NFL Buy and Sell: Trade Deadline

The trading deadline is here for many of us.

Typically those wanting to make trades are the ones you are battling with for a playoff spot. It is one thing to make a deal in week 5 when everything is wide open, but when it is week 12 and four teams are battling for three open playoff spots it gets harder. Toss in the handful of teams that have checked out and the player pool available to you is limited.

It is likely too late, but if you can I want to trade depth for stars. Also, if you have an owner who has any Chiefs or Rams and they need a win, don’t walk, run to make a deal with them – unless you also need a win this week.

There will not be any sells this week as I really don’t think selling high is a thing that can be done at this point in the year. Use your own discretion.

  • Carolina Panthers

I mentioned this before, but the Panthers are one of a few teams with a schedule I want to take full advantage of for a playoff run. Game after game the matchups are great.

I would be buying Cam Newton at a reasonable price. I am not going all in to buy a quarterback, but if I can turn say a Ben Roethlisberger and my first man off the bench, an Adrian Peterson type, into Cam I am running to make that move.

Christian McCaffrey is an obvious buy at any point, but with the current schedule things could turn from good to a league winner down the stretch. I am buying at about a top-8 price tag.

Greg Olsen (if you can get him) is a great option. I wouldn’t even hate dealing one of the higher end tight ends for Olsen and an upgrade elsewhere.

I am not likely to buy one of the receivers, but if I had to pick one it would be D.J. Moore.

  • Sony Michel

It feels like a long time ago when Michel was ascending to being a borderline top-5 fantasy running back. Now he is a low-end RB2.

Are there injury concerns? Sure, but that can be said about most any player in the NFL – you only need him to stay healthy for 3-4 weeks. Rex Burkhead is on the way back, but I don’t see him as much of a threat to Michel the rest of the year.

  • Joe Mixon

Back to back subpar weeks make Mixon a nice buy. He gets the injured Chargers and the Raiders in weeks 14 and 15 and finishes it off with the Browns in week 16.

Mixon is a RB1, I just don’t know if people still view him that way with his last truly good game being all the way back in week 8 against the Bucs.

  • Matt Breida

No Mostert makes Breida a high-end RB2. He will split time, but so does almost everyone else. The 49ers don’t have many offensive weapons; it is basically Breida and Kittle.

His huge game before the bye makes him a little harder to get, but I would be doing what I could to get what could be a RB1 for the stretch run, and probably at a mid to low-end RB2 price.

  • Leonard Fournette

The efficiency doesn’t matter when you are getting as much work as he is. I know a Fournette owner somewhere will be panicked about the efficiency. If you have one in your leagues, buy, Buy, BUY.


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