Readers League

All Leagues are now full. A special thanks to all participants – good luck to all of you. Come back next year if you missed out on our 2017 league.

Points (ESPN-10 team) FULL: with Mike Sheehan amd Dan Marcus

Roto (CBS-10 team) FULL: Already Drafted.

H2H (Yahoo-12 team) FULL: With Jim Finch and Josh Coleman

52 comments on “Readers League

  1. I’ll take one of the ESPN teams

  2. I’d like a spot in the ESPN points league. Thanks.

  3. Roto CBS 10 team if there are still openings.

  4. Id like a spot in cbs league

  5. Hi. I would like the CBS league if available.

  6. Would be interested in the Yahoo H2H

  7. I’d like a spot in the Yahoo H2H league if there is still room.

  8. I would be interested in the yahoo league if it is still available

  9. I would be interested in the yahoo league if a spot is available

  10. CBS roto please

  11. CBS roto as well

  12. I would like to join the yahoo league

  13. Jim, I was in BigD’s “Best of the Board 2″Yahoo last few years. BigD is not doing any teams this year (bummer). Loved competing vs you guys because it was hard! Like to join your H2H Yahoo! league.

  14. Jim, use this email address. Thank you.

  15. i would like to join the yahoo league

  16. Never heard of Fantasy Assembly, but came across it randomly looking for Closer info. Seems to be a lot of good stuff here. I’m interested in joining the ESPN Points League.

    • Hopefully you found what you’re looking for. If not, feel free to ask.

      I forwarded your email address to Mike. If you don’t receive your invite by Thursday just reply back here.

      • Got the invite, in the league, thanks. The closer info I was looking for was regarding which “bottom-tier” RP’s I should start the season with. I waited in an auction league (standard roto) until I had only enough to spend $1 for each & got Neris, J.Johnson & Bedrosian. Since then I picked up Kintzler, dropping Max Kepler. The Mike Sheehan article said to avoid Neris & Kintzler, but target Barraclough, who is available along with J.Gomez , N.Jones & Street. Do you think I should make any moves?

        • I think Neris should be the closer at some point, but I wouldn’t rule out Benoit getting the first shot. The same goes with Capps in SD provided he’s healthy. I love the strikeout ability of Baraclough. I think he could have a Betances type impact, and while I can see Ramos getting the hook at some point, there’s no guaranteed – just hopeful speculation on everyone’s part.

          Me, I would keep my eye on Holland. Ottavino isn’t guaranteed to close or succeed, and he to is coming off Tommy John.

          Also, keep Sean Doolittle, Jake Barrett and Corey Knebel on your watch list – all could get a shot at closing some time this year. And watch the Pittsburgh situation. Watson should get the job, but Daniel Hudson is still in the mix.

          So to answer your question, hold on to Neris, keep Bedrisian and Johnson for now (but be prepared to replace on or both by midseason), dump Kintzler, and then throw a dart.

          Street is the Bedrisian handcuff, He’ll be out for a month with his back so hold off here. Gomez (and his bad ERA/WHIP) is only an add if you’re desperate for saves. Jones & Barraclough are good for ratios/K’s, but no guarantee they’ll close. Decent placeholders and rather have either over Gomez/Kintzler. I would take Holland (if available) over either since he at least has a shot at opening the year as closer.

          • Decided to take Jones (dropping Kintzler) in part due to Robertson trade rumors, but will keep a close eye on Colorado situation regarding Holland. Appreciate it!

          • Jones is good for ratios and K’s; that at least helps in roto. The only downside is you’ll be waiting until July for the trade (same thing with A.J.Ramos)

  17. Espn points league please

  18. sign me up for ESPN

  19. I think I’m a little late to the party, but I’m interested in any league I can join, preferably Yahoo H2H.

  20. I’ll do that h2h league with you Jim

  21. Any openings left for the ESPN 12-team weekly league?

  22. Thanks Jim!

  23. I don’t see an invite yet. Thanks.

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