Field of Streams logoI know you are eager to get to the good stuff, but you should know the drill by now, let’s check out how last week’s streamers fared. Spoiler alert, they fared pretty well. S

Seven streamers recommended this very space, last week at this time, took the hill this week and they went 3-3, with a 2.13 ERA, a .94 WHIP and a 7.87 K/9. I don’t need to tell y’all that’s none too shabby! Of course it wasn’t all kitten an rainbows. Nate Eovaldi, went only four innings, allowing four earned runs on eight hits, striking out just one batter, earning the poorest stream of the week. Roberto Hernandez was close to winning that prize but, alas, most of his five runs were unearned in his rough three innings against the Friars. But Stroman Candle and Hutch dominated the Cubbies balancing out those two starts.

Well, you’ve waited patiently enough, my loyal readers, here are your weekday streamers:


Marcus Stroman, Blue Jays (@ Orioles)- Here we go again. Stroman Candle still owned in less than half of ESPN and Yahoo! leagues. For those leagues where he is unowned, I would say, “yeah, I hate winning too.” In his last start, and yes, I admit it was against the Cubs, nine innings (that’s a complete game in case you are slow on the uptake), no earned runs (that’s a complete game shutout if you are slow on the uptake), three hits, no walks (that’s a .33 WHIP if you are slow on the uptake) and eight strikeouts (that’s a 8.00 K/9 if you are slow on the uptake)! Cubs or not, that is a heck of a start, my friends! As a starter this season Stroman has an ERA just a touch over three and a FIP below three. Stroman’s last three starts and ten of his last 14 starts have been of the high quality variety. Plus, young Marcus has thrown a complete game twice in his last six starts. Now, he has been a shade better at home, but the Orioles have yet to see Stroman, so advantage Stroman Candle!
(39.8% owned in ESPN, 38% owned in Yahoo!)

Jake Odorizzi, Rays (vs. Yankees)- Like Stroman Candle, Odoreater, has been given a cool nickname by yours truly and is also a Field of Streams regular. There are still some times where I would hesitate to throw Jake out there, but they are becoming few and far between. Odoreater is cheap way to get Ks, for darned sure, fanning over a batter per inning on the season. As you may or may not know, I love a nice K rate for a pitcher. Good strikeout pitchers have a better chance of working out of trouble since, ya know, the ball is put in play less. Now the strikeouts have not quite been there the last two starts, so maybe he is running out of gas as his innings mount, but I am not concerned yet. Okay, now, was Odoreater’s last start (also against the Yankees) a clunker? It was, it sure was. But here is the thing, in Odorizzi’s last four starts, he has allowed 14 runs. Not great, right? Right. But lookie here, all fourteen runs were in two road starts. In the two home starts he had in that four game span, he allowed no runs in 14.1 innings. Six of his last seven starts at home have been quality and his home ERA (2.69) is almost 3.5 runs better than it is on the road (6.06) The moral of this story is Odorizzi is good at the Trop and should bounce back against the Yankees.
(32.6 % owned in ESPN, 39% owned in Yahoo!)



Vance Worley, Pirates (vs. Red Sox)- Vance Worley has actually burned be quite a bit thus far, but call me a glutton for punishment, I am going with him again in what appears to be a good draw for Worleygig. Worley is neither an innings eater, nor a big K guy. Although he may be a Big K root beer guy? I know I am. But that is really neither here nor there. Worley is never what I would call the safest bet but, even though the Red Sox have somehow managed to be middle of the road offensively, lately, I still Like Vance in this one. Worleygig has had only one home start this season, that was not a quality start, so I like the odds of a QS, here.
(9.6% owned in ESPN, 14% owned in Yahoo!)

Colin McHugh, Astros (vs. Indians)- The McHugh ownership numbers are getting there, and he may not be able to appear in Field of Streams after this week, but my question  is why is he eligible, now? One, one, one, one, two, two, one, one. Those are the runs scored against Colin in his last eight starts, respectively. I mean, how do you let that sit on your waiver wire? All but one of those starts was quality and in six of those starts and if you are into that sort of thing, his FIP was 3.12 or lower in six of those starts. To me, right now, McHugh is a must start each time out.
(50.4% owned in ESPN, 50% owned in Yahoo!)



Nate Karns, Rays (vs. Yankees)- Nate “don’t call me Kim” Karns burst onto the scene with seven strong innings up in Toronto. Karns, who I may nickname Bette Davis Eyes, allowed no runs and struck out eight batters, while allowing a mere two hits and two walks. Karns had a 3.37 xFIP so might not be expecting that stellar of a start this time around, but you should still get some decent numbers. I mean, were you aware that over the past two weeks the Yankees are bottom third of the league in wOBA as well as runs scored? This is not Murderer’s Row the kid is dealing with, here. May be a gamble, since the sample size of major league numbers is miniscule, but hey, last weeks of the season, can’t hold anything back, now!
(0% owned in ESPN and Yahoo!)

Brandon McCarthy, Yankees (@ Rays)- Don’t like Karns in this game, go McCarthy. I have always been a fan of McCarthy and the numbers in Arizona were not telling the whole story. A change of scenery and a renewed use of the cutter is all McCarthy needed. Eight of McCarthy’s 12 starts as a Yankee have been quality and in only one start has he not pitched at least six innings, pitching into the sixth inning in all of those 12 starts. McCarthy ain’t flashy, but he will get you quality innings, which are of utter importance at this juncture of the fantasy season. Rays are no offensive juggernaut (although they did touch McCarthy up for four runs (two earned) in their last go ’round) so I like McCarthy in what should be a low scoring game.
(33.4% owned in ESPN, 38% owned in Yahoo!)



Kyle Kendrick, Phillies (@ Padres)- Thursday is rather bleak as far as streamers go, but if you have to stream, Kyle Kendrick may be your guy. Yes, Kendrick’s ERA is just under five and yes, his K/9 is just over five, but Kendrick draws the Padres at the Pet Shop, on Thursday. In Kendrick’s previous start against the Padres, in Philly, he allowed two runs, one earned, over six innings. The possibilities of an outing like that occurring again, seem fairly high as the Padres offense is back to its light hitting self. The poor Padres are bottom four in the majors in runs, OBP and slugging over the past couple of weeks, so all signs point to a good start for Kendrick.
(1.6% owned in ESPN, 3% owned in ESPN)


Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Happy streaming!

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Affectionately know by close friends as Willie Moe, Will is back living in Boston after brief, 11 year stint, in upstate New York. Will loves numbers and baseball, so it is no surprise that he has been addicted to fantasy baseball for over two decades. That’s right, Will was playing fantasy baseball since before the internet was providing up to the minute stats and standings, and you had to get your hands inky checking box scores in the newspaper.