NBA Waiver Wire: Week 9

Written by: Spencer Fielding

5. Jerami Grant – Owned in 55% of ESPN and 64% of Yahoo leagues.

Jerami Grant is a young, athletic forward that is able to attack the rim and rebound as well. The best thing about Jerami is his consistency this season. I would say he is going to be a better fit for a points league rather than a standard nine-category league just because the points, rebounds just transfer better into total scoring. But, if you are looking for a low-end decent-production forward, Grant should be a solid pick-up going further.

4. Spencer Dinwiddie – Owned in 60.4% of ESPN leagues

Dinwiddie is a long, tall point guard that is able to shoot the ball at a decent clip, as well as drive the lane for high percentage shots. Dinwiddie also has a good passing vision, he averages about 5.1 assists a game. Dinwiddie also makes about two three-pointers a game. I would say he is a good fit for both points and nine-category leagues. He is in a favorable situation at the moment, but when Caris LeVert does come back, I could see his production take a hit.

3. Kevin Knox – Owned in 59% of both ESPN and Yahoo leagues.

Kevin Knox is another long athlete but he is a forward, unlike Spencer Dinwiddie. Knox is an above-average athlete that can get to the rim with his length, but he also is a good shooter as well. Knox has been having a surge of confidence as of late because he was inserted into the starting lineup. In the last seven days, he is averaging 19.3 points per game. Knox has done better and with the way the New York Knicks have been playing, I would say he can only get better.

2. Joe Ingles – Owned in 45.1% of ESPN leagues

Joe Ingles has a silky smooth shot and plays some solid defense for the Utah Jazz. Ingles is able to do a little bit of everything for them, from passing to shooting off the catch. He does a lot for the Jazz and their overall play. Ingles is able to spread the floor but is also able to play good help/on-ball defense. Ingles isn’t just a three-point specialist, he averages 4.8 assists a game and 1.6 steals a game. Ingles is a huge part of this team, so I look at him to stay consistent for the Jazz going forward.

1. Damontas Sabonis – Owned in 73.5% of ESPN leagues

This former Oklahoma City forward is now thriving in Indiana as a back-to-basket bruiser that is able to control the boards and score down low. Although with him only contributing to scoring and rebounds, it is hard for me to recommend him to a standard nine-category league, but in a points league, I say pick him up immediately. Sabonis is so high on this list because he averages about 21 fantasy points a game. He is owned at 73.5% in ESPN, and there are players like Gordon Hayward who are averaging a little over 13 fantasy points and are owned at 90%. Sabonis should be universally owned.


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