Top 100 Players for Dynasty Leagues

There is an incredible amount of elite talent in the major leagues, as well as in the minors right now. I tried, with this list, to look at who would be the best from both groups over the next 7 years, based on major league production. So, for example, while Springer may be ranked higher than Correa here, I do not believe that Springer is the better prospect. I simply believe Springer will put up better major league production from 2014-2020 based on having more MLB time accumulated. Is 7 years an arbitrary figure? Absolutely. I could have said the “Over the Next 5-10 Years” and come up with very similar results but with more room for interpretation. Perhaps that would have given me more wiggle room to defend my choices! Ah, next time! I hope you enjoy the list. Thanks for reading.

1. Mike Trout

2. Miguel Cabrera

3. Clayton Kershaw

4. Bryce Harper

5. Andrew McCutchen

6. Yu Darvish

7. Paul Goldschmidt

8. Robinson Cano

9. Jose Fernandez

10. Gioncarlo Stanton

11. Steven Strasburg

12. Freddie Freeman

13. Manny Machado

14. Yasiel Puig

15. Felix Hernandez

16. Evan Longoria

17. Xander Bogaerts

18. Gerrit Cole

19. Carlos Gonzalez

20. Joey Votto

21. Chris Davis

22. Max Scherzer

23. Justin Upton

24. Adam Wainwright

25. Troy Tulowitzki

26. Hanley Ramirez

27. Adam Jones

28. Adrian Beltre

29. Ryan Braun

30. David Price

31. Prince Fielder

32. Eric Hosmer

33. Justin Verlander

34. Madison Bumgarner

35. Buster Posey

36. Miguel Sano

37. David Wright

38. Matt Moore

39. Jason Heyward

40. Jose Reyes

41. Byron Buxton

42. Edwin Encarnacion

43. Matt Harvey

44. Jay Bruce

45. Matt Kemp

46. Wil Myers

47. Jason Kipnis

48. Jurickson Profar

49. Shelby Miller

50. Oscar Taveras

51. Cole Hamels

52. Jean Segura

53. Michael Wacha

54. Jacoby Ellsbury

55. Matt Carpenter

56. Jose Bautista

57. Christian Yelich

58. Javier Baez

59. Dustin Pedroia

60. Chris Sale

61.  Annibal Sanchez

62. Craig Kimbrel

63. Matt Cain

64. Ian Desmond

65. Carlos Gomez

66. Jordan Zimmermann

67. Aroldis Chapman

68. Zack Greinke

69. George Springer

70. Zach Wheeler

71. Sonny Gray

72. Addison Russell

73. Elvis Andrus

74. Taijuan Walker

75. Allen Craig

76. Mike Minor

77. Cliff Lee

78. Josh Donaldson

79. Carlos Santana

80. Albert Pujols

81. Ryan Zimmerman

82. Gio Gonzalez

83. Yadier Molina

84. Yoenis Cespedes

85. Billy Hamilton

86. Carlos Correa

87. Homer Bailey

88. Jedd Gyorko

89. Julio Teheran

90. Masahiro Tanaka

92. Kris Bryant

93. Shin-Soo Choo

94. Noah Syndergaard

95. Austin Jackson

96. Starling Marte

96. Archie Bradley

97. Anthony Rendon

98. Francisco Lindor

99. Domonic Brown

100. Kris Medlen

HM:   Nolan Arenado, Tony Cingrani, Alex Cobb, Travis d’Arnaud, Jonathan Singleton, Adrian Gonzalez, Kevin Gausman, Pedro Alvarez, Wilin Rosario, Jose Abreu


Feel free to raise questions and disagree with the ranks. I can also be found on twitter @fantasyassembly

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17 thoughts on “Top 100 Players for Dynasty Leagues”

  1. Ha! Nice catch Paul. It was my subtle tribute to Alfredo Aceves. No really, I just missed it likely in my last revision.
    Slide everyone up and add….. drum roll…. Nolan Arenado. I really him for points leagues at least in the next couple of years. Great hard contact at a premium position and I’ll hope the results match.
    Thanks for reading.

  2. I don’t. I still look at him and see a very talented player. Realistically though, he’s not a future star that many (including me) projected. At just 23 years old, he still has plenty of time to become fantasy relevant again though. 10-15 home runs 15-20 stolen bases would still be a nice outcome for any shortstop really, and he’s certainly capable of that.

  3. Given what we saw from Michael Wacha in the playoffs (granted, small sample size), you believe his production over the next 7 years will be less than older, injury prone players like Matt Kemp and Jose Reyes?

  4. I obviously really like Wacha, but I’m not quite ready to vault him up after just a dozen starts. In a brand new dynasty league, I’d take Kemp and Reyes ahead of him presently. My guess is next year I may not feel the same way. I’m not high on Kemp for 2014, but he obviously has tremendous talent. As far as Reyes, I’ll take the high end SS over the pitcher most days.
    If Wacha can continue to produce K/IP with a whip at 1.00, he’s going to skyrocket up this list by the all-star game even. Just tough to put him higher so soon vs established top talent. Thanks for reading Craig

  5. Thoughts on Trevor Rosenthal? Do you think he’ll ever get another shot at starting or is he destined to remain in the closer’s role if he has success there?

  6. Hey Craig, thanks for reading.
    I really think Rosenthal is going to be one of the game’s top closers. I’d be surprised if St.Louis moves him back to the rotation. a) never easy to lose an elite closer (see Chapman) and b) they have so many starting options
    Injuries can happen and a rotation can go up in smoke really quickly, but I think he’s a closer long term, and a darn good one.
    I’ll be updating this list this month and he’ll be sure to be a part of it!!!!!

  7. No chance for me. Miggy should have went 2!! 🙂
    New updated top 150 list for dynasty leagues will be up this week!!
    Thanks for reading

  8. Only asked because in the Dynasty Guru Experts draft Harper went #2. If that happens in my draft I just wonder how many elite years does Cabrera have left and Goldy seems like a younger version of him in a hitters park with added protection in lineup and some steals. Harper over Goldy?

    1. I saw that as well. Not a move I’d have made…but I do have Harper 3 on my list…can’t fault a guy for wanting the young guy I suppose. I’m not sure we’ve even seen the best of Cabrera though…I can’t justify knocking him off spot 2 let alone 3.

    2. I would take Goldy at 3 for sure and I would consider him ahead of Miggy. Miggy has plenty of productive years left, but Goldschmidt can be a cornerstone for 12 years +.

      I think Harper would be 4th on my list, but I could not justify taking him ahead of Goldy either. With Harper we are hoping for what Goldy has already done.

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