NFL Buy and Sell: Week 10

It is getting to that point in the season where it’s about roster construction. Handcuffing is a thing, schedules matter, and depth is borderline useless. If I am looking at a locked in playoff spot I am trying to trade for a great 1-2 RB punch and buying cheap WR3 types with a nice schedule down the stretch

Many teams have an excess of WR3 types. I would be trying to get some of the guys listed below that fall into that category as a throw in to a deal where you upgrade at running back. Maybe target David Johnson and Courtland Sutton in a deal where you ship out a star receiver and a throw in player.

There will be no sell candidates this week – use your best discretions when dealing away any player.

  • Cam Newton

Mentioned a few weeks ago for the playoff schedule, and here again for pretty much the same reason. Cam is also coming off of a subpar week, and everyone has a second quarterback so they probably won’t mind trading him.

This is one of the handful of times I am fine trading for a quarterback.

  • David Johnson

I may have lied last week when I said last time – Johnson isn’t a buy-low anymore.

Johnson is here because there is a chance that his owner might use this as an out. This is more of a check in than a definitely buy. I think Johnson is a RB1 going forward. Great schedule, passing game usage, and he is still a great player.

  • Amari Cooper

Man I wish the Cowboys had a better fantasy option. This is more of a trade and stash than a trade and play, a luxury trade target if you will.

The Cowboys are headed for a nice stretch of matchups with games against the Falcons, Saints, Eagles, Colts, and Bucs. The only matchup I don’t love for the rest of the season is the Redskins in week 12. Buy Zeke if you can too.

  • Dion Lewis

Maybe the Lewis owner isn’t super excited about his season; overall they shouldn’t be. But Lewis is THE guy in Tennessee. Henry barley played Sunday so ignore his two-touchdown game.

  • JuJu Smith-Schuster

Raiders, Patriots, Siaints in weeks 14-16 for JuJu. That is all I really need to know if I am already planning for the playoffs.

He has been a WR2 this season as is, and with matchups like that in the playoffs he could win you a league. Also Antonio Brown is an obvious buy if you can afford it.

  • Kenny Golladay

Well here he is again. With Marvin Jones hurt, Golladay might be the last man standing Sunday. Golladay has the makings of a star, and if he can get the 10-15 targets that a star receiver commands he can be huge down the stretch.

  • John Brown

I don’t love him if Lamar Jackson is at quarterback, but Brown has an amazing stretch run. Bengals, Raiders, Falcons, Chiefs, Bucs, then a not so great championship matchup with the Chargers.

Brown is a boom or bust WR3, but there could be a lot of booms down the stretch. In deeper leagues I also don’t hate Michael Crabtree as a cheap buy or add off the waiver wire.

  • Chris Godwin

If he isn’t owned add him, but if he is owned I also like him down the stretch. There are some decent matchups and I think he gets more involved as the Bucs fall out of the race.

  • Emmanuel Sanders and Courtland Sutton

It is a common theme here today, but these two have a nice playoff stretch. Weeks 13-16 go Bengals, 49ers, Browns, Raiders. Sanders might be a WR1 down the stretch, and Sutton (who may have been dropped) might be a locked and loaded flex.


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  1. Here’s a question – 6-4 team fighting for the playoffs. .5 ppr starting 3wr, 2rb and a flex (plus the other spots).

    My wrs are green, Thielen, Jeffrey, Reynolds , Maurice Harris and d. Parker.

    Rbs are Barkley, Chubb, White, Michel, Coleman and Miller.

    Is dealing green and white for Woods a bad deal?

    1. Just seeing this now sorry. Email notification must have went to spam.

      I assume things have changed, but I would not do that deal now.

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