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Imprisoned by the Ranks

Imprisoned by the Ranks

What I’m about to tell you is probably not going to make any sense, but I am going to say it anyways. You may not appreciate it; you may not even like it, and it might not even make any logical sense. That doesn’t change the fact that it may be true. Selling low and […]

Predicting Value: Wheeling and Dealing

Predicting Value: Wheeling and Dealing

Opening day has finally arrived and baseball season is underway! Now that you have your team ready to go it’s time to actively try to find any edge you can over the rest of your league. But how? Well, I thought I would try a somewhat unique approach to how you may be managing your […]

Why SPs are more valuable in Points Leagues

Why SPs are more valuable in Points Leagues

Over the last two weeks, my articles have focused on taking advantage of default rank lists. Most default rank lists are constructed and fantasy advice dispensed with 5×5 roto scoring in mind. The thing is, the average points league plays far different from a category league. Perhaps the biggest difference between points and category formats […]

Fantasy New Year’s Resolutions

In the spirit of making resolutions that people don’t usually keep beyond six weeks anyway, I thought I’d post my goals for the next year. These range from draft strategies to players to general fantasy. (1) I will not give away too much MLB talent in order to acquire Cubs prospects. This one is turning […]

Commissioner’s Corner: Spring Cleaning

Commissioner’s Corner: Spring Cleaning

Fantasy Football is officially over so it’s fantasy baseball time. Owners will begin compiling their rankings, planning draft strategies and gleaning over the winter transactions. Those in keeper leagues will start mulling over their options for 2015 and narrowing down their potential keepers. Dynasty league owners will be working on keepers as well as attempting […]

Scoring Changes: On Base Percentage over Batting Average

Back in the day when fantasy baseball was in its infancy, the standard 5×5 categories many leagues still use today seemed like a good thing.  Well times they are a changing.  Stats have evolved over the years, especially with the introduction and advanced use of sabermetrics throughout our real and fake teams.  So if things have […]

A Few Thoughts About K/9

K/9 is a statistic that has become very important to fantasy owners when evaluating pitchers.  As more and more category leagues either use innings limits or simply substitute K/9 for Ks, a pitcher’s overall strikeout total seems almost irrelevant without the context of how many innings it took for said pitcher to accumulate those Ks. […]

Visions of 20/20 now 15/15?

Yesterday our Fantasy Assembly team released the Composite Top 60 Dynasty/Keeper Rankings for Outfielders heading into the 2015 season.Something that’s quite evident from our rankings is a favoritism towards outfielders who offer a nice mix of power and speed potential. At the conclusion of the 2014 season there were five players who reached at least 20 home […]

Nobody likes a Quitter

At the end of last season I wrote an article about assessing your team after the season to see where things went wrong in an attempt to help you improve next year.  With the exception of the players mentioned, everything I said is still completely relevant so I suggest you give it a read.  Even if […]

The Pitfalls of “The Guys Who Got Me Here”

Far be it from me to denigrate a virtue as noble and special as loyalty. In fact, as it relates to the game of baseball and other sports played professionally, as fans, a number of us could probably stand to see more of it between players and clubs. Seemingly gone are the days when athletes […]

When in Doubt, Don’t Sub Out

We’ve all been there before when trying to set our starting lineup.  On one hand, we have a stud player pitted against a tough pitcher.  On the other hand, we have a more marginal starter seemingly blessed by the fantasy gods with an advantageous match-up.  Assuming we’ve only room for one of the two options, […]

Deadline Day: Dynasty Rebuild Targets

When evaluating trades in dynasty leagues, it is impossible to consider them in a vacuum. Perspective must always be taken into account, be it a winning or losing team, league size, minor league roster size, scoring system, roster construction or ultimate championship window. For example, a team built to maintain a sustained challenge at the […]

The Art of Trading

The fantasy baseball trading deadline is quickly approaching.  For those of you with an early deadline that has come and gone, you can bookmark this article for a later date.  For the rest of you, I’d like to take some time to discuss trading.  Over the years I’ve had some good offers come my way, […]

Two Starts: Too Many?

Something of which you learn to be mindful quickly when beginning to play fantasy baseball is how scheduling can impact how you set your lineup/rotation and even how you change the composition of your roster. As far as batters are concerned, for those slots in your lineup which are not fixed resting spots for your […]

Blown Saves and Bad Outings: The “Death and Taxes” of Fantasy Baseball Pitching

Those of us who watch sports are well-versed in the inevitability of injuries every year.  Football, in particular, is rife with minor to major ailments on a week to week basis with grown men running at full speed crashing into one another, such that teams must disclose injuries on a weekly basis in terms of […]

Commissioner’s Corner: Dead Teams

Commissioner’s Corner: Dead Teams

Dead Teams!  This is a common problem, and one almost every fantasy owner has experienced. Owners (for whatever reason) stop paying attention to and managing their team. There are a number of reasons this can occur, but the end result is the same in each scenario – the team goes into a freefall toward the […]

Streaming Hitters

In fantasy baseball, owners often take some heat from fellow owners when they elect to “stream” pitchers.  Streaming is the act of essentially adding and dropping an entire rotation on a daily or weekly basis to maximize the number of starts and innings your pitching staff can amass.  The theory behind this is that the […]

Reassessing SP Value in Light of TJS Increase

Odds are if you have more than one fantasy baseball team, then you’ve already had a pitcher go down with Tommy John surgery this season. Heck, even position players like top prospect Miguel Sano have had it in 2014, so it’s getting really hard to avoid it. It’s bad enough that MLB teams have to […]

Team Bullpen

So your draft strategy was to load up on hitters and then concentrate on filling out your staff later with some stable arms along with some high upside young pitchers.  Unfortunately those arms you were counting on went earlier then you expected and the sleepers you thought would fall to the later rounds were snatched up right […]

Scoring Changes: Saves+Holds over Saves

A few months ago I wrote an article lobbying for a change in the basic 5×5 scoring method, substituting quality starts for the outdated wins category.  Today I’d like to discuss another change that could not only improve things, but would level the playing field and add some extra value to some of those little […]