The Closer: Week 5

We’re back for another edition of The Closer. Per usual, there are plenty of bullpen shakeups to discuss as well as a few non-closer relief pitchers that could be useful in your league. While some of the messy closer situations have seemed to work themselves out, such as the Cincinnati Read more

The Closer Report: Week 1

It’s been a weird start for bullpens in 2017. While spring training answered some of the closer questions we had coming into the season, plenty still remain. As of April 7, we have three official “closer by committee”  situations with the Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Angels and Cincinnati Reds. Although Read more

Catcher Tiers

Catcher is the least flashy and productive of the offensive positions. ADP reports suggest a few eager owners will likely reach and spend a fourth to sixth round to secure one of the top two players. The fantasy pundits will tell you to wait and find value later in your Read more

Relief Pitcher Tiers

You can’t win your fantasy league with a strong bullpen alone, but you can absolutely lose it with an awful one. Getting this position wrong means watching your ERA and WHIP race skyward, one blown save at a time. Saves are vitally important to winning your 5×5 fantasy leagues. The Read more