NBA Waiver Wire: Nov 25

Written by: Spencer Fielding

1. Monte Morris – Owned in 0.5% of ESPN and 15% of Yahoo leagues

Morris has been a reliable passer and scorer this season for the Denver Nuggets. He has really come out of nowhere due to the lack of playmakers for the Nuggets and is a solid option if you need assists right now. He has picked up his play tremendously from last year as he has nearly tripled his minutes per game and points per game as well. And he shoots it at a high percentage as well; 47%. For a points league, he averages 11.5 fantasy points a game.

2. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – Owned in 6% of ESPN and 50% of Yahoo leagues


SGA is a rookie point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers. He isn’t a household name yet, but I think a lot of casual fans will figure out who he is in a couple of seasons. Alexander has Rondo-esque moves that dazzle crowds and the play-making to set and run an offense. He is a solid scorer and smart playmaker that also grabs rebounds at a decent rate for a guard with 3.2 a game. His fantasy potential relies on his passing and his scoring. He averages 10.4 points a game.

3. Montrezl Harrell – Owned in 51.5% of ESPN and 81% of Yahoo leagues

Harrell has a special place on my fantasy teams every year. A lot of people sleep on him because they don’t know his game. Harrell is a workhorse on rebounds and shoots high percentages. He is perfect for a points league because of this. I have had Harrell for two seasons in a row now, and if he is playing, I find a way for him to start even if I have a full roster. I fully trust he will put up good numbers against any team.

4. Malcolm Brogdon – Owned in 28.2% of ESPN and 75% of Yahoo leagues


Brogdon was once the rookie of the year because of a very weak draft, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t good. In fact, I believe he is underrated – especially in fantasy basketball. He is averaging 14.4 points a game this season with three assists and four rebounds a game as well. He shoots 51% from the field and he also makes about one and a half threes a game. While his ownership on Yahoo is very respectable, those that play on ESPN are sleeping on a great player.

5. Pascal Siakam – Owned in 54.7% of ESPN and 80% of Yahoo leagues

Siakam was a decent producer last year. This year he has taken a leap for the Raptors and has become a starter and an effective producer at nearly all angles on the floor. He averages almost a block and a steal per game, 61.8% shooting from the field, 14.2 points per game, 2.3 assists and 6.8 rebounds a game. He is a good category player because he is able to contribute in every category, and a good points player because of his high percentage shooting, along with the other stats as well.


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