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Field of Streams logoIf you are in head-to-head leagues you are probably heading into the playoff push and need some good streamers now more than ever. Good news for you is I gotcha covered. I did not have you covered last week though as I was attending a friend’s nuptials. Luckily, the talented Jim Finch was able to step up to the plate and deliver you some weekday streamers. So, let’s see how he fared.

Ins IP  BB  ER  W/L
Patrick Corbin Diamondbacks 6 3 2 1 6 W
Chris Tillman Orioles 8.2 4 0 0 2 W
Robbie Ray Diamondbacks 7 6 2 2 8 ND
 Jonathan Niese Mets 6 6 1 1 6 ND
Brett Anderson Dodgers 7 5 2 2 2 L
 Cody Anderson Indians 5.2 8 2 7 2 L
What Have You  
Mike Pelfrey Twins 5.1 5 2 2 3 ND
 Total 45.2 37
11 15 29 2-2-3

Overall, Jim nailed it. His streamers went 2-2, with a 2.99 ERA, a 1.06 WHIP and a 5.77 K/9. Very nicely done, Jim! Maybe I should be watching my back.  Now that you’ve had your apps, on to the main course!


Bartolo Colon, Mets (vs. Marlins) – It’s been awhile since BFBC has graced us here at Field of Streams, but that’ll happen when you fall on somewhat hard times. Colon has allowed four or more earned runs in four of his last seven starts, and has allowed six or more runs in two of his last three starts. Now, those two starts are the bread around a nice little eight inning gem against the Dodgers. I’ll just say it, Bartolo is a bit enigmatic. Not always ideal for streaming, but he can still put up quality starts here and there. Colon gets the Marlins on Monday and the Marlins are not, uh… well, exactly tearing the cover off the ball lately. In the last two weeks the Marlins have mustered up the 28th best wOBA and 29th best ISO in the majors. I sugar-coated that with the word “best”, since those stats are actually terrible and more than likely show good reason why, in that same two-week time span, only the Braves have scored fewer runs than the Marlins. Colon already has success against the Fish this season with three strong starts, two of which were quality. I don’t need to shake my magic 8-ball to know that all signs point to yes for Colon on Monday.
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Wily Peralta, Brewers (vs. Padres) – Wily has been off my radar a bit this season, mostly due to not pitching for a couple of months, but is a good streaming option from time to time – times like now, for instance. Peralta does not get a ton of Ks, but has a ground ball rate of 55.4%. With the FIP and SIERA at a shade over four, we can easily extrapolate some reasons for him being widely available in most leagues. Peralta has managed to throw a quality start in five of his last seven starts. Granted most of those starts were over a month ago, but his last start was quality against the Giants. The good news here is that the Padres offense is not even close to the Giants offense Peralta faced this past week. Peralta struggles with allowing baserunners, but the Pads are 21st in the majors in wOBA the past couple of weeks. Even when the Friars do get runners on they don’t seem to plate them that often, being 24th in runs scored over the last two weeks. This could be a nice wily stream for ya.
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Jake Peavy, Giants (at Braves) – Since returning from the disabled list in early July, Peavy has been darned decent. In five starts since Peavy’s return he has thrown four quality starts and in the one non-quality start he allowed four runs in six and one-third innings. Pretty sharp, right? Well, looking at the individual game FIPs, all of those starts may not have been quite sharp, but overall he should still be tossing quality starts. Plus right now, most starters should be throwing, at the very least, quality starts against Braves. Without getting into too much detail, right now the Bravos are basically the worst offensive team in baseball. Oh, you want the details? Okay, fine. The Braves are dead last in the majors in wOBA, ISO and runs scored over the past two weeks. Yeah, pretty grim. I don’t think I have to go too far out on the limb to recommend Peavy here.
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Jon Niese, Mets (at Marlins) – Jonboy has long been a friend to Field of Streams, winning last year’s Diet Mr. Pibb Field of Streams, Streamer of the Year Award (The Pibb family of products technically have no affiliation with Field of Streams). It is one of the highest honors a major league pitcher can achieve. Anyways, I has long been a fan of Niese, since he basically tends to just pile up quality starts. In fact, Niese has a quality start in nine of his last ten outings and that 3.63 ERA is nothing to sneeze at neither. Another guy with, well, not so great strikeout potential but a high ground ball rate that keeps him out of trouble. As mentioned above under the Bartolo Colon section, the Marlins offense is not exactly firing on all cylinders right now. In fact, the Braves are really the only thing preventing the Marlins from being the worst offense over the past two weeks. This one has streamy goodness written all over it!
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Brett Anderson, Dodgers (at Phillies) – Brett Anderson is certainly in the hunt for this year’s coveted diet Mr. Pibb Field of Streams, Streamer of the Year Award and with good reason. Anderson remains pretty widely available across the fantasy baseball universe despite a 3.29 ERA. Okay, okay, yeah, the strikeouts aren’t really gonna be there most outings, wins have been tough to come by and the ERA is a touch higher than you’d like. I somewhat understand the hesitance, but only somewhat. I mean, six of Anderson’s last eight starts have been quality and one of those non-quality starts was due to him leaving early due to injury. Plus Anderson has allowed two or fewer runs in 60% of his starts and more than three runs in just two starts this season. If you are wondering how Anderson stays out of trouble without Ks, well, check out the big ground ball rate on Brett! About two-thirds of balls in play against Anderson this season have been on the ground, which is always good for minimizing damage. Now, after reading this far you may have noticed that I have not been picking on the Phillies. Well, the reason for the that is the Phils offense has shown some signs of life lately. Signs of life be darned, I still like Anderson in this one.
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David Phelps, Marlins (vs. Mets) – I’ve picked on the Marlins a bit today, but now I will give them a tad bit of love. Well, not necessarily all of them, just David Phelps. Phelps has not allowed more than three runs in any of his last four starts; while only two of those were quality starts, he did manage to go at least five in all four starts. Generally I think a quality starts should be in the cards for Phelpsy and his ERA should stay around four, but as I have said before, that’s good enough for streamin’! Want more? Okay, I got ya covered. You should know by this point that the Marlins offense has been bad lately (maybe an understatement), but the Mets haven’t been too much better at the plate. The Metropolitans are 24th in the majors in both ISO and wOBA over the past couple of weeks and despite the addition of Cespedes I am still not sold on their current offense. This one could be shaky, but I think Phelps will give you some nice numbers.
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Jose Urena, Marlins (at Braves) – Jose Urena has not been on my radar for the most part, and judging by his ownership numbers he has not been on yours either. Well, Urena does post an ERA around four and generally strikes out very few batters so the lack of appearances on aforementioned radars is very understandable. Here’s something though: Urena has not allowed more than three runs in any of his last six starts, has only allowed more than two runs in just one of his last five starts and four of his last six starts have been quality. Overall, you won’t be seeing me recommend Urena much, but look at who he is facing. Yep, the Braves. The Braves offense is practically a gimme for starters these days – enter Jose Urena. Still may be a bit of a wild card, but I’ll roll with it!
.3% owned in ESPN, 0% owned in Yahoo!

Matt Wisler, Braves (vs. Marlins) – Haven’t we been through this already? The Braves have the worst offense over recent weeks and the Marlins are only a hair ahead of them. I like Wisler a bit more than Urena, and like Urena he will not get you strikeouts. In fact a lot of the relevant numbers are very similar. Wisler has not allowed more than four earned runs in any of his seven starts this season. Although he only has three quality starts, he has gone at least five innings in all but one start. My reasoning is basically the same for Wisler as it was for Urena, but I actually think I lean a bit more towards Wisler if I had to choose.
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That’s all he wrote. For real. Go on, get outta here, go stream!

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