Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 21

After months of waiting, Player’s Weekend has finally arrived! This year’s version comes with a twist: monochromatic uniforms instead of the usual versions. MLB has been more open to unique presentations of nicknames this year, as evidenced by their allowance of emoji’s for players like Ty Buttrey (easily the best one in my opinion), Carlos […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 19

We are closing in on playoff time for most fantasy leagues, making these next few weeks incredibly important for those of you still in the hunt for your league’s crown. For those of you that may not be racing towards a playoff berth, paying attention to player performances this time of year can be a […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 17

The major league trade deadline is this week, and the led up has been….mostly crickets. While there were a few trades truck earlier in the season (thank goodness for Jerry Dipoto) most of the rumor mills have been idle leading up to the big day. Season changing stretches have pushed teams like the Giants back […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 15

The All Star game is behind us and the trade deadline is approaching. Things are only getting more interesting in MLB. As we push into the second half of the season, now is the time to make some moves to ensure your march to the playoffs does not end in disappointment. Here are some performances […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 13

I’m sure few expected there to be 30 runs scored in the first ever MLB game played in Europe. Neither starter finished their first inning, and both teams managed to score six runs a piece in what must have been an interesting introduction to America’s pasttime for the many European fans who purchase tickets to […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 11

Big events are always a part of the MLB season. We just watched hundreds of high school and college-aged players take the next step towards reaching their goal of becoming a professional baseball player with the completion of the draft. The Minnesota Twins celebrated a legend, retiring Joe Mauer’s number in a ceremony this past […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 10

Welcome back to the big leagues Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel. Once teams no longer had to pony up a draft pick to sign these two players, the market for their services picked up fairly quickly. The Chicago Cubs reached an agreement with uber-closer Craig Kimbrel, locking him up for $43 million over 3 seasons […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 9

The MLB draft starts on Monday, and a whole new group of players are about to take the first step on a journey they hope ends with them playing in the show. Not everyone will make it, however. A SABR study of all draft picks from 1996-2011 reported that 66.7% of signed players drafted in the […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 8

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. As we remember all of those who sacrificed their lives for our country over the years we also note how many veterans have played the game we love at the highest level. More than 500 players served at some point during World War II alone, with many others seeing action in […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 7

The past couple of weeks has seen a large group of MILB talent make their way to the show, started off by the arrival of Vladito. Prospect darlings Keston Hiura, Austin Riley, and Brendan Rodgers all followed him to the Show, adding their names to a new generation of MLB talent. Seeing new players get […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 6

May is looking like an interesting month. The Seattle Mariners and the Boston Red Sox continue their opposite-side-of-a-coin dance, with Boston finally reaching .500 as the Mariners wave to them on their way down. The Minnesota Twins have the best record in baseball. We are weeks away from the MLB draft, Vladito is finally up […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 5

More than month in now. Lots of performances to keep up with as you chase that fantasy crown. Lucky for you, the Stock Watch is here to make sure you are aware of who is producing, who is not, and exactly what is behind those performances. It keeps you from cutting bait too soon and […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 4

Another week in the books. Just like any other week…except this week includes the long-awaited MLB debut of Vladito! Rejoicing can be heard from anywhere within a 300 mile radius of Toronto. It will be very interesting to see how he does with his first taste of big league pitching, especially given the uproar surrounding […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 3

We are finally reaching a point where it makes more sense (though it is still really early) to put stock into player performances so far on the season. I would still typically argue against making drastic moves this early (especially as it relates to stars), but hunting that waiver wire for new value is something […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 2

What a start to the season! It has definitely gone off the prescribed script, showing us a few surprises and one rough start to a title defense for the Boston Red Sox (3-9). Among the surprises are the 11-2 Seattle Mariners (homered in their first thirteen games of the season), the 8-4 Detroit Tigers (2.64 […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Week 1

We are less than 10 days into the new season, so it is time to start tracking player performances and overreacting to how their production in less than 5% of the season will impact their value the rest of the way. If I can give you any advice as we start the new season, it […]

Fantasy Stock Watch – Pitchers (Stock Up)

This year we saw some incredible pitching performances. Aces like Jacob deGrom, Blake Snell (spoiler alert!), Aaron Nola, Trevor Bauer and many others baffled batters throughout the year, while other arms sputtered due to injury, age and other reasons. This week we will focus on pitchers with rising stock levels, due to their 2018 performances […]