NFL Waiver Wire Week 16

We are finally at the end of the season. It is always weird to me because it feels like this season has been going on forever, but then it feels like only yesterday I was drafting all my leagues.

At this point in the season there is very little advice to give. This waiver wire is going to be pretty short as many of you are prepping for your final game of the season – that is  if you are still reading this.

There are no more real stash candidates as there is nothing to stash for. The only players you should be adding are players that you might start this week, or guys your opponent might start. Playing keep away is a thing. This doesn’t mean add and drop 10 players to make it so your opponent can’t add a kicker. But, if your opponent needs a quarterback to play or a better defense than they have, use waiver claims to prevent them from getting those pieces.

If anyone on your roster isn’t going to start for you (or your opponent) this week they are 100 percent expendable. Sure, Demaryius Thomas isn’t a drop for weeks 1-15, but if you’re not starting him and your opponent wouldn’t start him then kick him to the curb.

I also recommend before kickoff Sunday drop players in the early games you aren’t starting for players in the later games. Just in case someone suffers a freak pregame injury. You never know, and it helps to have a backup plan.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions and I will try to help you figure out the best course of action. You can also reach me on twitter –


Martavis Bryant – Antonio Brown isn’t going to play this week after leading a lot of teams to the fantasy playoffs, and maybe a championship. Bryant is going to have a role, but it won’t be as the top target.

Aaron Jones – He is more explosive than Jamaal Williams, but with Aaron Rodgers back they aren’t as likely to lean on the running game. Odds are if he is on the wire in your league you wouldn’t consider starting him, but he is here if you are desperate.

Wayne Gallman – The list is really uninspiring already. Gallman had 14 touches, but I wouldn’t bet anything on him getting even 10 touches next week.

Cody Latimer – Not sure on the status of Sanders this week, but either way Latimer appeared to be involved in the game regardless.

Keelan Cole – Three straight weeks with a touchdown and 285 yards in the last two games.


Nick Foles – If you have been streaming all season Foles is a nice option in the title game, but he would still be outside my top-10 next week so maybe you already have a better option.

Blake Bortles – I couldn’t leave my title in the hands of Bortles, but he is on a roll and gets the 49ers.

Joe Flacco – This is all about the matchup. Flacco getting a bad Colts D gives him an ever so slight edge over the next guy who has been playing really well.

Jimmy Garoppolo – He has been great throwing for yards and limiting turnovers for the most part, but the touchdowns haven’t been there and he faces the Jaguars.

Blaine Gabbert – I find it hard to believe you don’t have a better option, but this is my shoulder shrug dart throw if you cant get any of the previous four.


Chargers – They get the Jets with Bryce Petty at quarterback. That pass rush is going to have a field day.

Lions – Coming off a great game against the Bears they get to play Cincinatti who is a mess right now.

Chiefs – After struggling for a while the defense has played well in four of the last five and they get Jay Cutler and the Dolphins.

Bears – Pretty much any team playing the Browns is worth a look, and while the Bears haven’t forced too many turnovers this year, they aren’t giving up many points and Kizer is a turnover machine.

Cardinals – Eli Manning put up big numbers against the Eagles, but I think the Cardinals are worth a shot if the other options aren’t available.


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