2018 Second Base Rankings: Top 30

We wrap up each week of positional coverage with our 2018 rankings. In addition to the rankings we will pose a number of questions to our panel covering topics such as reaches and targets, players to avoid and late round impact players.

Taking part in our rankings will be Kevin Jebens, Jim Finch, Kenny Garvey, Josh Coleman, Dan Marcus, Mike Sheehan and Mike (the cop) Levin. Our seven “experts” each ranked their top 30 second basemen for the 2018 season.

Players marked N/R were not ranked inside the top 30 by that particular person. We used a 10 games started minimum requirement for eligibility, so if you don’t see someone they either do not qualify or were not worthy (or everyone missed him – it happens).

If you feel we overlooked someone or would like to debate a player’s ranking, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Rank Player Team Jim Kevin Josh Kenny Mike S Mike L Dan
1 Jose Altuve Astros 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
2 Jose Ramirez Indians 2 2 4 2 2 2 2
3 Dee Gordon Mariners 5 3 2 6 5 6 3
T4 Daniel Murphy Nationals 3 5 5 8 3 4 4
T4 Brian Dozier Twins 4 4 3 5 4 7 5
6 Jonathan Schoop Orioles 6 6 8 4 8 3 6
6 Robinson Cano Mariners 6 10 6 3 6 8 7
8 Matt Carpenter Cardinals 11 9 7 12 7 9 8
9 Whit Merrifield Royals 22 7 9 7 15 5 9
10 DJ LeMahieu Rockies 18 18 14 10 12 10 10
T11 Javier Baez Cubs 9 13 10 17 17 17 11
T11 Yoan Moncada White Sox 13 14 11 13 13 14 16
13 Rougned Odor Rangers 8 16 18 11 9 23 14
14 Eduardo Nunez Free Agent 24 12 15 24 10 12 15
15 Ian Kinsler Angels 15 24 12 19 11 15 19
16 Ozzie Albies Braves 10 20 13 22 14 13 24
17 Chris Taylor Dodgers 23 8 30 9 25 11 20
18 Ian Happ Cubs 14 19 24 20 24 18 13
19 Jonathan Villar Brewers 17 22 21 28 29 27 12
20 Paul DeJong Cardinals 12 11 22 16 N/R 19 N/R
21 Chirs Owings Diamondbacks 19 25 16 N/R 20 20 22
22 Marwin Gonzalez Astros 25 23 19 15 N/R 16 26
23 Scooter Gennett Reds 16 15 N/R 14 16 24 N/R
24 Jason Kipnis Indians 20 26 29 29 22 29 17
25 Jose Peraza Reds 25 29 17 27 30 21 25
25 Starlin Castro Marlins 27 N/R 28 18 23 22 18
27 Josh Harrison Pirates N/R 21 20 21 27 26 27
28 Cesar Hernandez Phillies N/R 17 25 N/R 18 28 28
29 Dustin Pedroia Red Sox 21 N/R N/R 25 28 N/R 23
30 Brandon Drury Diamondbacks 30 N/R N/R 26 21 N/R 30
Honorable Mentions: Devon Travis, Yangervis Solarte (4 of 7), Tim Beckham, Logan Forsythe, Brandon Phillips, Asdrubal Cabrera, Neil Walker, Kolten Wong, Joe Panik Hernan Perez, Raul Mondesi (1 of 7)

Second Basemen you will reach for if you don’t land Jose Altuve in round 1?

Kevin: I’m going to be very happy if Ramirez makes it to me in round 2, and I’d even take him at the end of round 1. High BA, production in HR and SB mostly sustainable. A potential .300/20/20 guy is worth it for any position, let alone second base.

Jim: I can’t say I have a particular target or favorite at second; my pick will depend on value, ADP, and what is on the board. Dee Gordon, Jonathan Schoop, Javier Baez and Paul DeJong would be some of my top options, but I’d be happy with anyone in my top-12.

Kenny: Altuve is the only first round option for 2B. I’d aim for any of my remaining top-four (Ramirez, Cano, Schoop) any time starting middle of the 2nd round. If I don’t land any of those guys, there’s no hurry to obtain a second baseman until the later rounds when guys like DeJong, Baez and Castro are available.

Dan: Dee Gordon. Stolen bases are at a premium, and there’s no doubt he will provide those. 

Josh: 2B currently features 3 players among the Top 30 in NFBC ADP (Altuve 2, Ramirez 22, and Gordon 28). Sign me up for Altuve at 2 all day long – as for the others. it’ll be a pass from me. The position offers a nice mix of upside along with a level of safeness in the middle of its rankings.

Mike S: I find 2b to be the weakest position apart from catcher this year.  I would be happy with anyone in my top 5, but I’d sure love to get Jose Ramirez. The dual eligibility gives you some flexibility and he should be good for 15-20 steals in a landscape where steals are extremely scarce.

Mike L: Schoop there it is! Coming off 293/31/105 with 92 runs. Are you kidding me?! This dude needs to get more love. Only 26 yrs old.

Which second baseman do you plan on avoiding in the draft?

Kevin: At this point, I’m passing on the aging (declining) veterans: Cano, Carpenter, Kinsler. There is a lot of depth right now, so for once I’m gambling on upside rather than seemingly higher floor of Cano and Carp.

Jim: Playing alongside Mike Trout tends to elevate a player’s status, but I’m avoiding Ian Kinsler. Another year older with declining numbers in a pitcher’s park scare me, as does the potential for a cliff year. Plus I think somone in your league will overvalue him.

Kenny: I’m staying away from Scooter Gennett this year. He had a career year last year, but I don’t see that being sustainable. There are a lot of guys down the list who could end up with the same season output (Josh Harrison, Eduardo Nunez, Ozzie Albies).

Dan:  Chris Taylor. His job is far from secure given the Dodgers depth, so if there is any kind of drop off from 2017 there will be little leeway given to him.

Josh: Chris Taylor had a remarkable run last season, but I find myself skeptical on a repeat. The speed will play, but I laugh at the “changed approach to lift the ball” narrative that’s become a HR increase catch-all. 16% HR/FB% was more than double his career mark. Taylor won’t earn Top 2B value on his own team. Avoid that top-10 Draft day price.

Mike S: I won’t be drafting Chris Taylor.  Some analysts seem excited about him, but it’s hard for me to get excited about a guy who had a .361 BABIP

Mike L: Paul DeJong. Anybody that has 100 more strikeouts than walks I suggest you stay away from. Power-yes. Everything else-no. Also wont sustain the .349 BABIP.

Who is your top MI target once your 2B slot is filled?

Kevin: Late in the draft, you should be able to draft players to boost a particular category. I bet Villar (SB) and LeMahieu (BA) will fall in 2018, which can help if you need those stats.

Jim: More than likely I’ll settle for boring, yet reliable, DJ LeMahieu. He isn’t flashy, but he contributes a little everywhere. There is an equal chance I just wait until the end of the draft since MI isn’t a priority for me overall.

Kenny: Assuming I get one of the top 4 in my rankings, I’m looking to Whit Merrifield or Chris Taylor as my next options. If, by some chance they’re off the table already, I’m willing to fill the spot with any of my top-18 second basemen.

Dan: Ian Happ. He was impressive in his rookie season, and his batted ball profile indicates there’s more where that came from.

Josh: Second base offers a variety of roster building options (Albies, Villar, Peraza, and Hernandez) with a varying degree of ADP, but all could push 30 stolen bases. Odor, DeJong, Castro and Miller could all hit 25 HR. Overlooked veterans such as Kinsler, Phillips, and Forsythe could all emerge as Top 10-15 options, and the asking price is peanuts.

Mike S: Yoan Moncada is tempting, but I really like Ozzie Albies.  He has 30 steal potential and looks like he just might be an all around stud.

Mike L: Give me Chris Owings. Was on pace for an awesome season until he got hurt. I really like his upside along with his SB potential. Another guy younger than people realize. Only 26.

Late round pick that could make an impact?

Kevin: Peraza and Mondesi may provide nice SB totals, and they won’t cost you much. Wong may also be an endgame value pick.

Jim: Marwin Gonzalez and Chris Taylor do not have a set position, but they qualify at multiple spots on the diamond. Same goes for fre agent Eduardo Nunez. They should all be available late and will supply decent MI numbers with part-time at bats with the potential for more.

Kenny: Jonathan Villar was all the hype on draft day last year and wet the bed. I don’t think he repeats 2016, but he could put together a good enough season to be worthy of a late round flier. As for a high ceiling, Jose Peraza is a great candidate to break out this year and could be overlooked by many.

Dan:  Chris Owings. He has upside in terms of both power and speed.

Josh: Ian Kinsler is old, but despite his 2017 struggles his skill set remains intact. Batting in front of Trout could lead to another 100 Run season. Last seasons struggles have Yoan Moncada’s current ADP as 16th among 2B. Organizational patience is the key, but the talent alone is a 20/20 season with a decent AVG. Logan Forsythe is an afterthought at the moment, but solid production potential puts him on the fringe of the Top 10 if playing time can be found.

Mike S: I’ll go with Solarte here.  He’s a known name, though not a flashy one.  I’ve always liked him and with Devon Travis hurt yet again, he should start at 2b for the Jays.  I like the park and lineup upgrade after his trade as well. 

Mike L: My value pick at the position is Devon Travis. Showed he can really hit when healthy. Someone will need to step up in Toronto. For the price he’s going at, he seems like a great flier to me.


That Wraps up our second base rankings. Check back next week as we bring you our Top 30 Third Base options for the 2018 season.

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