Mr Clutch’s MLB DFS Quick Hits 8/8

It’s another ugly pitching slate, but there are some solid studs for us to hook our wagon too. We’ll have to hope for some extra value once lineups come out, but regardless, I think there are some paths to creating strong lineups. This will be a night where I limit my pitcher pool and try some different combinations of bats.

Pitchers to Target

Corey Kluber – As you may have recognized lately, I’ve been finding solid mid-tier and cheap pitchers, but this slate is going to dictate a different approach. I don’t really like many, if any cheap guys, so I’m starting with Kluber. The guy has been downright amazing. In his last nine starts on DraftKings he has scored in the 20’s twice, the 30’s three times, and the 40’s four times. That is insane. I may lock him in every lineup tomorrow against the Rockies away from Coors.

Chris Sale – Sale is right there with Kluber as the top option. He’s facing the Tampa Bay Rays who strike out plenty; second most in the league to lefties to be exact at 25.6%. Their .309 wOBA also puts them near the bottom third. Sale has exceptional upside. Not sure how I can afford them both, but I might try if there’s enough value in the bats. You realistically lock yourself into 60-70 points with upside for more with these two on your roster together.

Ariel Miranda – The Oakland A’s are pathetic against left handed pitching. You can play almost any lefty arm against them. Miranda is serviceable, and in this matchup I think he could give you good return on his $6,500 price tag. The A’s strike out 24.4% of the time to lefties and have a miserable .296 wOBA. Throw Miranda in with Sale or Kluber and go from there.

Batters to Target

Andrew McCutchen – McCutchen has been unreal against left-handed pitching this season with a .488 wOBA, .442 ISO, 45.1% hard hit rate, 50.7% flyball rate, and an incredible 27.8% HR/FB. Think about that. In 86 at bats against lefties, McCutchen has hit a home run over a quarter of the time when he hit a fly ball. His opponent, Matt Boyd, has allowed a .362 wOBA to righties and .304 batting average. This is a great spot for Cutch.

Jose Martinez – I think he’ll go under the radar. He’s been very good against lefties, with a .413 wOBA and .260 ISO. Over the last fifteen days he’s fifth on this slate in both batted ball distance and hard hit percentage. He’s also top-10 in exit velocity. He’s swinging a hot bat, and Jason Vargas doesn’t scare me. Vargas has been a reverse splits pitcher the last couple years, but he is still allowing a 43.1% fly ball rate. It takes a lot to get it out of this ball park, but I’ve got a gut feeling he could go yard.

Albert Almora Jr. – It’s another bad ball park, but I try to get Almora in there anytime he’s facing a lefty. He’s posted a .403 wOBA so far this year against said handed pitching, and he has only struck out 14.6% of the time. His low price gives you some relief to help you fit in the stud pitching and good stacks.

Sean Rodriguez – We’ll end this section with a player from the same team as the one we started with, but this time on the other end of the price spectrum. Rodriguez is cheap, and he hits the ball very well against lefties. This season he has a .500 wOBA and .389 ISO against them in 18 at bats. It’s a limited sample, but he’s been known for taking advantage of that split throughout his career.

Stacks to Target

Houston Astros – The Astros are the obvious stack on this slate., but if you can afford them, I think you have to do it. Derek Holland has allowed a .397 wOBA to left-handed hitters, a 2.36 HR/9, and a 40.4% hard hit rate. If Tyler White is in the lineup, he’s only $2,300 and I think you just play him. Hopefully his position (1B) will help keep his ownership down. He has two home runs in six at bats this season against lefties (five in 88 in 2016). My top five with White is Altuve, Bregman, Gonzalez and Springer (if he comes off the DL).

Texas Rangers – The Rangers team total is a bit low, but I don’t know how you can’t love them against Chris Flexen. Flexen has started two games, lasted three innings in each, and had negative DraftKings points in both. You can really play anyone for the Rangers, but I especially like the lefties.

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