How Francisco Cervelli became elite

How Francisco Cervelli became elite

After reading the title of this article, the answer to my hypothetical question may seem a little obvious. But if I were to ask you who the best catcher was (not named Buster Posey) over the 2015 season, you would probably be surprised to hear Francisco Cervelli as such a player. Lauded over his minor […]

Devil’s Advocate: Catchers

I’m sure you have read this somewhere along the way; don’t waste an early draft pick on a catcher. It is a sentiment shared by many people in the fantasy community, including yours truly. In theory this is true, there are a number of worthy catchers that can be had in the mid to late […]

d’Arnaud Your Catcher Values

Ah yes, the ever fickle catcher position. The amount of proven consistency at the backstop slot, for fantasy purposes, is not all that great. Well, maybe I am overstating that. There is not a ton of proven good consistency. I mean who are the studs at catcher entering 2015? Posey’s a given, of course, but how’s about […]

My Catchers in 2014: A Look Back

The Fantasy Assembly crew has covered all the bases (or maybe just home plate) with catching options from 2014 to 2015. It’s certainly a volatile group of players regarding their value, almost as bad as closers and saves. Will your catcher be one of the lucky few to net 500 AB? Do you need two […]

Draft This, Not That: Catchers

Draft This, Not That: Catchers

This will be the start of a series of write ups that focuses on early ADP data to find where similar statistical gain can be had significantly later in drafts which will allow you to maximize upside with your earlier picks. On Friday, our Fantasy Assembly crew will unveil our 2015 Composite Rankings for Catchers. […]

Loving Martin, Hating on Rosario

In this series, I will be taking a tour around the diamond for in-depth looks at players who I value differently than the market consensus. Expert ranking lists are not worth the paper they are printed on without analysis as to why players are ranked where they are. Since the featured players in this column […]

A Fantasy Look at the Padres’ Christmas Presents

Merry Christmas to all the San Diego fans! You’ve got plenty of presents to unwrap this year, and odds are there will be more on the way as soon as this post goes live, meaning I may have to write a second part before January is over. Normally the spirit of Christmas says that it’s […]

Birds of Prey: Jay’s strike

I always thought blue jays were rather timid and docile creatures.  Who knew they had such a killer instinct? Perhaps that killer instinct is a regional mutation affecting only Toronto’s Blue Jay population – a form of natural selection brought about by 20+ years of postseason absence. Whatever the case while the real birds were […]

Waiting Game: Every Position Compared

Waiting Game: Every Position Compared

If you’ve been reading my Waiting Game series (check the bottom of the page for links to each position), you’ve seen me break down the difference between the tiers at every position, particularly the top-5 compared to the rest of the field. Now, it’s time to put it all together and compare the differences of […]

Devin Mesoraco: At the Crossroads

Finally out from under the scrutinizing thumb of Dusty Baker, Devin Mesoraco was given a chance to shine in 2014 and had a breakout season.  He ended the year ranked 3rd in Yahoo, 3rd on ESPN’s player rater and 5th on CBS for overall points among qualified catchers.  Pretty good value for one of the last catchers […]


So here you are, early autumn, obviously poring over your fantasy baseball rosters wondering who is worth keeping, who over performed, who underperformed, etcetera, etcetara. But ya know what?  I have a feeling you don’t want to do that all by your lonesome, am I right?  Of course I am! (Just play along.)  So that’s […]

Waiting Game: Comparing Catcher Tiers

Waiting Game: Comparing Catcher Tiers

Method This series goes position by position, comparing the average production you get out of the top 5 ranked, the next 5 players, and so on. We’re looking for where the value of players starts to drop, so that you can see how long you can wait on a position and what kind of hit […]

2015 Catcher Bounce Backs

Unless your league has some rule where catcher statistics count double in comparison to the rest of the players on your roster, this is a position where you should allow your league mates to get the advantage on you. Well, perceived advantage anyway. Yan Gomes, Devin Mesoraco, Dioner Navarro, Evan Gattis, and Russell Martin were […]

Searching for Value in Redraft Leagues

With each new draft comes a new opportunity and a new challenge. Often times the biggest challenge is determining when to follow your gut or when to follow your brain with player selection.  There are many players that pique each owner’s interest.  Some are from your favorite team, some are players that have done you […]

The Trends of Three

We are a couple of weeks in from the start of many fantasy baseball drafts and from that we can see some trends that can be looked at from a fantasy perspective.  This week I’ll look at three guys you should probably avoid followed by three guys who you should look up when the draft is in […]

Dollar Drafts: Catchers

In a perfect world, we would end up with great players at each position, but because of league format, the skill of our opponents, the nature of relativity and competition, or all three, this does not happen.  In fact, in an AL or NL only keeper league, we are often faced with the reality that […]

Reader Requests: Hitter Seasons Analyzed, Part Two

Here are the remaining hitters that people requested be analyzed. If there are any more requests, I’ll be happy to add a third part to the series. Chris Davis What’s not to like about 50 HR? Well, a 30% HR/FB doesn’t seem likely to repeat. However, he did manage to raise his FB% in 2013 […]

Hitter Split Performances Analyzed — Part Two

Last week I looked at some hitters whose profiles in the second half showed a positive outlook for 2014. This week I’m going to look at a few players whose split seasons indicate some red flags for into next season. Mark Trumbo His BA was terrible, but part of that was due to a very […]

Is Evan Gattis Fantasy Relevant?

Evan Gattis burst onto the scene in 2013 a virtual unknown to fantasy players and Braves fans alike.  He hit 12 home runs in close to 140 at bats the first two months and had fantasy owners clamoring that Atlanta should trade McCann.  Who was this kid, where did he come from, and could he […]

Why You Shouldn’t Play Your Catcher Eligible Stud at 1B

It usually happens innocently enough. You really covet that elite catcher on draft day so you invest heavily in Buster Posey, Joe Mauer or Carlos Santana and because of how the draft flows, you never really get the right value on an elite first base option. You then whiff on your mid-round selection of Ike […]