Trade Tyler ________

I have tended to have a bit of a pitcher lean in these columns as there has been no shortage of interesting pitchers this year.  In a preseason where many analysts were saying to invest heavily in pitching, there have been tons of serviceable and even breakout arms.  Hopefully you Read more

Buy & Sell Stud Edition

This edition of “Buy & Sell” is coming at you from a oceanside beach in Aruba.  The sound of the ocean is a nice backdrop to figuring out how we’re going to wiggle our way up the standings at fantasy.  Maybe it’s the blue water, but I’m dreaming big. Let’s try Read more

Buy and Sell

Welcome back for another session of buy and sell.  So far we’re doing pretty well with the recommendations and hope you’ve been able to capitalize.  It’s definitely getting to be “do or die” time as well. Executing a good trade could potentially save your season or maybe even put you Read more

Buy Low Bats

Another week gone by and another opportunity to buy low and sell high.  Teams might be starting to get really desperate and may even be in flat-out sell mode if it’s a keeper or dynasty format.  Below are some guys that I think are worth targeting Cesar Hernandez I regret Read more

Old Guy Buy Lows

Hope you listened to me last week and dealt Johnny Cueto as an appointment with Dr. James Andrews is rarely good news.  I feel like I’ve had a bit of an SP bias so far this year given my affinity for analyzing pitchers.  To help even that out, here are Read more