NFL Buy and Sell: Week 7

We are past the midway point in most fantasy leagues as we head into week 8.

There are basically two spots to be in. You are either looking good for a playoff spot and can plan ahead. At 5-2 or better you don’t need a lot in the next few weeks to make the playoffs. At 4-3 or worse you are likely fighting for a spot.

If you are fighting for a spot you might have to start taking a hit by trading your bye week players to avoid a loss. Maybe you trade Melvin Gordon for James White and Mike Evans. Would you want more for Gordon? Sure, but you might not be able to eat his bye week and use your depth to get you by this week.

If you are in that avoid bye weeks spot, try to be a week or two ahead. If you are struggling, look to trade away guys like Zach Ertz, A.J. Green, Joe Mixon, etc. now. They go on bye next week, but you are likely to get more now while their bye isn’t current.

If you are in a good spot record wise you can target injured players or guys that are a few weeks away from breaking out, or be the guy getting Melvin Gordon in the previous example because you have the depth and losing this week would not kill you.

  • Adrian Peterson/Chris Thompson

If you are 3-4 or worse these are a pair I am targeting.

The next three weeks go at the Giants, home vs Falcons, at the Bucs. Those should be games where both backs do well. Peterson will likely cost more because he is the touchdown guy, but Thompson (after missing a few games) can be a cheap buy that should be a nice RB2 during that stretch.

  • Stefon Diggs

In the past four weeks Diggs ranks fourth among receivers in targets with 45, behind only Adam Thielen, Julio Jones, and Odell Beckham Jr.

What is different about Diggs than those four is his average depth of target is just 6.9 yards; the next closest of that group is Thielen at 8.7, and he is well behind Jones (12.6) and Beckham (10.7).

Diggs has play-making ability and the targets are all I care about right now. He has the ability to break one on any play, and he will get his deep ball opportunities as well. Follow the targets.

  • David Johnson

A few weeks too late. Mike McCoy is no longer running the offense in Arizona, and really, it can only go up from here. Johnson had been playing 84% of the snaps to this point in the season, and 92 plus percent in three straight games before he lost some snaps in last Thursday’s blowout loss.

We don’t know anything about what the offense will be right now, how much Johnson will be on the field, will be used in the passing game, or at the goal line. But I can’t imagine it gets worse, and he was already a borderline RB1/2.

  • John Brown

I love me some John Brown. If you can afford it Brown is the guy I am targeting for a stretch run. Upcoming he gets an improved but still not great Steelers defense in week 9, then the 12-15 stretch of home vs Oakland, at Atlanta, at Kansas City.

If you make the playoffs with John Brown, I have a feeling he is going to help get people to a championship game.

  • Dalvin Cook/Leonard Fournette

Hamstring injuries are tough to deal with, but buy-low with the thought of using them in week 12 and beyond. You can even toss Sony Michel in this group, but he will probably cost more.

I think you can buy Cook and Fournette for a bench piece combination at this point if their owners are in bye week trouble.


  • Tevin Coleman – He hasn’t been the RB1 without Freeman like his owners likely thought he would. He is still barely leading the team in snaps. In the past four weeks he hasn’t had more than 57% of the snaps in any one week.
  • Amari Cooper – This should seem obvious. Cooper wasn’t doing much and is now switching teams. The only thought process I can have that would make me want Cooper is “it can’t get worse.”
  • Phillip Lindsay – I might want to wait this week out and trade him next week with the hope he has a good week, but I think people are going to get too excited. Look at Austin Ekeler without Gordon. I am just not sure Lindsay can take a full workload; Booker is still going to be involved too.


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Andy Germani

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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

6 thoughts on “NFL Buy and Sell: Week 7”

  1. Trade advice question:

    I’m currently 5-2 (.5ppr) and my team is as follows:

    QB: Watson
    RBs Barkley; Chubb
    WRs Thielen, Green, Jeffrey
    TE Burton
    FLEX James White
    Bench: Winston, Tevin Coleman, Dede Westbrook, Lamar Miller, Coutee and Sony Michel

    I was offered Deandre Hopkins for Alshon and James White. Is it too much to give up?

    1. It is an overpay. But in 2 for 1 deals that almost needs to happen. You are getting the best player and next week you will get Coleman back, and while he hasn’t been great starting him and Hopkins is still good.

      I would still try to give up a slightly worse RB. Maybe see if you can trade him Miller and Coleman along with Jeffrey instead of White or get a solid 2nd piece back. I would say no to the deal as is.

  2. .5 PPR

    2-5 team in desperation mode and need WR help. Is dealing AJ Green and James White for Juju, Josh Gordon and Chris Thompson a lopsided overpay?

    1. I think you would be giving up the two best players in the deal. Unless it was Green and/or White’s bye week, it isn’t currently, that isn’t a trade I would do. I am only taking a loss like that if it is their bye week or I really really needed the extra player to start.

      Go for the win this week with the better team, Green and White, and then make a move next week and take a loss on Green if you have to then.

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