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Second Career: 5 Famous Athletes with Surprising (Side) Jobs

Nobody is born a famous athlete. Even the biggest names in the world of sports have to survive their childhood, find their vocation, and work their way up the ladder to become the sports heroes so many people look up to at the peak of their career. And sometimes, the jobs they are forced to take are quite surprising – and have nothing to do with their sports career at all. There are sports icons who’ve mastered the gambling world, there are others who wasted their talent serving tables at restaurants, and there are also some for whom sports seem to be the second career.

Angel McCoughtry

WNBA athlete Angel McCoughtry is a professional basketball player who started her career at Atlanta Dream. She played overseas in Turkey, Slovakia, Hungary, and Russia, and is currently employed by the Lebanese team Homenetmen Antelias. She was part of the USA National Team at the last two Olympics – both times, the girls took home a gold medal.

Few people know of this Olympic athlete that she also has a musical career. Her song “Illusion” is available at iTunes – and it’s pretty good, too.

Heather Stanning

Former British Olympic rower Heather Stanning won a Gold medal in London in 2012. After that, she went back to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan to serve as an operations manager for her unit. She is a double Olympic champion, and she is ranked the best female rower in the world since last year.

At the same time, she is an active officer in the British Army, currently ranked as Major in the Royal Artillery.

John Jeffrey

John Jeffrey was a legendary Rugby union player from Scotland, nicknamed “The Great White Shark” in the field. During his career (he retired in 1991) he played in 40 matches for Scotland, and scored 44 points for his country.

Today, he is known as not only a great former player, but also as a farmer, breeding pedigree Charolais and Simmental bulls at his farm in the Scottish borders.

Shawn Kemp

Six-time NBA All-Star and a three-time All-NBA Second Team member Shawn Kemp has spent wonderful days as a basketball pro before leaving the championship in 2003. He tried several times to return to the NBA but to no avail.

He also did well as a sports bar owner – at least until 2015, when Oskar’s Kitchen closed.

Antoine Walker

Last but not least, let’s take a look at former NBA star Antoine Walker. The three-time NBA All-Star member did great on the field but seems to have failed in real life, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010. Despite earning over $100 million during his NBA career, he ended up broke – but debt-free – in 2013.

Today, he works as an analyst at SEC Network and 120 Sports, and serves as a consultant to Morgan Stanley Global Sports and Entertainment.

By James Thomas

Part-time writer, full-time sports fan, and lifetime fantasy sports fanatic.