around. The Bravos are not good at hitting right now. Over the past couple of weeks the Braves are 26th in wOBA and 28th in ISO. Not good. Runs are hard to come by for the Braves these days and it should be no different when they face Erasmo.
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Jeff Locke, Pirates (at Cardinals) – The last three starts have not been spectacular for Locke, but he can be serviceable nonetheless. Locke’s K/9 is close to seven, but he has a ground ball rate slightly over 50% to balance that out. The 4.31 ERA is fine for streaming in the right matchup, but what I like even better is that the FIP data point to an ERA just under four. The Cardinals are no joke at the plate and give the Bucs trouble, but Locke has pitched decently in both of his starts against them this season. Might be a bit of the ol’ gut here, but I think you get, at the very least, a quality start from Locke this time out.
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Aaron Nola, Phillies (at Diamondbacks) – Nola has a very small sample size of big league experience from which to pull, but in that small sample Nola has done decent. Not spectacular, but decent, decent enough. Two of his four starts have been quality and he has gone at least six innings in three of his four starts thus far, which is playable. Nola has a 50% ground ball rate and a respectable 7.66 K/9 thus far, and although his FIP is over four, the xFIP is 3.57 which will work just fine. Nola has limited walks thus far as well, and the Diamondbacks are not an earth shattering offense. I mean, they’re definitely not terrible, but not so much threatening. Nola has good stuff, and I expect he will be able to shut down the D-backs in this one.
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Eduardo Rodriguez, Red Sox (at Marlins) – Sure, Eduardo has an ERA over four, and sure it seems justified based on his FIP, but Eduardo has good stuff and can deliver some decent starts. Four of his last seven starts have been quality, but in only one of those last seven starts did he allow more than three runs – so there is that. But to bring you a bit more around on Eduardo, two of his last three starts have been quality and his ERA in those past three starts is 2.84. All that being said, Eduardo has the Marlins this week and they have been less then good at producing offensively lately. Over the past two weeks, the Marlins are dead last in wOBA, second to last in ISO and dead last in runs scored. Needless to say, this is a pretty choice matchup for Eduardo.
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Nathan Eovaldi, Yankees (at Indians) – Long been a fan of Nate the Great, but for some reason or another I have not liked his matchups as much this year. Shame on me. Eovaldi only has four quality starts over his last nine starts, however he also hasn’t allowed more than three runs in any of those starts and has gone at least five innings in those starts as well. Also, while Nate has an ERA over four his FIP point to him pitching slightly better than that. For his velocity Nate doesn’t get a bunch of strikeouts, but when the balls are in play he keeps them on the ground which is good. Mix that in with the fact that he faces the Indians who are towards the bottom of the league offensively over the past couple of weeks, and you got yourself some streamy goodness.
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Mike Pelfrey, Twins (vs. Rangers) – Let me preface this one with the fact that streamers on Thursday are a bit on the thin side, so this may be a bit of the ol’ gut piking this one. Now, Pelfrey got shelled in his last outing and only two of his last four starts were quality, but overall his numbers are average-ish. An ERA around four, not a ton of strikeouts, nothing that’ll blow you away, but come Thursday, after Eovaldi, the streaming is thin. So, really, as far as the rest of the list is concerned, Pelfrey is your best option at a quality start or close to one. The Rangers are hitting the ball fairly well these days, so this one is more desperation play than anything, come Thursday. I would say stream this one with caution.
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Well, that’s all I got. Go on, get outta here, go stream!

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