Waiver Wire Report: All Around the Diamond

Today we take a look around the diamond for the best available players at each position.  OK, maybe they aren’t the best players, and there may be a few previous recommendations more worthy (which are listed at the bottom), but these players are hot Now.  Some are short term additions while a few could turn […]

Buy, Sell or Hold

Given that we are a little more than half way through the fantasy season, I thought this would be a good time to take stock on some first half performances.  There have been several surprises this year (as there are every year).  Players coming out of nowhere and on pace for an MVP season while others […]

2018 Waiver Wire Report: Week 21

Each week I will dig through the f/a pool to find the best potential free agents on waivers (under 50% ownership on ESPN and Yahoo – CBS and Fantrax are higher due to more keeper leagues). Some are good for a quick boost, others could be good long-term additions, and there will be a few […]

2018 Waiver Wire Report: Week 18

Each week I will dig through the f/a pool to find the best potential free agents on waivers (under 50% ownership on ESPN and Yahoo). Some are good for a quick boost, others could be good long-term additions, and there will be a few speculative adds thrown in there as well. Be sure to check […]

Spring Training: Believe it or Not

Personally I do not put much stock in spring training stats as a whole. I tend to rely on my preseason analysis – the exception being news of a potential injury which of course trumps everything. However, I cannot dismiss the fact that each year a number of players we had discounted or even written […]

Deep Thoughts by Paul Hartman: Week 2

Each week I will look at the best targets for AL, NL-Only and very deep leagues (think 30 teams). While the following players may not be of interest to those in standard leagues, extremely deep leagues are becoming more and more popular. As I do every week, I sincerely recommend playing in this type of […]

Deep Thoughts by Paul Hartman

I took a jump into the deep end this year, starting up a 30-team dynasty league — and it really is a whole different world down there. Much like AL and NL Only leagues, it’s not only a struggle to field a respectable lineup, but it is incredibly difficult to handle any injuries that may happen. […]

Atlanta Braves Team Preview: 2016

I painted a grim picture last season when reviewing the Atlanta Braves, but they were even worse than anticipated. Atlanta finished last in home runs and runs scored, and were the second worst team in ground outs.  A.J. Pierzynski led the team in batting average (.300), Nick Markakis was the team’s top scorer (73), and […]

Tony Watson: Future Pirates Closer?

Mark Melancon has done an admirable job as the Pirates closer the past few years. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Melancon is only under contract through 2016 and is sure to test the open market. But just like when Melancon took over for Jason Gilli in 2014, Pittsburgh has another reliever […]

Powerless, but Still Productive

When it comes to the outfield, everyone knows the importance of the top guys.  Trout, Harper, McCutchen; those names are staples at the top of everyone’s draft sheet.  The same holds true with the next tier of players; guys like Cespedes, Dickerson and Puig are drafted as a second outfielder to bolster the power of […]

Revisiting the 2015 Rankings

Tomorrow we start draft prep for the 2016 season and begin our early rankings, starting with dynasty rankings for 2016.  Rankings are fun.  While we all like to raise our hands, beat our chests and celebrate when we call a player correctly; it’s not too often that you’ll see somebody touting their misses.  Those are […]

Alex Rodriguez: Time to Eat Crow

Raise your hand if prior to the start of the season you gave A-Rod a snowballs chance in hell of being fantasy relevant this year.  Yea, me neither.  Nobody from Fantasy Assembly had him in our third base top 25 preseason rankings; Tommy Lanseadel at least gave him a shout out under the late round picks, […]

xFIP: Better Lucky than Good

Sometimes a player can get off to a bad start and their ERA makes them look worse than they probably are.  Other times a player can get off to a hot start and while the ERA says they are pitching well, the underlying metrics say something else.  This is one of the reasons I love […]