Fantasy Forward: Nelson Cruz going nuclear of late

It’s easy to overlook the production by Nelson Cruz the last four seasons since he reached a new level in Baltimore in 2014, but he’s maintained it the last three years in Seattle. In fact, Cruz seems to be one of the more underrated power hitters in this time frame despite hitting 118 home runs […]

2017 Kicker Rankings

This week we wrap up our fantasy football positional rankings with a look at the position we all love to hate – Kickers. Join Andy Germani, Tommy Landseadel, Joe Mica, Dan Marcus and Neil Schnurbach as they help you prepare for your rapidly approaching football drafts. Kickers are the redheaded stepchild of fantasy football. They […]

Your Fantasy Football Guide To Tearing It All Down and Rebuilding

Two weeks ago, I wrote my first article for Fantasy Assembly talking about trade targets for rebuilding and contending teams. However, I didn’t delve into what exactly a rebuilding team looked like compared to a contending team. Today, I will explain the difference between the two and outline what to do if you’re team does […]

Death of the Starting Pitcher

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening — whichever is applicable to you. The timeline of someones life is constantly being updated. Two months ago my family and I attended a destination wedding for my nephew. Each day was filled with countless laughs and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, small increments along the […]

New Way of Calculating Strength of Schedule for 2017

Both NFL and Fantasy experts can be critical of the typical strength of schedule (SOS) rankings that are calculated each season because it measures teams based on last year’s win-loss records. Proponents of the SOS counter that it may at least put a spotlight on certain skill players who may have to face tougher defenses. […]

Fantasy Baseball Police Podcast: New York Mets edition with Adam Rubin

Welcome to a special edition of the fantasy baseball police. Join your host Mike “the Cop” (@Miketh3cop) as he discusses the state of the New York Mets with ESPN, New York Post, and Daily News analyst Adam Rubin(@AdamRubinMedia). Programming note: there were audio issues during the first minute but that was quickly corrected so stick […]

What’s going on with Dansby Swanson

It’s pretty rare to see a first overall pick get traded before his first offseason is up, in any sport, but that’s exactly what the Diamondbacks did in one of the more peculiar trades not just in 2015, but over the past few seasons. They key piece back, Shelby Miller, has been pretty terrible in […]

You’re Drafting the Wrong Sleeper

Every draft season there are players who are “sleepers” that every single expert in the industry touts. By the beginning of the season, these players go from “sleepers” to overvalued due to all the hype they have received. This article will cover two different pairs of teammates, one of which is being drafted with a […]

Fantasy Stock Watch: Week 20

If anyone has player requests this year, leave a comment. I’ll write them up for the next week or respond below. Eddie Rosario – I’ve liked him for several seasons, but a lack of playing time and the inability to put everything together has forced him to develop slowly. However, he has made important steps […]

Minor League Report: The final stretch

We are already halfway through August. And while that is awesome for those of us in playoff races, us prospect people have less than a month of regular season minor league baseball left. We do have the Arizona Fall League to look forward to, but in many leagues add drops are closed by then and […]

2017 Football Rankings

2017 Defense/Special Teams Rankings

2017 Defense/Special Teams Rankings

This week we continue our fantasy football rankings rundown with a look at the Defense/Special Teams units. Join Andy Germani, Tommy Landseadel, Joe Mica, Dan Marcus and Neil Schnurbach as they help you prepare for your rapidly approaching football drafts. All of our rankings assume standard scoring: 1 point for each sack 2 points for […]

Daily Recap

Fantasy Forward: Max Scherzer to the disabled list

Fantasy Forward: Max Scherzer to the disabled list

While the daily fantasy players tried to decide between Corey Kluber and Max Scherzer on Friday, the decision became an easy one when Scherzer landed on the disabled list with left neck inflammation. Due to the Nationals pending break in the schedule, it makes sense to give Scherzer time to get healthy and rested before […]

Minor League

The Great Debate: Rhys Hoskins vs Dominic Smith

The Great Debate: Rhys Hoskins vs Dominic Smith

This past week two of the premier prospects in baseball got called up. Rhys Hoskins and Dominic Smith. If you had either one you were ecstatic. If either was available in your league you most likely ran to your computer to add one of them. This sparked the great debate in fantasy this week and […]