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NFL odds for next season

The Super Bowl has been played; this marks the end of the 2017 NFL season. It is sad indeed, but it is never too early to start planning for your 2018 fantasy football draft(s). Even though the season has not officially ended there has already been major moves that will affect next year’s draft, such as Alex Smith becoming a member of the Washington Redskins. Which triggers other questions such as what will happen with Kirk Cousins? Will the Browns finally find a quarterback? The upcoming NFL draft is sure to affect next years fantasy season as well.

Before you start prepping for 2018, it is important to look back at the difference makers in 2017. Rookie running backs Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara made fantasy owners happy as they finished third and fourth in overall points among running backs. Russell Wilson had a monster year and finished atop the leaderboard for QB’s, nearly 50 points ahead of Cam Newton. Despite abysmal quarterback play it was DeAndre Hopkins, not Antonio Brown that led the wide receivers. Although Brown did come in at second and is reliable year after year. Marvin Jones is the surprise among the receivers as he skyrocketed up the board to finish in the top 5 in Detroit despite the presence of Golden Tate.

While it is important to look at the past, you must do so with a grain of salt. Fantasy football changes every year and odds are there will be new leaders in the 2018 season. There is also still a lot to be decided such as the quarterback carousel that is sure to take place this offseason. Nevertheless, if you are looking to get started there are far too early 2018 leaderboards available.

The experts say to go running back early as LeVeon Bell, Todd Gurley, David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliot, Kareem Hunt, Leonard Fournette, and Alvin Kamara are present in the top 10 of most projections.  Antonio Brown is still the number one receiver on the board as his reign of supremacy seems as if it will never end. A lot also depends on format as David Johnson and Alvin Kamara are more valuable in PPR leagues, where Leonard Fournette is more of a standard league running back. Running backs who catch passes are the key to victory in PPR leagues.

Unfortunately, injuries always play a significant role in fantasy football as well, and owners will have to keep an eye on how stars like Carson Wentz, Odell Beckham Jr., and Aaron Rodgers are progressing in the offseason. Injuries are also why the entire draft is important. Be sure to keep your focus from round one all the way until the last pick as you never know what sleeper picks will drive you to victory!

As the offseason begins and NFL odds for next season come out, the fantasy football season will be quick to follow. Start planning ahead and be sure to visit for more on all NFL odds for next season!

By James Thomas

Part-time writer, full-time sports fan, and lifetime fantasy sports fanatic.