Top 50 Players Under 25

More than five months ago the first list I published here was my Top 25 Under 25. It was an ambitious undertaking really, not only because there are so many great young players in baseball, but because it was my first post in this exciting new venture at Since that time, 46 other ranking lists have been done here by our crew!!

That very first list included only players with mlb time, but for this list I included minor league players, with a little extra weight given to their proximity to the major leagues. In essence, this is my Top 150 dynasty leagues with only players under 25 listed, using April 1, 2014 as the cut off date. Ages listed are as of that date.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Rank POS Name Comments Age
1  OF Mike Trout Best player on the planet. If 30/30 isn’t enough, add a .430 OBP.  22
2  OF Bryce Harper Before his injury in 2013, he was at 300/400/600. Just 21, he could approach that.  21
3  OF Giancarlo Stanton Biggest power threat in the game. If he hits 40 home runs, no one will bat an eye.  24
4  SP Jose Fernandez Maybe the best rookie pitcher since Dwight Gooden, should strikeout 200 in 2014.  21
5  3B Manny Machado Don’t forget he’s just 21! Power will develop ,be patient with this awesome talent.  21
6  SS Xander Bogaerts First of the elite young SS prospects, likely the best as well. Power and average.  21
7  1B Freddie Freeman Best young 1B in the game. 300/400/500 surrounded by a great lineup.  24
8  OF Yasiel Puig Awesome power and speed combination. I think the hype is 90% justified.  23
9  SP Gerrit Cole Already an Ace. Wrote about him HERE.
19  OF Jason Heyward In the 2nd half he hit 300/400/530. If he can stay healthy, that’s his talent level.  24
11  1B Eric Hosmer Speaking of 2nd halves: 320/380/470. 25HR power with .300 AVG with 10 SB.  24
12  SP Madison Bumgarner He keeps getting better. K rate increase pushes him among games best arms  24
13  OF Wil Myers Very good power, resembles a young(er) Jay Bruce type.  23
14  SS Jean Segura Just 1 HR in the 2nd half; don’t count on 10+, but 40SB with good AVG and R.  24
15  OF Oscar Taveras If he can stay healthy, he’s an all-star outfielder with power and plus contact skills.  21
16  2B Jurickson Profar Could very well be the best 2B in baseball from 2015-2024. Nice power/speed mix.  21
17  SS Javier Baez I don’t care where he ends up, this kid is special. Power will be insane at MI.  21
18  OF Byron Buxton Excellent speed, developing power; he’s the complete CF package.  20
19  SP Michael Wacha One of the best change ups in baseball, could produce top 25 SP value.  22
20  SP Julio Teheran High FB rate keeps him from the elite arms, but a lot to like with his K/BB rate.  23
22  SP Sonny Gray Wrote about him HERE. He’s a future Ace.  24
22  SP Shelby Miller Excellent K rate, pitches for a great team. HR rate is going to be a concern.  23
23  OF Christian Yelich Squares up everything with loud contact. Future 20/20 guy. I’m very bullish.  22
24  SP Danny Salazar Ridiculous strikeouts with excellent control. Could breakout, but durability is concern.  24
25  SP Taijuan Walker Shoulder concerns mean we may get nothing in 2014. Side note: even bursitis sucks!  21
26  SP Noah Syndergaard One of the best pitching prospects; high 90s, excellent change. Should debut in 14.  21
27  RP Trevor Rosenthal RPs with 100Ks are just about my favorite thing ever.  23
28  2B Anthony Rendon Breakout Alert. Developing power, very good hit tool with hard contact.  23
29  3B Miguel Sano Phenomenal Cosmic Power but TJS means a lost 2014.  20
30  SP Archie Bradley High 90s heat, every bit the ace once control is fine-tuned  21
31  SS Addison Russell Made it AAA at 19 yrs old. Excellent power/speed at SS. Debut to come in ’14?  20
32  OF George Springer Yes, I’m still concerned about the K rate. Power/speed tough to ignore though.  24
33  SS Carlos Correa Power, speed, OBP all displayed at 18 last year. Future all-star. Easily.  19
34  3B Kris Bryant May become one of the game’s best power 3B. Will strikeout, but will be worth it!  22
35  SP Matt Moore No matter how good his stuff may be, he needs to throw strikes. High ceiling.  24
36  OF Gregory Polanco Excellent speed with gap power for now. Good BB/K rates. Exciting young talent.  22
37  SS Andrelton Simmons Excellent contact hitter with some pop and speed. Expect better AVG.  24
38  SP Zack Wheeler If he can control his walks, he’s got the arsenal to be a top-level SP.  23
39  SP Kevin Gausman Doesn’t appear to have a SP role in 2014. Expect high K with excellent BB rate.  23
40  1B Anthony Rizzo Excellent power and BB rate. If that AVG comes up, we’ve got a top 10 1B.  24
41  SS Francisco Lindor Good speed, excellent contact hitting SS. Can be a table setter at top on lineup.  20
42  3B Nolan Arenado Gap power with excellent contact rates. Expect HR power to increase.  22
43  SP Drew Smyly High K rate, high GB rate, consistent delivery. Everything you want in a young arm.  24
44  SP Carlos Martinez Role is yet undefined, but the stuff is incredible.  22
45  SP Tony Cingrani Could very well have best K rate in the game. Long-term does he need another pitch?  24
46  SP Dylan Bundy High 90s heat, excellent makeup with 3 other pitches. Future looks bright!  21
47  3B Nick Castellanos Great hit tool with gap power. Makes a lot of hard contact.  22
48  3B Brett Lawrie The talent is there with a good power/speed combination. He’s still a kid!  24
49  OF Billy Hamilton Game changing speed for reality and fantasy. Ranking reflects doubt about hit tool.  23
50  SS Starlin Castro Expect a bounce-back from this young SS. K rate limits ceiling.  24


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9 thoughts on “Top 50 Players Under 25”

  1. Not a huge fan of Segura, Wacha or Rizzo. I can see Bundy being a bust. Didn’t see Gray or Franco. I’m also sold on Franklin. I personally would have Hamilton in the top 10, yes I think that guy is going to be a stud, he walks enough and he is going to have so many infield hits cause speed dont slump, im thinking .270 and 80 sbs

  2. How bad of a mistake did I make trading goldshmidtt for stanton in a keeper? I love power hitters though, so im fine with it and I think goldy is not a .300 hitter but more a .280

    1. Stanton has already voiced his displeasure with losing so I don’t see him being with the Marlins past 2016. A friendly home field with a decent offence behind him and he could very well be worth more than Goldschmidt in the long term, but short term I’d rather have Goldy. Was it a mistake, no; but it’s not something I would have done.

  3. I am amazed that Heyward and Bumgarner are only 24 years old, seems like they have been around longer.

  4. I go bonkers for artilcles/lists of young players like this. Well done…fun read. Surprised to see Smyly rank about such talents as C-Mart and Bundy. It actually made me look into him more and propose a trade in my dynasty league for him.

  5. Thanks Vecch. Some might say I’m a little bonkers for young players… we’ll likely get along really well ha.
    I do really like Smyly…Tiger fan or not :)… what we lose in 2014 (innings limit) we gain in the RP eligibility. Good luck with the trade. It’s a good time to try to acquire him!

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