Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 6

May is looking like an interesting month. The Seattle Mariners and the Boston Red Sox continue their opposite-side-of-a-coin dance, with Boston finally reaching .500 as the Mariners wave to them on their way down. The Minnesota Twins have the best record in baseball. We are weeks away from the MLB Read more

New York, New York

It pains me to write this article. For basically my entire existence, I have abhorred all things Yankee. I loathe pinstripes, despise any mention of Aaron Boone, recoil from memories of 1998-2000, and essentially do my best to fight the good fight against the New York Yankees. I kid (mostly) Read more

So the Story Goes

While today’s middle infielders do have more power than their predecessors, elite power at positions like shortstop is still hard to find. In fact, over the past decade, there have only been ten 30+ home runs seasons recorded at the position. Three players share six of these seasons (Tulowitzki, Lindor, Read more