NFL Waiver Wire Report: Week 8

Waivers this week are much different than in weeks past because of how many people need a Right Now starting option.

Typically it feels like we are looking for future starters or just potential for future weeks. This week you might be grabbing guys like Kenny Golladay instead of taking the flier on Corey Davis.

Another injury is probably coming soon where a backup with excitement will get a chance, but for now, save the claims and save your FAAB.

Again, no one on this week’s waiver wire inspires confidence to go all in on. Let someone else get excited and spend money on someone while you save for the next injury to go down.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions and I will try to help you figure out the best course of action. You can also reach me on twitter –

Players listed are owned in less than one-third of ESPN leagues. If multiple players are listed with the same FAAB range it means they are relatively equal, but in a pinch the ranking on the left is the order I would rank them.

  Player Position  Waiver Claim FAAB ESPN %Owned
1 Dion Lewis RB Yes 15-20% 20.4%
2 Alex Collins RB No 5-10% 32.5%
3 Marlon Mack RB No 5-10% 26.5%
4 Jalen Richard RB No 5-8% 5%
5 DeAndre Washington RB No 5-8% 3%
6 Kenny Golladay WR No 5-8% 14.5%
7 D’Onta Foreman RB No 5-8% 15%
8 Rex Burkead RB No 5-8% 9.8%
9 Josh Doctson WR No 3-8% 13.3%
10 JuJu Smith-Schuster WR No 3-8% 7.7%
11 Corey Davis WR No 3-8% 23.2%
12 Eddie Lacy RB No 3-8% 31%
13 Jordan Matthews WR No 3-8% 25.9%
14 Matt Breida RB No 3-8% 21.7%
15 TJ Jones WR No 3-8% 0.2%
16 Bennie Fowler WR No 0-5% 10.2%
17 Kenny Stills WR No 0-5% 15.4%
18 Deonte Thompson WR No 0-5% 0.2%
19 Andy Dalton QB No 0-5% 32.9%
20 Paul Richardson WR No 0-5% 6.2%

1. Dion Lewis – Really looking like the best back in the backfield. Don’t be surprised if he has most of the work in a couple of weeks. If you are in need of a play-maker, this might be your one chance.

2. Alex Collins – The Ravens offense is just bad. Again there is potential here, but he is the early downs back on a team that just might not be in a position to run a ton.

3. Marlon Mack – When healthy he has shown promise. He could be the late season lottery ticket teams use in a playoff run. At some point I think the Colts go to him in order to try to save the coaches jobs.

4. Jalen Richard – Marshawn Lynch is appealing his suspension and he is in a time share likely with a guy that will appear in a second. I think Richard adds a little more as a pass catcher and I could see him being the better back. I also wouldn’t be shocked if it is a 50/50 split. They seem pretty interchangeable every time I have seen them.

5. DeAndre Washington – Basically everything that I said about Richard applies here.

6. Kenny Golladay – He should return. It feels like he will be the guy to help replace Tate but he isn’t the same kind of player, so don’t be shocked if that role is filled by the Lions receiver coming up later.

7. D’Onta Foreman – Same as always. High upside handcuff with some desperation flex value.

8. Rex Burkhead – Finally healthy. He could carve out a role as I think he might be the best do everything back the Patriots have.

9. Josh Doctson – He played a lot of snaps for the first time this year as he started over Pryor. He turned out a solid performance. I still think the Redskins offense doesn’t revolve around any one pass catcher so even if he does win that job it will likely be hard to pick what weeks you want to start him.

10. JuJu Smith-Schuster – Playing just as much as Bryant. This isn’t the offense that we thought it could be in the preseason. Most weeks Bell and Brown will get theirs, after that with will be random.

11. Corey Davis – High upside flier when healthy.

12. Eddie Lacy – Got work and Rawls fumbled. That’s about all that Lacy has going for him.

13. Jordan Matthews – Once he gets healthy he should be the lead receiver.

14. Matt Breida – Just a handcuff. He isn’t going to be anything more.

15. TJ Jones – The other Lions receiver I was referring to. Jones seems to be more of a Tate type player, I just don’t think there is a ton of upside here.

16. Bennie Fowler – Some reports are coming out that Sanders might be able to play this week. I will believe it when I see it.

17. Kenny Stills – Parker has been out and Still has 134 yards and three touchdowns in the last two games. Parker might come back to be the third receiver.

18. Deonte Thompson – No excitement here but first week with a new team and he had over 100 yards.

19. Andy Dalton – A top streamer this week against a bad Colts defense.

20. Paul Richardson – The coin flip of Richardson vs. Lockett came up Richardson this week.


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