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The Pitfalls of “The Guys Who Got Me Here”

Posted by: Joseph Mangano Far be it from me to denigrate a virtue as noble and special as loyalty. In fact, as it relates to the game of baseball and other sports played professionally, as fans, a number of us could probably stand to see more of it between players and clubs. Seemingly gone are […]

When in Doubt, Don’t Sub Out

Posted by: Joseph Mangano We’ve all been there before when trying to set our starting lineup.  On one hand, we have a stud player pitted against a tough pitcher.  On the other hand, we have a more marginal starter seemingly blessed by the fantasy gods with an advantageous match-up.  Assuming we’ve only room for one […]

Deadline Day: Dynasty Rebuild Targets

When evaluating trades in dynasty leagues, it is impossible to consider them in a vacuum. Perspective must always be taken into account, be it a winning or losing team, league size, minor league roster size, scoring system, roster construction or ultimate championship window. For example, a team built to maintain a sustained challenge at the […]

The Art of Trading

The fantasy baseball trading deadline is quickly approaching.  For those of you with an early deadline that has come and gone, you can bookmark this article for a later date.  For the rest of you, I’d like to take some time to discuss trading.  Over the years I’ve had some good offers come my way, […]

Two Starts: Too Many?

Posted by: Rob Adams Something of which you learn to be mindful quickly when beginning to play fantasy baseball is how scheduling can impact how you set your lineup/rotation and even how you change the composition of your roster. As far as batters are concerned, for those slots in your lineup which are not fixed […]

Blown Saves and Bad Outings: The “Death and Taxes” of Fantasy Baseball Pitching

Posted by: Joseph Mangano Those of us who watch sports are well-versed in the inevitability of injuries every year.  Football, in particular, is rife with minor to major ailments on a week to week basis with grown men running at full speed crashing into one another, such that teams must disclose injuries on a weekly […]

Streaming Hitters

Posted by: Peter Waterman In fantasy baseball, owners often take some heat from fellow owners when they elect to “stream” pitchers.  Streaming is the act of essentially adding and dropping an entire rotation on a daily or weekly basis to maximize the number of starts and innings your pitching staff can amass.  The theory behind […]

Reassessing SP Value in Light of TJS Increase

Odds are if you have more than one fantasy baseball team, then you’ve already had a pitcher go down with Tommy John surgery this season. Heck, even position players like top prospect Miguel Sano have had it in 2014, so it’s getting really hard to avoid it. It’s bad enough that MLB teams have to […]

Team Bullpen

So your draft strategy was to load up on hitters and then concentrate on filling out your staff later with some stable arms along with some high upside young pitchers.  Unfortunately those arms you were counting on went earlier then you expected and the sleepers you thought would fall to the later rounds were snatched up right […]

A Review of “Winning Fantasy Baseball” by Larry Schechter

There aren’t a lot of books written about fantasy baseball. There are plenty of annuals that can help you prepare (Bill James Handbook, the Baseball Forecaster, Baseball Prospectus), but in terms of full-length books, they’re few and far between. The last one that I thoroughly enjoyed was Fantasyland, by Sam Walker. Now, nine-time champion Larry […]

Behavioral Strategy for Fantasy Baseball

Posted by: Jeff Quinton This article probably should have been my first at Fantasy Assembly because it explains why I write about psychology as it relates to fantasy baseball.  A couple months tardy, but its importance still remains. I write about behavioral strategy and psychology as they relate to fantasy baseball to help us (humans) […]

Crafting your Fantasy Baseball Portfolio

Posted by: Peter Waterman We have probably all faced this dilemma at one point or another during our fantasy baseball playing days. A friend of yours sends you an email saying he has an opening in this great league and wanted to see if you were interested. You hardly take a look at the league […]

Fantasy Pitfall Triple Play

Posted by: Jeff Quinton Buckle up everybody; we’re taking on three decision-making phenomena in one article today.  For those scoring at home, that’s 200% more phenomena than usual.  Might as well get yourself a seltzer and take a seat because what fallows is something to chew on. On tap today are (i) what you see […]

Fantasy Pitfalls: Narrow Decision Framing

Posted by: Jeff Quinton Every time we make a trade, draft a player, or pick up a player on the wire, we do so to maximize our chances of winning in either the short or long term.  Despite all of our best intentions, we often fail to achieve our goal.  So why do we make […]

The Rebuild Part Two: The Draft and In Season Management

Doing a total rebuild is one of the greatest achievements of fantasy baseball. If you’ve been successful in competitive leagues and are ready for a new challenge then taking on a new team and rebuilding is what you need to do in 2014. Can you turn nothing into something great? In the first part of […]

Fantasy Baseball 101

OK class, settle down and take your seat.  My name is Mr. Finch and I want to welcome you to Fantasy Baseball 101.  If you’re looking for Fantasy Baseball 102, you can register in the classroom at the end of the hall. If you’ve never played or only recently started playing fantasy baseball, you’ve come to the […]

The Rebuild Part One: Pre-Season

Fantasy baseball is a wonderful game! If you’re new at it, you can join any of thousands of free leagues with any type of format you like. As you start to dominate these leagues over time, you’ll find that you become attracted to larger leagues. Keeper leagues and dynasty leagues are your next step with […]

Projecting Prospects: What to make of makeup

Posted by: Jeff Quinton One of the best parts about the offseason is evaluating new or available prospects for dynasty and keeper leagues.  We all probably follow similar processes; read the prospect lists from BA, BP, and Sickels, then project those players based on how they fit into our league rules.  Now we have websites […]

The Roto-Advocacy Effect: A bias towards our own reasoning

Posted by: Jeff Quinton You have been there, I know you have.  The situation where, for whatever reason, you are stuck defending something that you are not particularly passionate about, but by the time the argument is over, you feel more strongly about the position than you had before the argument started.  This is the […]

Building a Fantasy Ace

Being a middle relief pitcher is a thankless job.  You pitch maybe 2 to 3 days a week for an inning or two and if you do your job well enough, nobody will ever remember your name.  Give up a costly hit or blow a lead for your team and people will remember your name […]