2014 Consolidated Top 200+

We have done all of the positional ranks, except RPs, (will be posted Friday) and now we are ready to post our top 200+ overall. Each member of the Fantasy Assembly team put their lists together and ranked their top 200 players for 2014. You will find a total of 260 players listed in this piece along with links to the positional lists if you seek some commentary on individual players.

As you might expect, there is a ton of variance throughout the list. Pay close attention to some of the players listed on page three who were only ranked by one or two of us. Some of these players could emerge as sleepers to target in the late rounds of your draft.

Before we get to the list, here a couple nuggets of information to keep in mind when reviewing our ranks:

– Player eligibility will vary from league to league, but the position listed by each player’s name is indicative of the Fantasy Assembly rank lists the player is included on.

– Players eligible at multiple positions were ranked assuming they would be used at the scarcest ones. Rest assured, Joe Mauer would not appear at #86 if he was a 1B only.

As always, we encourage discussion in the comment section. Feel free to ask why we have certain players ranked where they are. Here are the ranks, enjoy:

Player Position Tommy Jim Paul Peter Kevin
1 Mike Trout OF 2 2 1 1 1
2 Miguel Cabrera 3B/1B 1 1 2 2 2
3 Andrew McCutchen OF 4 3 4 3 4
4 Paul Goldschmidt 1B 3 4 3 8 3
5 Robinson Cano 2B 5 6 6 4 7
6 Clayton Kershaw SP 7 7 5 13 5
7 Carlos Gonzalez OF 6 5 15 6 8
8 Hanley Ramirez SS 8 22 7 5 10
9 Troy Tulowitzki SS 15 9 10 9 12
10 Adrian Beltre 3B 11 17 9 7 14
11 Edwin Encarnacion 3B/1B 9 12 17 14 11
12 Chris Davis 1B 10 16 20 11 6
13 Adam Jones OF 13 8 18 22 9
14 Ryan Braun OF 16 10 27 12 15
15 Yu Darvish SP 23 19 8 17 19
16 Prince Fielder 1B 12 13 12 32 17
17 Joey Votto 1B 14 14 14 21 24
18 Bryce Harper OF 18 21 13 26 20
19 Freddie Freeman 1B 17 18 16 24 26
20 David Wright 3B 19 25 32 10 18
21 Evan Longoria 3B 25 23 19 20 22
22 Jacoby Ellsbury OF 24 11 34 30 13
23 Jason Kipnis 2B 20 27 35 15 16
24 Giancarlo Stanton OF 22 32 11 28 34
25 Adam Wainwright SP 30 24 33 23 25
26 Dustin Pedroia 2B 26 15 24 40 31
27 Ian Desmond SS 39 20 50 16 23
28 Yaisel Puig OF 35 36 29 19 33
29 Felix Hernandez SP 38 31 23 27 37
30 Justin Upton OF 46 33 28 29 27
31 Jay Bruce OF 27 26 21 36 53
32 Carlos Gomez OF 21 35 56 44 21
33 Jose Bautista OF 36 30 22 55 42
34 Madison Bumgarner SP 33 47 36 33 43
35 Jose Fernandez SP 37 50 30 34 41
36 Cliff Lee SP 34 34 57 39 28
37 Max Scherzer SP 29 57 26 51 32
38 Alex Rios OF 41 45 58 25 30
39 Stephen Strasburg SP 45 39 25 56 35
40 Shin-Soo Choo OF 28 52 44 48 36
41 Matt Carpenter 2B/3B 60 48 31 18 54
42 Jose Reyes SS 44 28 51 74 29
43 Buster Posey C/1B 62 41 45 35 45
44 Eric Hosmer 1B 31 60 38 65 38
45 Jean Segura SS 43 51 43 42 55
46 Albert Pujols 1B 32 38 37 84 50
47 David Price SP 53 54 49 49 40
48 Ryan Zimmerman 3B 49 40 57 66 48
49 Matt Holliday OF 40 42 71 46 62
50 Chris Sale SP 51 59 48 67 39
51 Justin Verlander SP 48 43 52 90 44
52 Craig Kimbrel RP 55 49 60 57 59
53 Wil Myers OF 61 62 39 59 65
54 Matt Kemp OF 54 29 54 60 98
55 Hunter Pence OF 42 61 90 52 51
56 David Ortiz DH 65 94 55 43 47
57 Manny Machado 3B 72 44 42 50 97
58 Allan Craig 1B/OF 50 56 85 47 71
59 Jason Heyward OF 52 70 40 54 93
60 Elvis Andrus SS 56 46 119 53 46

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The Fantasy Assembly Team

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A combined effort of the greatest fantasy sports minds money can buy. Maybe that is an exaggeration..... but it sounds good.

18 thoughts on “2014 Consolidated Top 200+”

  1. What do you think about using your league’s (cbs sports h2h) A.D.P. trends as your guide when to draft players? After all, isn’t it about getting the best value for your picks.

    1. For me, I use the rankings here and from other sites as a guide to a players value, but when it comes o the draft I use the sites ranks as the determining factor. Because each site values players differently, they will appear in different spots in the rankings. A player that might be highly regarded on one site may be ranked 30 or 40 spots lower on another, so odds are I can select that player a few rounds later. Granted you run the risk of someone reaching lower in the rankings to grab your guy, but it’s a calculated risk I choose to take.
      I would use the ADP rankings from the site I’m drafting on, but use the information from the other sites to gauge when is the right time to reach. Using this method should give you an edge over your competition.

    2. J,

      Gerrit Cole is a player that both Paul and I are very high on. I have him ranked as a top 60 overall player and I am happy to reach a little for him.

      That being said, if I am drafting on ESPN where he is ranked in the high nineties, I am not going to take Cole in the 5th round of a 12 team league, even though I think his production will warrant it. I will look him up in the 7th or 8th where I can get a better value. If somebody reaches before that point, then they are taking the value out of the “sleeper” pick and I will adjust and take the next guy on my list.

      As for drafting a player who I don’t necessarily need just because he is the best guy on the board, I think sometimes it is a good strategy to make decisions like that. Every draft decision depends on multiple variables, but like Jeff Quinton preaches, you aren’t likely to draft the best possible team if you are unwilling to weigh all possibilities for each and every pick.

      Sometimes a need trumps a great value, but other times the value is simply too good to pass up.

  2. So if we’re , say, in the 12th round of our draft and there’s a player on the board who, according to the ADP ranking should have been taken in the 7th round, would you take him? What about even if you didn’t need that position player? Thanks!

    1. Yes and No. I’ll answer your question with an example from my draft on Sunday where on of the teams wasn’t present and it auto-drafted the highest ranked player at the time. Starting in round 11, the players picked from him going by ADP were Starling Castro, Alfonso Soriano, C.C. Sabathia, Chase Headley, Matt Wieters.

      Soriano was ignored most likely because of age and C.C. for diminished numbers and velocity, but both would have made good choices based upon ADP. Castro in round 11 wouldn’t make sense to me as he is a risk and at this point there are still worthy safer players with just as much or more upside available. I’ll ignore Headley since I’m a hater and can’t give an unbiased opinion here, but Wieters may or may not make sense depending on the amount of catchers still left on the board (in this case it was the wrong move).

      Castro and Soriano lasted 2 rounds longer than their ADP, and C.C. Headley & Weiters all lasted 3 or more rounds longer. So to answer your question, it all comes down to who the player is, what is the risk involved and are there any other players available that can produce like them. Just because a player has a high ADP doesn’t mean he is the best player, he may be getting drafted where he is due to upside or name recognition. You just have to use your best judgment and analyze each one case by case/round by round.

  3. Gentlemen, thanks for great advice! What about players that are currently hurt ie. Iwakuma, Minor, Medlin, Castro. Do you monitor where they are being taken according to ADP and draft accordingly? Thanks, just found your website a couple of months ago…awesome and informative info!

  4. Thanks J!

    I am not afraid to draft injured players, but you need to be compensated appropriately for the risk. Each case needs to be weighed individually. Shoulder and elbow injuries are especially worrisome.

    1. Agreed. Someone like Iwakuma might lose a round missing the first 2/3 weeks, but an injury like Medlen, I might just cross him off my board all together as there will be several good players available in the rounds he would be chosen.

  5. Better keeper to pair with Jose Fernandez in round 12…
    Pence in 6th. Boegarts in 11th. Or Profar in 11th?
    My head says Pence but my heart sees upside…
    Love the site, always a great read!!

    1. John,

      I take Pence in the short term, but Bogaerts for the long term. He and Fernandez together could be an awesome duo to build around. I think Bogaerts actually presetns a better value, because Pence is a 5th round pick in most drafts. Bogaerts should go well before the 11th in any keeper league.

  6. Thanks John for the question and kind words!
    You got one vote for Bogaerts from me! I put Pence #3 after Profar as well.

  7. Love the site and all the advice from you and the fellas…obviously since I’m back…

    My main league is that 12 team H2H points keeper league but a buddy needed a guy for his 12 team 6×6 redraft league. So…how did I do considering I’m pretty a roto score rookie?

    C – Weiters
    1B- AGon
    2B Prado (3B/OF)
    3B Longo
    SS Evereth Cabrera
    OF – Trout
    OF Bruce
    OF Pence
    IF JJ Hardy
    Utility Morneau 1B
    SP King Felix
    SP Cain
    SP Wacha
    SP J. Masterson
    SP Gee
    SP Bradley
    RP Grilli
    RP Chisek

    OF C. Calhoun
    OF Rajai Davis
    C Wilson Ramos
    RP Nate Jones
    2B/SS Brad Miller

    2 questions…How’s the squad look overall and
    if A. Bradley ends up at the N/A spot to start the season, which SP should I pick up on waivers? Y. Ventura, R. Delgado, H. Santiago, Feldman, or Porcello?


    1. Hey John, appreciate you coming back and am happy you like the site. Second question first. I’m anticipating Bradley getting the start (I grabbed him in 1 league and am waiting for waivers in the other 2). If he does start the year in the N/A slot, I’d go with Ventura but don’t get too attached. Santiago or Porcello could be just as good so monitor them. If one of them looks to be the better choice, don’t hesitate to swap them early.

      As for your team, the hitting is solid. I think Calhoun will be in your utility spot over Morneau if he starts off hot. Also Ramos should be starting over Wieters. You’re lacking in speed, but in H2H you can afford to slack in this category if you’re strong in the other 4. I like your top 3 for pitchers, Masterson is a decent & Bradley could be a strong player, but you need a little depth after that (as you know because you’re looking to pick up pitching)

      You only have 3 OF slots so I think you can afford to trade one of them; Pence would be my choice as he most likely won’t repeat last years numbers but has a high value because of them. Also Rajai Davis is nice guy to have for roto but in H2H, he’s a 1 trick pony that could hurt you more often than not most weeks. Maybe try packaging each one of these guys with one of your current shortstops, second baseman or pitchers for an upgrade. For Davis you might be able to get a decent closer (a Bobby Parnel type). Pence could get you a Matt Cain/Mike Minor type pitcher or packaged with Hardy/Prado/Cabrera could get you a top SS/2B player. Trading Pence isn’t a move you have to make, so only do that if the deal is right.

      I threw Cabrera’s name in there as he is an all speed guy, and you don’t have much speed besides him. Brad Miller could be just as good so trading Cabrera for a pitcher or closer might be an option for you as well.

      If you can’t trade Davis, he is a safe drop in H2H and you’re better off with the extra pitcher or spot to stream pitchers from. 2 catchers aren’t really necessary, especially if guys like Miguel Montero, Yan Gomez & A.J. Pierzynski are out there. If they are, I might drop one of them for a pitcher.

      You’ve got a solid team with some good trade pieces, and unlike roto you don’t have to worry about falling behind in a category. With a few moves and wise waiver moves throughout the season, you should easily make the playoffs and have a real shot and going to the show. Good Luck.

      1. I’m just going to piggyback on Jim’s answer. (I like it)
        But…Ventura, Bogaerts and Castellanos are my 3 favorites for AL ROY. I don’t think he should be on any waiver wires at this point. I’d snatch him up as quickly as you can. Like Jim says, you can drop him later if needed…I don’t think you will though!

  8. I think you should keep Bradley and drop either Wieters or Davis (or both) for Ventura.

    Wieters has very little trade value since he is a low end starter, but I actually prefer Ramos. Similarly, I do not think you could get anything of value in return for Davis, and you really do not need him. With Trout and Cabrera locked into your line-up, the last thing you need is a speed only OF.

    I would drop Davis for Ventura and consider dropping Wieters for another SP, although none of the options listed really appeal to me (maybe Porcello).

  9. Thanks for all the advice fellas. Definitely going to look into grabbing Ventura if he locks up that 5th starter role in KC if Bradley goes to the minors. I grabbed Rajai Davis in the 23rd to maybe package with another if anyone who was light on steals wanted to explore a trade I figured with Dirks out for a while in Detroit, Davis may get some heavy playing time early and I can pull off a sell high on his steals. I tried to take some power early, some balanced guys in the middle, and wait a little after my 2 big SP’s. Is like better closers but if Grilli can get near what he was early last year is be thrilled.
    Thanks for all your detailed responses. You guys are seriously the best site for that. Other places give a quick response and no real reasoning. Totally appreciate it. I’m coming back for more advice after my points league draft on the 29th, so be ready!!

    Actually know what? Quick warm up… 12 team h2h points keeper league
    Braun or Fielder with the 8th pick?
    Also wins are 10 points so pitching is a big deal. Think I can hold out till rd 3 before I take my first stud? I’m good with about 7 or 8 guys as a top notch SP 1. Or will it be better to start the run in the 2nd rather than possibly be at the end of that run in the late 3rd?

  10. Thanks John!

    Seriously though, I agree Davis has value, but it could take you weeks to work out a deal. The other option is to drop Wieters. Both are good players likely to be picked up, but neither is likely to help your team as much as a high upside pitcher would.

    Ventura was just named the 5th starter today, so you need to act ASAP to get him.

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