John Piper

Spring Training SP Battles

Starting pitcher is by far the deepest of all the positions to fill during a fantasy draft.  Every Major League team has 5 starters that can throw down 25 to 35 starts a year.  Generally, each fantasy team will have 6 to 7 starting pitchers on their roster.  This means that 70 to 85 big league starters […]

Two Position Battles with Potential Value

Spring games are a week in and it is time to look at position battles that will affect the fantasy baseball world.  There are many that I could have wrote about two weeks ago.  For example, the NYY 3B spot was up in the air since the Alex Rodriguez suspension announcement, but at this point it looks […]

The Trends of Three

We are a couple of weeks in from the start of many fantasy baseball drafts and from that we can see some trends that can be looked at from a fantasy perspective.  This week I’ll look at three guys you should probably avoid followed by three guys who you should look up when the draft is in […]