NFL Buy and Sell: Week 8

Hanging on by a thread? Throw something at the wall and hope it sticks. It sucks when you get to that point in the season, but it happens. More often than not those last-ditch trade offers don’t turn your season around, but what more do you have to lose.

Throw a dart and hope Phillip Lindsay is a top-10 back rest of season and move a struggling David Johnson for him if you can’t take Johnson’s bye week. Zach Ertz on a bye? Move him to get something and play that dart throw tight end anyway. Maybe you can move Ertz for Lindsay.

If you are “basically out” of things, try to turn it around any way you can. Worst case scenario – it doesn’t work and you go from basically out to out, when you were probably going to go that way anyway had you not made a move.

That being said, don’t give up. Don’t ruin the league trading Travis Kelce for Calvin Ridley and Kyle Rudolph. Be reasonable, but be bold.

  • Kenny Golladay

The Golden Tate trade opens things up for Golladay as now he should be on the field 90 percent of the time. Golladay at times looks like a star in the making; now he has the chance to really break out.

  • James Conner

We are on Bell watch now. I think people are going to think they are being savvy by dealing Conner now after reaping the rewards all this time. But I don’t know if Conner goes away, and I am still not convinced Bell shows up this year.

It wouldn’t shock me at this point if he sits out the season and looks at the Steelers and says “tag me again, I dare you”, as the Steelers will have to keep $15 plus million open for Bell to sign.

I don’t think Conner is better than Bell. I don’t think Conner is an amazing talent. But he is getting fed and producing. Even if Bell comes back I think Conner can be an RB2. Maybe Bell gets more work lining up as a receiver or something to get them both on the field more.

  • Dion Lewis

I hope the Titans decide to get him more involved coming out of the bye. He has been putting up nice metric type numbers, but the fantasy numbers aren’t there. Lewis needs 10-15 touches per week; hopefully he can get that now.

I don’t think there is any way Lewis comes on like he did later last season, but as a flex he can be useful.

  • Sony Michel

He is currently hurt, but at least he returned to practice. Michel is a big part of the New England offense when he is on the field, and I don’t expect much to be different once he returns. If you have an owner that can’t risk not having him this week, make him an offer.

  • Dalvin Cook/Leonard Fournette

Same as last week. If I can afford to not have them for the next week or two, I want them on my roster for a potential stretch run. I think you can get Fournette pretty cheap right now after the Hyde trade.

  • Adrian Peterson

If you didn’t buy last week the price likely jumped a lot, and you also missed the first good matchup of his nice stretch. Peterson now gets Atlanta and then Tampa Bay.

Chris Thompson is certainly helping Peterson’s value by not being able to stay healthy, so Peterson stays on the field for a handful more snaps every game.

  • Aaron Jones

It might finally be his time. Ty Montgomery stealing snaps isn’t an issue anymore so he only has to fight with one guy to get work. Those who waited on Jones, or got him dirt cheap weeks ago, might be able to right him to a nice stretch run.

  • Sammy Watkins

I am worried about Tyreek Hill’s groin. Any muscle issue to a skill position player is worrisome, and even more so when it is someone who relies on their speed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Hill missed a week or two, bumping Watkins up a spot for potential targets.

  • Carolina offense

If you are in a good spot you can look ahead to the end of the year. The Panthers might have the best playoff stretch out there starting in week 13 at Tampa Bay, followed by at Cleveland, vs. New Orleans and vs. Atlanta.

Cam, McCaffrey, Funchess, Olsen, and DJ Moore as a waiver add could be great down the stretch.


  • Alshon Jeffery – He is still the TD guy, but I don’t like that there is at least another guy in the offense other than he and Ertz that should command some targets.
  • Demaryius Thomas – There will be new life in his fantasy stock, but I am not interested. I wouldn’t be shocked if Coutee outscores him rest of season.
  • Rob Gronkowski – I hate selling low on a star, but this back injury has me concerned.


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