Week 16 NFL DFS Sleepers


Dak Prescott ($5,700 DK – $7,300 FD)

The Bucs have appeared to turn the corner on the defensive side of the ball and made it tougher on opposing quarterbacks, only giving up 200+ yards of passing once in their last 6 games. But I’m calling their bluff. In that time they have only played 1 good passing team (the Saints — who were in the middle of a tough 3 game road skid) the other teams they played were the Redskins, Giants, 9ers, Panthers, and the Ravens. Now the Cowboys aren’t the most high-powered offense and were shutout last week on the road but they will be returning home where Dak last put up 455 yards and 3 TD’s through the air.

Nick Foles ($4,700 DK – $6,000 FD)

Foles led the Eagles to a victory last week against the Rams in Los Angeles where he tossed for 270 yards but failed to find the end zone. This week the Texans will be coming to town and they let up a league low 3.6 yards per carry so those 3 rushing touchdowns from last week (which was a season high for Philly) could turn into passing touchdowns. Also, I want the headline to start circulating “Are the Eagles Better without Wentz?”.

Taylor Heinicke ($4,000 DK – $6,000 FD)

Atlanta lets up an average of 251 yards and 2 touchdowns each game through the air at a 68.8% completion rate. Carolina isn’t exactly loaded with weapons so I’m assuming Atlanta will make it a point to stop McCaffrey and force Heinicke to beat them. It’s a complete shot in the dark but I believe Taylor has a chance to put up some numbers at home in his first start this year.

Running Back

Jamaal Williams ($5,400 DK – $5,800 FD)

Last week Jamaal received 12 carries and 5 targets while being on the field for 87% of the snaps. With Aaron Jones now on IR and Ty Montgomery playing for the Ravens, Williams should see a similar snap count for the rest of the season. He also has a friendlier match up this week than last week against Chicago, the Pack plays the Jets who let up 42 more yards rushing per game than the Bears.

Derrick Henry ($5,000 DK – $6,100 FD)

I drafted Henry in my fantasy league and thought that I got a sneaky good bell cow on the verge of having a breakout year. I traded him away early but it seems like I might’ve been kind of right… it only took 13 weeks. After rushing for 238 yards and 4 TD’s the Titans fed him the rock 33 times last week. He certainly won’t be able to keep up this productivity but I’m sure Tennessee will continue to lean on him heavily going forward.

Elijah McGuire ($4,700 DK – $5,700 FD)

Since taking over lead duties McGuire has seen 74% of the snaps and got 18 carries with 4 targets last week and 17 carries with 4 targets the week before. This is a low price tag for a guy that has the potential to touch the ball 20+ times and has the versatility to stay in the game no matter what game script unfolds.

Wide Receiver

Doug Baldwin ($5,300 DK – $6,200 FD)

Seattle has transitioned into a run heavy team this year but will most likely need to fling the pigskin around if they intend on hanging with the Chiefs this week. That said, this is the highest over/under of the week and $5,300/$6,200 is fairly cheap for the best wide receiver on the Seahawk’s side of the ball, especially considering Baldwin is coming off of a 2 touchdown game.

Sterling Shepard ($4,800 DK – $5,000 FD)

OBJ is going to be on the sidelines of this one for the 3rd straight game, and with him out Shepard has seen 15 targets in 2 games with a touchdown. He has only caught 4 of those 15 targets but the volume will most likely be there again this week when the Giants take on the Colts so Sterling is worth taking a look at.

John Ross ($3,800 DK – $5,400 FD)

A.J. Green and Tyler Boyd are both out for this one so John Ross will be thrust into center stage of this Bengals offense. He’s averaged just over 5 targets per game in his last 6 games and has caught 4 touchdowns in that stretch so I would expect Cincinnati to force the issue when it comes to getting the speedy Ross as many touches as possible.

DaeSean Hamilton & Tim Patrick ($3,000 DK – $4,500 FD)

In the Broncos’ last 2 games Hamilton has seen 21 targets and caught 14 while Patrick has seen 18 targets and caught 12. Courtland Sutton was supposed to be the next breakout wide receiver for Denver but DaeSean & Tim have really stepped up and lead the team in catches and receiving yards in the last 2 games respectively.

Tight End

Ian Thomas ($3,500 DK – $5,400 FD)

Thomas has seen 20 targets in his last 3 games and will finally have someone who can actually throw the ball at QB now that Cam Newton is sitting. On a team that doesn’t have a lot of options on offense, I could see Ian Thomas being the first or second most productive position player behind Christian McCaffrey.

Blake Jarwin ($3,000 DK – $4,700 FD)

Jarwin has seen 7 targets in back-to-back games now and has been on the field more and more in each of his last 3 games. The Cowboys are home against Tampa Bay this week so there should be a decent amount of scoring chances for Dallas with the Bucs being the worst in the league at breaking up passes and giving up 250+ yards through the air per game.

Ricky Seals-Jones ($2,900 DK – $4,900 FD)

Seal-Jones has seen his target share rise each of the last 3 weeks from 3 to 5 to 8, and his snap percentage has gone up in that time as well from 36% to 63% to 81%. The Cardinals offense isn’t the most attractive unit in the league but if you really need to save on a TE then Ricky isn’t a bad look.



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