Week 13 NFL Streamers

If you care enough about streamers this week you are either battling for a playoff spot or a bye. What’s important is at least you are playing for something this week, right? Fortunately there are some solid options at quarterback, tight end, and defense for week 13 if you need them.

Some solid options to go to this week, but the two best options might already be owned, and the third you might have to fight for on waivers. Hopefully you aren’t desperate for a quarterback this week.

  • Jameis Winston vs. Panthers

Added in a lot of leagues last week, but still available. Whoever starts at quarterbacks for the Bucs is a worthwhile play. Winston is the only one of these guys I would consider a top-10 play.

  • Lamar Jackson @ Falcons

A nice matchup and he is one of the few cheat code running quarterbacks. Flacco’s status is still up in the air, so I wouldn’t go using a top claim or decent FAAB on him.

  • Baker Mayfield @ Texans

Should be pretty available and has been on fire lately. The Browns offense is rolling, and the Texans, while a good defense, isn’t a defense I am actively avoiding.

  • Matthew Stafford vs. Rams

Once a must own type player, Stafford has fallen into the streaming category. The player plus the chance of a high scoring game has me looking Stafford’s way.

  • Dak Prescott vs. Saints

The Saints defense has been playing better, but if you are desperate you can play Dak in hopes he gets some come from behind points.

  • Case Keenum @ Bengals

If you are really desperate (deeper leagues), this is the guy.

Tight Ends
Hopefully you have one of the first three options available.

  • Cameron Brate vs. Panthers

Should be universally owned with O.J. Howard on IR. Great play for the rest of the season.

  • Jesse James vs. Chargers

If Vance McDonald doesn’t end up playing, James is a great option in what could be a shootout.

  • Chris Herndon @ Titans

Starting to get into the range of dart throws at the back-end of the top-10. Targets are all that really matter at tight end. If you get more than five you are worth a play.

  • Gerald Everett/Tyler Higbee @ Lions

Throw a dart and hope it hits. They haven’t done much this season, but you are betting they get a few targets playing in the high-flying offense.

Really nice options this week. Even the low end options here are interesting.

  • Broncos @ Bengals

The Bengals are a dumpster fire right now. The Broncos should force a couple turnovers and get to the quarterback.

  • Packers vs. Cardinals

This is all about attacking the Cardinals.

  • Bills @ Dolphins

The Bills have been playing well on defense. I don’t think Tannehill is a great quarterback, or that the Dolphins are good.

  • Titans vs. Jets

The Jets have been bad without Darnold, and have been borderline guaranteed a turnover a game with Darnold.

  • Chiefs @ Raiders

The Raiders. Enough said.

  • Colts @ Jaguars

The Colts let me down last week, but I will try again this week going against Cody Kessler.

  • Panthers @ Bucs

I think the Bucs are a good bet to score a lot every week, but also a good bet for two turnovers and a few sacks. In a normal week the Panthers would be a top option.

  • Dolphins vs. Bills

Insert Bills opponent here.


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