Consolidated Keeper Rankings for Third Base

Each week, the Assembly will put together their positional rankings for keeper leagues. We are looking at player values for 2014, 2015 and 2016. These rankings are more of a middle ground between Jim’s 2014 Rankings  and Paul’s Dynasty Rankings, which represent the next 5-7 years. For your standard keeper leagues, these are your best rankings to gauge your Third Base values.

Our 6 experts, with 135 years combined fantasy baseball experience, each ranked the Third Base position, and here is the results:

Rank Player Jim Tommy Kevin Peter Jimi Paul
 1  M.Cabrera 1 1 1 1 1 1
 2  E.Longoria 2 4 2 4 4 3
 3  D.Wright 3 3 4 3 2 5
 4  A.Beltre 4 5 5 2 3 2
 5  M.Machado 5 2 3 5 6 4
 6  R.Zimmerman 7 6 7 8 5 6
 7  J.Donaldson 10 8 6 6 7 7
 8  P.Alvarez 11 7 8 7 8 8
 9  K.Seager 6 11 10 12 9 11
 10  C.Headley NR 12 11 9 11 9
 11  P.Sandoval 14 15 19 13 12 13
 12  M.Prado 19 9 13 NR 10 14
 13  T.Frazier 9 18 17 11 16 17
 14  B.Lawrie 15 13 15 19 13 15
 15  N.Arenado 13 16 18 17 17 10
 16  A.Ramirez 18 10 14 18 NR 19
 17  C.Johnson 17 NR 12 10 14 NR
 18  W.Middlebrooks 8 20 20 16 NR 18
 19  M.Dominguez NR 14 16 NR 15 NR
 20  M.Sano 20 17 19 NR NR 12
 21  M.Moustakas 16 19 NR 15 20 20
 22  T.Plouffe NR NR 14 18 18 NR
 23  C.Asche 12 NR NR NR NR NR
 24  K.Bryant NR NR NR NR NR 16


1. Miguel Cabrera, DET

PETER: He deserves a tier all to himself

JIMI: Top of the list at 3B. No question about it.

2. Evan Longoria, TB

TOMMY: Not a huge Longo fan, but he is the safest of the second tier 3B options and he is young enough to be near elite for years to come.

PETER: Average will be just that, but 30 homers, 90+ runs and 90+ RBI.

3. David Wright, NYM

JIM: Potential 20/20 player with 3 good years left in him before a possible decline.

KEVIN: Will never be that truly elite player, but very solid.

4. Adrian Beltre, TEX

PETER: 30 HR, 0.300 average, 100 RBI, 90 runs, oh, and he plays every day.

JIM: Loses a few spots because of age, but holds his spot until he declines.

5. Manny Machado, BALT

TOMMY: His knee injury is a concern, and he is not expected to be ready opening day. Don’t let a month on the DL force you to miss owning this kid for the next 5 years +. He is a young, fast rising stud. His 2014 production will not be as good as the next 3 or 4 options, but the future upside on top of strong 2013 production warrants this ranking.

KEVIN: Biggest risk in top-5 due to lack of track record, health for start of 2014, but man, what upside.

6. Ryan Zimmerman, WASH

JIM: Shoulder issues make him a risk, but he’s a second half stud.

PETER: If he gives you 140 games, he will give you 25/90/90.

7. Josh Donaldson, OAK

KEVIN: I like him, but the BA won’t stick that high; expect more .280 going forward.

TOMMY: Donaldson came out of nowhere to emerge as the A’s most consistent hitter this year. Some regression should be expected, but don’t let him fall too far.

8. Pedro Alvarez, PIT

KEVIN: The power is legit, but BA hurts too much for 5×5 leagues.

TOMMY: Elite power, but will be a BA drain. At age 27, there is still hope for some improvement, but that won’t happen without better contact rates

9. Kyle Seager. SEA

JIMI: After 2 full seasons, can look for .260-.270 BA, 20-25 HR, 70-80 RBI in 2014.

PAUL: 20 HR and 10 SB is nice. I don’t see much else though.

10. Chase Headley, SD

PAUL: Looking for a bounce back year. 15+ HR, 35 doubles. Not elite again, but solid production.

JIMI: Big time drop off on all his numbers makes him a gamble to draft before 10th round.

11. Pablo Sandoval, SF

JIMI: Fell well below 2013 projections. Look for about the same numbers in ’14.

JIM: Slowly eating his way out of position and is on his way to being full time DH.

12. Martin Prado, ARI

TOMMY: Solid production without a ton of category juice can be expected again in 2014. He is a safe low end option.

KEVIN: Where the heck will he play? Regardless, he doesn’t produce great numbers.

13. Todd Frazier, CIN

PETER: His batting average fell off a cliff in 2013 but 19/59/70 are averages over past 2 seasons, with a couple steals as well.

JIM: His history says he’s much better than what we saw in 2013.

14. Brett Lawrie, TOR

JIM: Has been disappointing but is too young and talented to give up on just yet.

PETER: Don’t forget he will only be 24 next season, certainly capable of 15/15.

15. Nolan Arenado, COL

PAUL: Don’t expect big power numbers, but he should do well in points leagues. Just 22 years old.

PETER: May be a case of a better actual baseball player than a fantasy player.

16. Aramis Ramirez, MIL

TOMMY: He is getting older and he is injury prone, but he can still rake. When healthy, he is a top 5 option at 3B.

KEVIN: Good for very short-term planning, but you’d better have a backup.

17. Chris Johnson, ATL

KEVIN: The BA might come down, but with a secure job maybe he nets a few more HR.

PAUL: Lots of strikeouts, little power. Don’t pay for last year’s AVG.

18. Will Middlebrooks, BOS

JIM: Should round out into a solid choice for third base

KEVIN: There’s a chance for improvement, but I’m not sure I’m biting.

19. Matt Dominguez, HOU

JIMI: Showed real good power, but BA is a concern.

TOMMY: At age 24, with all the tools, he is an excellent sleeper pick. His BA has been a liability, but his minor league numbers suggest he is capable of doing better.

20. Miguel Sano, MIN

PAUL: Elite power prospect, could see time in 2014. More likely he sets world on fire in 2015.

JIM: Still in the minors but only a matter of time before Trevor goes Plouffe.

21. Mike Moustakas, KC

JIMI: There’s still hope for his future. 2014 could be last chance to prove it.

TOMMY:  He has shown flashes in the past, and he clearly has the talent. Can he put it all together?

22. Trevor Plouffe, MIN

PETER: He has great power, but injuries have kept him from reaching his full potential.  Factor in Miguel Sano knocking on the door, and Plouffe will have to produce and stay healthy to keep his job in 2014.

JIMI: Another streaky hitter, looks better as backup for fantasy team.

23. Cody Asche, PHI

JIM: Doesn’t have Arenado’s upside, but his bat is a little more major league ready.

24. Kris Bryant, CHC

PAUL: The future at 3B of the Cubbies. Should whip through minors and be ready by 2015. I’ll take 2 years of him over 3 years of those below him.

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