NFL Playoff Prep

In lieu of a week 13 streamers list that I would assume many places are already doing, I am going to tell you who to go out and grab for next week’s streamers.

Once you reach the playoffs you really need to assess your bench. Ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Is this player’s situation startable for me?
  2. Is there a change to this player’s situation that would make him enter the starting lineup? For example, a handcuff where the star goes down and he is now the locked in running back.
  3. Do I want to keep this player away from my opponents? Maybe you can’t use Eric Ebron because you have Zach Ertz, but you don’t want someone to use Ebron against you.

If you can answer yes to any of those then the player is likely droppable. It is great that Adam Humphries is your WR5, but if you aren’t near starting him what is he doing for you? Every week from here on out is about maximizing YOUR lineup. Can’t improve it this week? Go out and get that player that sets you apart next week, someone that you don’t want your opponent to use against you, or a high upside backup. I would probably rank it in that order.

Would I love to have whoever the Rams backup is going to be if Gurley misses a game? Sure. But man would I be terrified walking into my championship and starting that guy unless I was desperate. We have no clue what the split would be, how good the player would be, etc. And that’s even if Gurley does get hurt.

I am all for handcuffing running backs in deeper leagues this time of the year, but not in every situation.

And after all that, here are your players to get a step ahead with.


Quarterback is rough. I assume almost everyone has a quarterback if they made it to the playoffs, but if you don’t… close your eyes.

  • Jackson/Flacco vs. Bucs

Obviously, Lamar Jackson is the one that is more desirable, and I would be getting him for this week too if I could. If we get a report that Flacco is coming back and going to start, grab him for next week.

  • Mariota @ Giants

Mariota hasn’t been good this year, and even when he has been good fantasy wise, I don’t know how good of a real life QB he has been. No Landon Collins for the Giants the rest of the year, and it’s not like the Giants are great anyway.

  • Keenum vs. Browns

I think I threw up in my mouth a little. Keenum is terrible, but the Browns can give up the points. I really hope if you are even thinking this, 20 quarterbacks are owned in your league.

  • Driskel vs. Packers

I definitely threw up in my mouth this time. He was terrible last week, and by next week it isn’t out of the realm of possibility he is benched and the Bengals try someone else. And to be honest, if you need to get out ahead of the pack to get Driskel, or Keenum for that matter, it is probably a two-QB league.


  • Antonio Gates @ Chiefs

Eric Berry will probably be back, but there is no way they waste him on Gates. Like everyone else, he is a tight end or bust candidate, but this one could be a high scoring game.

  • Mark Andrews vs. TB

He isn’t playing the most snaps of the Ravens tight ends, but he is playing the most out of the pass catching ones.


  • Falcons vs. Cardinals

The Cardinals are a mess. The Falcons should blow them out and Rosen should be forced to throw a lot.

  • Seahawks @ 49ers

They get them again. The risk here is this one is now in San Francisco, and this type of situation tends to flip the other way. After a big blowout the teams faceoff again, and the team that got blown out plays much better the second time around.

  • Lions @ Bills

Not a great defense, but the Bills have so little blow up potential to be afraid of.

  • Bengals vs. Raiders

Getting into desperation territory.

  • Raiders @ Bengals

Definite desperation territory.


  • Matt Bryant vs. Cardinals

Should be a blowout.

  • Sebastian Janikowski @ 49ers

If this game does go the same way as last time he’s a solid pick.


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