NFL Buy and Sell: Week 9

I mentioned it before that sometimes struggling teams need to take a loss in order to keep the season alive, but that doesn’t mean taking any deal.

This past week in one of my leagues I needed to shop players on bye to keep hope alive. With Ertz and David Johnson on bye I needed an extra boost to the lineup. As offer after offer was declined I threw out a smaller deal, offering McCoy for Marvin Jones as I liked Jones starting in week 9 more than McCoy.

It was countered with Jones for David Johnson as a “Johnson can’t help you this week Jones can” offer.

What was said there isn’t technically wrong, but what happens after this week. Yes a win is needed, but if you win this week and then have a bad team left what are you to do rest of season?

So yes, immediate help is good, but it is trading a 10 for an 8, not a 10 for a 5.

  • TY Hilton

Hilton has had an up and down season, only surpassing 100 yards once.

Coming out of the bye and getting a matchup with the once very feared Jaguars defense, people might be willing to sell. Hilton has 59 yards since week five. Although two of those games he wasn’t active which helps when you are trying to trade for him.

Since his return to the active lineup he has the team lead in air yards and targets. The Colts just didn’t have to throw a ton in those games.

Hilton should be a locked and loaded WR2 down the stretch.

  • Courtland Sutton

The hype train probably got out of control, and then Sutton kind of flopped (fantasy wise) in his debut.

Similar to a fantasy baseball prospect that everyone gets super excited for when they get promoted – then they have a bad week. Some people will be ready to basically give up on him after a week.

The skills are there, and I am not convinced Jeff Heuerman is going to continue to be a thing.

  • Mike Evans

Man, one bad week and narrative street tries to come out. I have seen it said that Jameis is better for Evans. What, we somehow forget Evans had 17 catches for 367 yards and three touchdowns with Fitzpatrick in the Bucs first three games.

This team is built for the air. The defense is bad. The run game is bad. The quarterback situation has two guys who will throw DGAF balls.

Evans might be a top-10 receiver for the remainder of season, that for some reason people are panicking on.

  • Alshon Jeffrey

People are going to panic about the Golden Tate trade. There is risk reward in doing this deal now. Go for him now and you get the speculative drop in value. If you wait a week and Jeffrey has another 4 for 40 type game, people will be running for the hills screaming that Tate killed his value.

Jeffrey is the red zone target, and this is a pass first offense. Even if there are some targets going elsewhere, this team is going to be throwing 30 plus times per game.

  • Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay

Exactly what you wanted to see if you got excited about more opportunities opening up for these two after Tate got traded. The Vikings defense may be back, and I would bet against the Lions giving up 10 sacks a game. Even if the Lions had a few weeks where they tried to run the ball, this team is going to be passing a lot.

I think most people want Golladay as he is more of an unknown with upside rather than what we know with Jones. I would target whichever one is cheaper, and probably Jones slightly before Golladay if the price was the same.

  • Aaron Jones

He fumbled and might have been benched late in the game, but the fumble was so late it is hard to tell for sure. With no Montgomery around Jones gets more snaps, which means more opportunity.

Everyone at this point should know Jones is the preferred option to Williams. It has been beaten to death by the fantasy community it seems. However, Jones has yet to have a real breakout game and that might be the one thing that makes him affordable.

  • David Johnson

Last time, I swear.

The Cardinals did have a long week after the Thursday night game and firing of Mike McCoy to install a new offense, but it was still only 10 days. At this point it has been three and a half weeks to get things changed up.

I don’t think Johnson has forgotten to run and believe Leftwich will use him more like the player we remember from 2016, or maybe it is blind optimism.


  • Jordan Howard – Game-script has been in his favor the last two weeks. Move him for something more predictable as people think he has regained form.
  • Rob Gronkowski – It is selling low, but it has to be done. Try to get a Kittle, Olsen, Howard type plus a RB or WR as you try to squeeze whatever name value he has left.
  • Kerryon Johnson – Riddick came back and immediately the snap count went down.
  • Amari Cooper – Island game, trade hype, and a decent debut. Cooper is going to be no different than he was in Oakland. Sell while the value is high.


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