2018 Tight End Rankings

Over the next 5 weeks, the Fantasy Assembly’s greatest fantasy football minds will be coming together to produce our 2018 consolidated rankings. Join Andy Germani, Tommy Landseadel, Joe Mica, and Eric Braun as they help you prepare for your rapidly approaching football drafts.

All of our rankings assume standard scoring:

  • 6 points for TDs
  • 1 point for 10 yards rushing/receiving
  • 1 point for 25 yards passing – no PPR

Without further ado, let’s check out the ranks! N/R denotes a non-ranking for that particular player.

Player Team Andy Eric Tommy Joe
1 Rob Gronkowski NE 1 1 2 1
2 Travis Kelce KC 2 2 1 2
3 Zach Ertz PHI 3 3 3 4
4 Greg Olsen CAR 4 5 7 3
5 Evan Engram NYG 7 4 6 6
6 Jimmy Graham GB 5 8 4 10
T 7 Jordan Reed WSH 6 6 10 9
T 7 Kyle Rudolph MIN 8 11 5 7
9 Delanie Walker TEN 9 9 9 5
10 Trey Burton CHI 11 7 8 11
T 11 Tyler Eifert CIN 10 13 13 13
T 11 George Kittle SF 13 12 12 12
T 11 David Njoku CLE 14 10 17 8
14 Cameron Brate TB 16 17 15 16
15 Charles Clay BUF 15 14 19 17
16 Jack Doyle IND 12 15 11 N/R
17 O.J. Howard TB 17 N/R 14 15
18 Eric Ebron IND 19 18 N/R 14
19 Jared Cook OAK N/R 16 20 18
20 Ricky Seals-Jones PIT 18 20 18 N/R
Honorable Mentions: Vance McDonald, Benjamin Watson, Austin Hooper

Are there any Tight Ends worth reach?

Eric: Compared to where they seem to be getting drafted, Tyler Eifert and Jordan Reed. TE is thin this year, but at least these 2 bring proven upside as top-tier TE options.

Joe: No TE are worth reaching early for. Once again Rob Gronkowski has proven to be mortal. A first or second round pick should be more reliable than 12.3 games over the last 3 seasons. He may be the best TE, but “the best” does not help you if he does not play.

Andy: I don’t think you can really reach for Gronk this year unless you take him at the 1-2 turn, unless you consider mid to late second a reach. I guess the guy I will reach for this year is Jordan Reed. If I don’t land Gronk this year I am likely waiting until right before I take my defense and kicker. I might go a round or two before that if Reed’s upside is still there. But most likely I am going to be one of the last guys to take a tight end.

Tommy: There is nobody in the top 10 I would be willing to reach for, but if I don’t like an early value, I will look to grab Vance McDonald late. I think he has a chance to be a low-end TE1 at a bargain basement cost.

Which Tight End(s) will you be looking to avoid?

Eric: Greg Olsen. I usually don’t shy away from injuries, but the history of returning from a broken foot has been extremely brutal in recent years with players frequently needing a 2nd surgery. It’s speculative to predict he would need that, but it does make me a little gun-shy.

Joe: Until he proves otherwise, Tyler Eifert again leads my list because of his injury history. He’s averaged 7.7 games over the last 3 seasons, only playing in 2 games in 2017.

Andy: Out of principle I just won’t get Kelce or Ertz, but the guy I am pinpointing to avoid would be Evan Engram. He did his work last year when there were not many guys to take targets away. He is an exciting talent, but I can’t take him where you are going to have to take him if you want him.

Tommy: I am not touching Gronkowski. He is simply too expensive given his injury history. Travis Kelce and Zach Ertz are also closing the gap rather quickly.

Which Tight End will you be owning the most stock in?

Eric: Hopefully David Njoku. He has elite upside and is flashing already this preseason. This could be a huge breakout year for him.

Joe: Greg Olsen was a player I targeted every year. He was a steady fantasy contributor until his injury last season. I still like Olsen but I’ll also have my sights on Zach Ertz and Delanie Walker. If I miss out on these 3, a late round Ben Watson is intriguing. He returns to New Orleans as a reliable target for Drew Brees. In last stint with the Saints, Watson had over 800 yards and 6 TD.

Andy: I am going to be owning a decent amount of Reed or Tyler Eifert, more so Eifert. Their upside is worth the downside late in drafts. I like Kittle and Burton too, but they seem to be the hot names that someone will take before I want to take a tight end. If those two are gone by the late rounds I’ll throw darts at Vance McDonald, Jake Butt or Eric Ebron.

Tommy: My favorite draft values at the position are: Ertz, Rudolph, Burton, Doyle, and McDonald. Who I end up owning will depend largely on draft position.

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  1. Deep sleeper – Mike Gesicki, Miami lost Jarvis Landry, and Gesicki is 6,6 and can jump 40 inches. That is serious range. Also like the Seattle Seahawks TE.

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