Top 150 Players for Dynasty Leagues: Mid-Season Update

This is the third installment of the year for my Top Dynasty Players Rankings, and as always I thank you for reading! My (best) intention will be to maintain that frequency for upcoming seasons as player values are ever-changing. This list is a snap-shot today of how I would rank the best 150 players in baseball for dynasty leagues. If you are in the position of selling in your league, hopefully this list will give you some names you can target. While supply and demand should always dictate your trades, this list tries to equate values in situations where all things are equal, such as two rebuilding teams trading together.

I hope you enjoy.

Rank Pos Player Prev
1 OF Mike Trout 1
2 1B Miguel Cabrera 2
3 SP Clayton Kershaw 4
4 OF Giancarlo Stanton 8
5 SS Troy Tulowitzki 19
6 OF Andrew McCutchen 5
7 1B Paul Goldschmidt 6
8 OF Bryce Harper 3
9 SP Felix Hernandez 14
10 OF Yasiel Puig 23
11 1B Edwin Encarnacion 36
12 SP Chris Sale 46
13 1B Jose Abreu 64
14 2B Robinson Cano 10
15 SP Stephen Strasburg 11
16 3B Manny Machado 12
17 OF Justin Upton 24
18 SS Hanley Ramirez 17
19 1B Anthony Rizzo 102
20 SP Yu Darvish 7
21 1B Freddie Freeman 16
22 SP Max Scherzer 21
23 OF Carlos Gonzalez 18
24 OF Adam Jones 29
25 2B Anthony Rendon 77

Some big movement with the 1B rankings for dynasty leagues as Jose Abreu and Anthony Rizzo break into the Top 5 first basemen for dynasty leagues. Chris Sale moves up to the #3 SP overall, passing Tommy John recipient Jose Fernandez as well as Stephen Strasburg and Yu Darvish. Finally, Anthony Rendon is the other big mover in this group, taking over the second highest ranked 2B in baseball.

Rank Pos Player Prev
26 SP Adam Wainwright 30
27 SP Jose Fernandez 9
28 3B Evan Longoria 15
29 SS Xander Bogaerts 13
30 3B Kris Bryant 85
31 SP David Price 41
32 SP Madison Bumgarner 28
33 OF Carlos Gomez 66
34 SP Masahiro Tanaka 57
35 OF Jose Bautista 48
36 2B Jose Altuve N/R
37 SP Matt Harvey 38
38 OF Gregory Polanco 90
39 OF Billy Hamilton 121
40 SP Zack Greinke 50
41 OF George Springer 81
42 SP Sonny Gray 61
43 2B Jason Kipnis 34
44 OF Jason Heyward 26
45 SP Gerrit Cole 25
46 OF Jay Bruce 32
47 1B Chris Davis 31
48 SP Johnny Cueto 139
49 OF Byron Buxton 49
50 1B Joey Votto 20

In this second tier are some players that, quite frankly, I was wrong about (I don’t know why my wife thinks I can’t say that). I didn’t think Billy Hamilton could hit above .240, and assumed his value would be greatly limited as such. With a batting average over .300 since June, Hamilton is scoring runs while stealing bases; and at 23 years old, there will be many big years ahead. Jose Altuve is someone I left off my last list; he has no power and no real projection in his frame for more. What I didn’t expect was the increase in stolen bases. If Altuve can double his SB totals of 2012 and 2013 from 35 to 70, he becomes a top option at 2B and someone who, like Hamilton, can keep you at the top of your league in that category.

Rank Pos Player Previous
51 SS Addison Russell 80
52 SP Cole Hamels 70
53 3B Joey Gallo N/R
54 OF Yoenis Cespedes 60
55 RP Craig Kimbrel 59
56 3B Josh Donaldson 106
57 OF Oscar Taveras 39
58 SP Michael Wacha 52
59 SS Javier Baez 42
60 OF Christian Yelich 63
61 OF Wil Myers 33
62 SP Julio Teheran 54
63 SS Francisco Lindor 103
64 RP Aroldis Chapman 89
65 OF Jacoby Ellsbury 58
66 3B Nolan Arenado 108
67 2B Matt Carpenter 71
68 1B Brandon Belt 65
69 SP Corey Kluber N/R
70 SS Carlos Correa 83
71 SP Jon Lester 124
72 C Buster Posey 53
73 OF Nelson Cruz N/R
74 SS Ian Desmond 73
75 OF Ryan Braun 37

While Kris Bryant and Byron Buxton made the Top 50, this tier contains top prospects Addison Russell, Joey Gallo, Javier Baez, Francisco Lindor and Carlos Correa. Correa is the furthest away, and has the lowest ranking of these five, but he could very well be the best of the group. No matter which one you may target, you want one of these players anchoring your infield in the future.

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Paul Hartman

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Fantasy Baseball player since 1987. Creator of Fantasy Assembly, yet just fortunate enough to be a part of it.

30 thoughts on “Top 150 Players for Dynasty Leagues: Mid-Season Update”

  1. Good stuff Paul, not to mention a lot of hard work; Kluber and Rizzo certainly have made an impression this year.

    1. Thanks Chris. I wonder what % of winning teams will have owned one of those players this season. (I own neither in 5 leagues so that doesn’t bode well for my odds)

    1. Thanks Kevin…
      As you noted, there are some pretty big red flags with Singleton thus far, and I know I was hoping for better than a .180 AVG and a 37% K rate.
      I think the K rate will always be high (30%), but if he can hit 35 HR he should be a top 10 1B. Dunn isn’t a bad comp, but I don’t expect Singleton to average 40 HR over a stretch like Dunn did.
      I’d look for 30 HR, .250 AVG with a .360 OBP as a positive outcome for his average over his peak years. (so yeah, I like him)

  2. Great job, thank you……I know he is old and this a dynasty list, but David Ortiz is still a very good baseball player…..I think he has a couple years left in him.

    1. Thanks Speedy!
      I agree… Ortiz is awesome!! (and he’ll single-handedly win me one league this week)
      He gets short end of the stick in this ranking only because I don’t think he’ll be around long enough. Probably the toughest call I made. For next year: an excellent keeper!

      1. I know Ortiz was originally on this list. I agree he is a great player to have on your team, but considering he’ll be 39 next year, I’m not sure I’d be willing to take the chance. Cliff years can happen at any time.

  3. No Matt Adams? And how do you see Rafael Montero and Eddie Butler progressing over the next few years?

  4. Thanks for reading Alan.
    Matt Adams just missed the list (again).
    While the average is nice, I just can’t bring myself to include him. It’s the 2% BB rate ha, that makes him a lot less valuable in OBP or pts leagues.
    He’d be one of the next 10 (likely 5) listed though for me

  5. Great stuff as always, keep it coming!!
    Quick follow up, would you use the dynasty rankings as a keeper list tool for a league with standard scoring, no minor leagues and MLB player keepers only?

    I also noticed you had Cueto pretty high (injury risk and all) and Cliff Lee isn’t listed. With all of the shuffling that happens from one year to the next could you go into a year with Cliff Lee or players not listed high with the expectation of hitting big on your next quality keeper? (i.e. Alvute, Rizzo, Hamilton, any young SP and more).
    Maybe it’s best to line yourself up with the best set of Dynasty Keepers and if you hit it big it becomes a good problem to have?


    1. Thanks Max…. and great question.
      For these rankings I’m looking at overall production for next 5-10 yrs. That may not always line up with who is a better keeper for next year. Ie If you’ve got a window to win now, Lee over d’Arnaud makes sense.
      If you’re looking at even just 3 years from now, you get a much different answer. (Lee likely won’t be around)

  6. Love the list thanks!

    Would you drop Keuchel in a dynasty where I’m second to last for an arm that’s not on your top 150? They’re all taken unfortunately.

    I’m thinking Meyer or Gray? I would add Owens but he’s not in Yahoo database sadly.

    12 teams, we’re setting up our minor league system over the off season so every minor leaguer you carry costs you a pick in our minor league draft (I’m holding Bryant/Correa/Baez so far).

    1. Hard not to like what Dickerson is doing. He’s in a great ball park, he’s young and contributes some of everything.
      The problem is he often sits against lefties and he doesn’t perform on the road. Now, he’s young enough to warrant some enthusiasm over his long term outlook, but I probably would have him closer to the 200 range. For daily lineups, he can be a great boost to your team though.

  7. I’m starting to think about my team for next season. It’s a keeper league (points), we can keep up to 9.

    for sure guys:

    I have Myers and Polanco. Myers obviously is having a soph slump year + injury. Polanco had cooled after a hot start, but is picking it up again of late. Do I keep both? If not, who do you like better long term? I guess Polanco, based on the rankings above. We have 3 OF slots plus a UTIL, so I could keep all 4 OFers and be in good shape. I can also wait and see how they do over the rest of the year.

    I also have Desmond and Carpenter, both of whom have been solid, but not great. Desmond is #8 SS in my league, Carp is #5 at 2B. Both are borderline keepers, I’d say.

    Other pitchers I’d consider keeping include Cole and Stroman.

    I’m interested to see how Cole comes back, but he’s been a bit of a disappointment. Stroman has been really impressive so far.

    I also have Fister and Cobb. Fister is consistent, but lower K’s make him more of a borderline keeper. I’m looking for another ace to leave in every week to pair with Kershaw. Though after looking at Fister’s game log, he is pretty solid and dependable.

    Thx for your thoughts.

    I’m in the playoff hunt right now, so I’m considering if I should try to move someone I think I might not keep for an upgrade for this season. I might be able to flip a Myers or Polanco to a non contender.

    1. If you can get a piece to help you win this year, I’d flip Myers.
      You have enough talent to keep that it won’t be a big loss for you in the future (and he likely won’t help too much this yr)
      Polanco on the other hand will help you this year and long-term I like him a little more. If he could bring back an ace right now, I might consider it, but not for less than that.
      Good luck and thanks for reading

      1. I agree with what Paul had to say. In addition, while you see Desmond as a borderline keeper, with 9 keepers per team (and assuming 12 teams), he’s a great player to own. Two straight 20/20 season and he’s on his way to a third. He’s ranked 8th because of his slow start and diminished average, but he finished second last year so don’t dismiss him. There may be some very good talent on the horizon at short, but until they arrive and prove themselves, stick with Ian.

        Carpenter you can probably let go IMO. Very good for a second baseman, but I would want better from someone playing third.

        I would definitely keep Cole to pair with Kershaw, he’s that future second ace you were looking for.. Cobb is good, but I don’t think keeper good. Stroman, I’m not really sure what to think of him yet. I don’t see him being an ace, but he could eventually be a number 3 guy. As for Fister, he is a solid pitcher but like you said, the lack of K’s drag down his value. The move the NL increased his value, but his ERA has been up and down throughout his career (even is Seattle). I’d expect the ERA to go back to the low to mid 3’s next year which makes him look a little more ordinary. Still a good pitcher to own and someone worth holding for another year if you have no better options, but he’s also someone I think you can get back or replace.

  8. Hey guys, great article….LOVE keeper rankings.
    how do you all feel about Wheeler? I was offered him and Seager (little bro) for MadBum in a keeper.

    also do you all think that Kris Bryant is going to turn out to be great? Personally love the power he had displayed. Was offered Bryant and Ryu for Kershaw as well.

    Thanks! Daniel

    1. Personally I wouldn’t do either trade. I like Wheeler but I don’t put him in the same category as Bumgarner. Corey Seager is a great young talent and he could turn out to be good enough to make this trade worth it, but the key word is COULD be. He’s done well in A ball and while he has done well so far in AA, it’s in limited at bats and it’s in a hitters league. So far in 70 at bats for the Lookouts he only has 2 walks. That may fly in the tiny parks he calls home, but it won’t work in the majors. Not to mention it will be several years before you even find out if your investment paid off, and think of the damage Bumgarner could do for you during that time.

      It’s a bigger no for the second trade. If you are going to deal Kershaw for any kind of prospect, you better be getting a big ML ready player in addition to that prospect. Bryant could be great, but just like with Seager, it’s only COULD. There is no guarantee so that other player you are getting with him better be on par/a notch below Kershaw in value. Ryu is a good pitcher, but he’s 8th/9th round value. Not the return I would look for if I’m trading away Kershaw.

      I’d hold on both until/unless that other person is giving me something better than Wheeler or Ryu in addition to any prospect.

        1. *guess not guys. Ha
          I am in first but am struggling with dealing away Bryant and his huge potential. Plus, Kershaw I get through the 2016 season & Bryant I would get through 2019…

          1. If you’re the one getting Kershaw in the second deal, take the money, Run, and don’t look back. There will be other Bryant’s in the minors next year

  9. Did I miss Sterling Marte or did he not make the list? the reason I am interested was because I was going to offer (In a dynasty points league) Polanco and Marte for Mccutchen. 2 pirate outfielders for one. I currently have in the outfield polanco, marte, bryce harper, wil myer, mike trout, g stanton, and alcantara. we are required to have 5 and after thye trade I would have 6 instead of 7. The guy really needs points in the outfield with mccutchen and david murphy both being injured. what do you think of offering polanco and marte for mccutchen?

    1. Thanks for the question William.
      I like Marte but he may be what he is. A good speed source, but not a lot else. The K rate is the biggest reason he didn’t make the list.
      Now Polanco I believe will be special. That swing is a thing of beauty…. Saying all that, if I can turn an 8 (even with potential for more) and a 5 into a 10 player, I’m usually making the move. In your case with your depth, I’m all over that trade. (provided it doesn’t wreck any chance you have this year).
      A smart trade…might help both sides down the road if Marte can get on base at a higher clip.

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