The Draftkings NBA Edge for Tuesday 2/6

I didn’t plan on getting an article up today, because Tuesday slates are typically small. But we have a really good slate tonight. We’re going to throw our normal script out the window. The only reason I’m throwing something up for tonight is because I think there is an edge to be had on this slate. With this edge, you can set your roster apart from the masses and roster some big name studs. So let’s get down to it.

Orlando Magic Value

The edge on this slate revolves around three guys: Mario Hezonja, D.J. Augustine, and Shelvin Mack

Together, these guys will cost you $11,500 worth of DrafkKings salary. At first glance you may think I’m crazy, but hear me out first. While Aaron Gordon has been out the last four games, these three together have performed very well. Here is their combined DraftKings points and total minutes over those four games:

Opponent Minutes DK Points
@ MIA 81:13 78.75
vs. WAS 77:09 69.25
vs. LAL 70:24 82.75
@HOU 77:54 79.5

So to reiterate, those numbers are all three guys’ combined minutes and DK points for each of those games. If we look at them as a whole, we would absolutely be happy with those returns on their combined salary. Without mentioning names, if I told you that you could spend $11,500 of your salary cap and get between 70-80 minutes of playing time at roughly a point per minute, you would jump all over that! During that four game stretch, they returned 6X value on their current combined salary during their worst game against Washington. In the other three, they were right around 7X value.

I don’t think many people, if any, will use this edge tonight. We know that the Cleveland Cavs defense is horrendous, so just add that as another check mark in the pros column. Could this trio flop or the rotation change tonight? Absolutely. But we have a four game sample size without Gordon and it seems like this rotation should continue. Lock in these three guys and you leave yourself plenty of salary to spend elsewhere.

Personally, this is going to allow me to roster both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. The Warriors versus Thunder game has a 230.5 game total and I look for both of these guys to have massive games against each other.

That’s it for today, I just wanted to point out this edge that I found during my research to give our readers an opportunity to take a look at it for themselves. Best of luck on Tuesday night!


That’s it for today. Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @mrclutchdfs so you can stay up to date on any changes to my plays based on late information.


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