The Art of Trading

The fantasy baseball trading deadline is quickly approaching.  For those of you with an early deadline that has come and gone, you can bookmark this article for a later date.  For the rest of you, I’d like to take some time to discuss trading.  Over the years I’ve had some Read more

The Anti-Waiver Wire Report

All year I have discussed players you should pick up.  Everything from one week wonders, newly promoted prospects, speculative closer grabs, etc..,  You name it, I’ve listed it.  Today I’m going to take a reverse approach and examine some highly owned players that should be making their way to the Read more

Waiver Wire Report

I hope you all enjoyed your little breather during the all-star break.  Some of you walked away from your team to rest your brains while others used that time to catch up on some much-needed football research.  I used to do the latter, but after 8 years (give or take) of Read more

Two Starts: Too Many?

Something of which you learn to be mindful quickly when beginning to play fantasy baseball is how scheduling can impact how you set your lineup/rotation and even how you change the composition of your roster. As far as batters are concerned, for those slots in your lineup which are not Read more