Jeff Quinton

Reality to Fantasy (Prospect Lists)

While the start of baseball season is certainly the most wonderful time of the year, right now can aptly be described as a wonderful time of the year.  It is that time of year when all of the big guns (, BP, ESPN, etc.) release their top 100 or top 101 or top integer-near-100 prospect lists.  […]

Behavioral Strategy for Fantasy Baseball

This article probably should have been my first at Fantasy Assembly because it explains why I write about psychology as it relates to fantasy baseball.  A couple months tardy, but its importance still remains. I write about behavioral strategy and psychology as they relate to fantasy baseball to help us (humans) be more successful fantasy […]

Fantasy Pitfall Triple Play

Buckle up everybody; we’re taking on three decision-making phenomena in one article today.  For those scoring at home, that’s 200% more phenomena than usual.  Might as well get yourself a seltzer and take a seat because what fallows is something to chew on. On tap today are (i) what you see is all there is […]

Fantasy Pitfalls: Narrow Decision Framing

Every time we make a trade, draft a player, or pick up a player on the wire, we do so to maximize our chances of winning in either the short or long term.  Despite all of our best intentions, we often fail to achieve our goal.  So why do we make bad trades and bad […]

Projecting Prospects: What to make of makeup

One of the best parts about the offseason is evaluating new or available prospects for dynasty and keeper leagues.  We all probably follow similar processes; read the prospect lists from BA, BP, and Sickels, then project those players based on how they fit into our league rules.  Now we have websites that are doing some […]

The Roto-Advocacy Effect: A bias towards our own reasoning

You have been there, I know you have.  The situation where, for whatever reason, you are stuck defending something that you are not particularly passionate about, but by the time the argument is over, you feel more strongly about the position than you had before the argument started.  This is the advocacy effect; the tendency […]

Pain Profits: Fighting our Negative Memories

Hi, I’m Jeff Quinton (@jjq01).  While the Fantasy Assembly does a great job with player evaluations and rankings, I will be writing about the other side of the equation, that being us as owners and, more interestingly, the decisions we make.  I will often look at a psychological or economic or some other phenomenon and […]