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Continuing our survey of auction values we stop here at shortstop, which is composed of first round picks, solid middle round plays, and some safe low unit fillers for your MI spot.

Again, each player in my rankings only appears at one position, so if you are looking for Alex Bregman, you’ll find him at 3B in last week’s rankings (links below).  Values are based on a mixed 12 team, 260 unit budget with NFBC rosters and a 65/35 spending split on hitting and pitching.

Note: Auction Values updated on 3/8

M. Machado SD 37
T. Turner WSH 34
T. Story COL 32
F. Lindor CLE 30
C. Correa HOU 23
X. Bogaerts BOS 23
A. Mondesi KC 16
J. Segura PHI 16
C. Seager LAD 14
J.Peraza CIN 11
T. Anderson CWS 9
A. Rosario NYM 5
J. Profar (3B/1B) OAK 5
J. Polanco MIN 5
E. Andrus TEX 3
P. DeJong STL 2
W. Adames TB 2
A. Simmons LAA 1
M. Semien OAK 1

There are many ways to use your shortstop slot.  The position is probably the deepest of all positions this year.  You can get a high-priced, highly production player – Machado, Turner, Story.  You can wait a bit and get a solid 15-25 unit player in Correa, Bogaerts, Mondesi, Segura, Seager.  Steals are available in the next cluster with Peraza, Anderson, Rosario.

Profar is someone who could be a bargain if you get him at this price as his regular ABs, multi position eligibility, and breakout potential all come together.  Andrus, Polanco, DeJong, Simmons and Semien are all players who will give you what you expect for what you will be paying.

The Lindor injury has dropped him from my first overall ranked SS to 4th.  Calf injuries, especially in someone who was expected to contribute 20+ steals, can linger and limit his steals.  This is most likely a grade 2 strain based on his 7-9 week time frame. If he heals well, and he only misses a week or two at the beginning of the season, his overall numbers may not be that depressed.  Remember he plays in Cleveland, and they start by playing in Minnesota in March.  The weather can wreak havoc to the schedule and he may miss even fewer games with potential postponements.

Notice I mentioned every player on my list.  This is one deep position, but who should you target?  Out of my first grouping I actually like Machado, but that is going to depend on where he signs and when. If you are doing your auction before he signs, it may depress his price and make him a huge value.  Steamer has him at 31/91/99/.288.  That’s solid, and I’d love that as a high 30 unit player.

If you want to spend a little less at SS the next grouping offers varying categorical strengths.  For some pop, but at a little higher price, Bogaerts is well worth his 23 units.  Steamer projects him at 19/83/84/9/.286.  I think these are his floor numbers.  He’ll be playing for a free agent contract (although is that a good thing nowadays?) at age 26.  This all adds up to a potential great year.

For some speed in this group, Jean Segura brings his wares to Citizen Bank Park.  Segura will be in a great lineup, and one that has a chance to be even better if they sign Harper. His 20 projected steals are in line with his production from last year, but he could see a bump in power hitting in a much more HR friendly ballpark.

Jose Peraza was literally a steal last year.  His price will be higher this year, but be wary of him being a one hit wonder.  He’s not an avoid by any means, but I’d rather spend a little less and go after Amed Rosario.  Rosario vastly improved in the second half last year and is still only 23.  He improved both his K and walk rates from the previous year, and if he continues that trend he’ll get on base more and could go over 30 steals.


When preparing for your auction and drafting various teams using my auction values (wink, wink), you’ll see that you can use SS as an anchor position, a mid price category filler, or for a top low unit player.  Again, the beauty of an auction is that you have the opportunity to go after both Turner and Machado if you so please, making the SS position in an auction one of endless possibilities.

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