NFL Waiver Wire Week 11

I alluded to this last week, but waivers get really hard to write and rank this time of the year. A lot of guys are owned, and teams are in such different spots rest of season wise.

Marlon Mack does little good for someone who is 4-6 and needing a win, while Damien Williams is a plug and play borderline RB2. Then for a team that is 7-3, Rex Burkhead is likely of little interest because of the unknown on a weekly basis, while a stashing of Josh Gordon might help in the long run.

If someone won’t start for you this week on waivers, ask yourself who has either:

  1. the best chance of jumping one of my starters to become startable for me or
  2. who, if everything within reason clicks, has the highest upside.

If you are in a FAAB league and you really want something, don’t be afraid to spend up, but if you are in a waivers league I would really be holding that waiver claim for something crazy to happen in the playoffs.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions and I will try to help you figure out the best course of action. You can also reach me on twitter –

Players listed are owned in less than 33% of ESPN leagues. If multiple players are listed with the same FAAB range it means they are relatively equal, but in a pinch the ranking on the left is the order I would rank them.

  Player Position Burn waiver claim FAAB%


Jamaal Williams RB No 20-25%


Marlon Mack RB Yes 15-20%


Rex Burkhead RB No 15-20%


Damien Williams RB No 10-15%


Rod Smith RB No 10-15%


Corey Coleman WR No 10-15%


Elijah McGuire RB No 5-10%


D’Onta Foreman RB No 5-10%


Thomas Rawls RB No 0-5%


Samaje Perine RB No 0-5%


Josh Gordon WR No 0-5%


Jamaal Charles RB No 0-5%


Austin Eckler RB No 0-5%


Tyrell Williams WR No 0-5%


Travis Benjamin WR No 0-5%


Mike Williams WR No 0-5%


Curtis Samuel *
WR No 0-5%


Marquise Goodwin WR No 0-5%


J.D. McKissic RB No 0-5%


James Conner RB No 0-5%

Jamaal Williams – With Jones and Montgomery going down with injury, Williams will lead the backfield if both are out next week. I can’t get too excited because of how bad this offense is going to be, but the good news is he wouldn’t have to split work too much with likely just Aaron Ripkowski left behind him as a reasonable person to steal snaps. I don’t think Williams is as good as Jones or Montgomery either. If word comes out that Montgomery is going to play I would bump Williams below Damien Williams.

Marlon Mack – I was surprised to see he was again eligible for this list. Mack is one of the few players listed here that could realistically be a locked and loaded starter at some point over the final weeks.

Rex Burkhead – I would only be going for Burkhead if you are desperate. He has been playing more and more since returning from injury, but it is hard to say if this week had anything to do with Chris Hogan missing time as he spent a decent amount of snaps split out. In the playoffs it is going to be hard to trust him, but he needs to be owned by someone.

Damien Williams – Surprised to still see him here. He’s a back that is going to get 10 touches per week. Not useful for everyone, but he is useful to some.

Rod Smith – Played more snaps than Morris, and McFadden was a distant afterthought. I think the Cowboys turn into a passing team more with Elliott out, and that caters more to Smith.

Corey Coleman – Should be returning to an offense without a go to player on it. Coleman should be the leading receiver – just how excited do you want to be about a receiver on the Browns.

Elijah McGuire – No knowing if Matt Forte will be back next week. If he isn’t you can probably boost McGuire a couple of spots on this list.

D’Onta Foreman – Much less exciting with Tom Savage leading the offense.

Thomas Rawls – I guess he is the starter there with Lacy gone. I really don’t want any of them, but if I am taking a shot at someone, it’s him.

Samaje Perine – It looks like Rob Kelley will be out a few weeks and Perine should get that role, but as we saw before we can’t get too excited.

Josh Gordon – It is so hard to know what he will be when he comes back.  Gordon is eligible in week 13, but unless you are desperate or crazy you can’t play him in that first week. So he gets one show me week, then it’s playoff time for fantasy leagues. Hard to say he will ever start, but just in case.

Jamaal Charles – He looked like the best back against the Patriots. I just don’t think he will ever be getting the touches he needs to be fantasy relevant.

Austin Eckler – He fumbled late and he is no threat to takeover the starting job. Eckler did take two passes in for touchdowns and had a pretty solid game overall. Barring a Melvin Gordon injury, no one should be using Eckler. Grab him as a handcuff if you own Gordon, or if  you want to block the Gordon owner.

Tyrell Williams – The chargers have a nice stretch of pass defenses that are beatable coming up. I have no idea which receiver to take a shot on other than Keenan Allen. Williams played the most snaps so I guess he leads the way.

Travis Benjamin and Mike Williams – See above.

Curtis Samuel / Russell Shepard – He appears to be involved in the offense. He left early in the second half with an injury and as of this writing it is unknown how much time, if any, he will miss. The good news is now you can likely get him for a $0 bid or let him pass through waivers. 
Editors Note: It looks as though Samuel is going to be out for a while. You can toss Russell Shepard into this slot as he also got a lot of targets even before Samuel left the game.

Marquise Goodwin – Took a long pass for a touchdown, and that is what you bank on with him. If he doesn’t catch it he just has one rush. High risk average reward play.

J.D. McKissic – The Seahawks should just be airing it out and running the read option at this point, and McKissic fits that best with how brittle Prosise is.

James Conner – Pure handcuff on a team that isn’t good through the air.


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3 thoughts on “NFL Waiver Wire Week 11”

  1. How often do you see rookies over take vets over the past week weeks? I’ve seen the same narrative for mack and brieda but haven’t seen it materialize. Any past examples

    1. I know what you mean and I have seen it so much. That and the “these guys don’t know what they are doing. _____ should be starting/playing more.”

      In terms of a straight benching of the vet nothing comes to my head. What you might see is a workload flip. Where a backfield that was 60/40 one way goes and turns into a 60/40 the other way.

      When it does happen where the backup takes over is because the starter got hurt. For that one that comes to mind is Gio getting hurt a couple years ago and Hill Wally Pipping him. That I feel is what happens more often.

      David Johnson burst onto the scene late, but if I remember correctly Chris Johnson was actually out for the year when that happened.

      The only one I can think of that was a flip in workload wasn’t really a vet for a younger guy. It was youth for youth. It was a few years ago when Charcandrick West got beat out by Spencer Ware down the stretch.

      The other times it happens is when a small injury like an ankle twist where the team goes we’re 3-10 if we were in it you would play but we will hold you out just because and the backup gets run the rest of the way. Or just a rest of season injury in general like I noted with with the Johnson’s.

      In the case of Breida I think he stays the number two. Id be surprised if that one flips barring injury. I can see Mack getting into a 50/50 split, he almost is there now, with Gore and some weeks that flipping into a 60/40 split for Mack.

      Knowing me someone else or another situation will randomly pop in my head in an hour.

      1. Thanks for the detailed reply. I feel it is an easy narrative but don’t see it happening and I’d rather focus on guys who can have an immediate impact.

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