One Ballot In a Large Sea

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening — whichever is applicable to you. Without question, the highlight of attending baseball games in my youth was the All-Star ballots. I would spend the entirety of the game finalizing my decision. At its conclusion I would gently apply pressure to those wonderful chads before I stuffed it into the ballot box before leaving the building.

While the voting process has painfully changed, my commitment to the civic duty has not. I take as much time as I possibly can before casting my vote for the Mid-Summer Classic. To this day I have never voted for someone on name alone. Statistical merits will get you my vote, not the name on the front of the jersey. One ballot and out. That’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it always will be.

American League

C – Salvador Perez: The Sanchez injury all but ended this early.

1B – Justin Smoak: Did you ever think you would live in a world where Justin Smoak and Yonder Alonso were your top-2 choices?

2B – Jose Altuve:  Johnny Cochran in all his glory couldn’t win a case against Altuve.

SS – Carlos Correa: Elvis Andrus  has played really well, but Correa’s defensive edge sealed it.

3B – Miguel Sano: He has had some good fortune, but even with the strikeout totals the hit tool is special.

OF – Mike Trout: Even with the injury Trout finds himself statistically worthy.

OF – George Springer:  Fantasy players are still bitching about the lack of stolen bases.

OF – Aaron Judge: We can debate all we want about how long it will last. The reality is – enjoy it while it does.

DH – Corey Dickerson:  Note to self: Coors Field Hangover= 1 Year.

National League

C – Buster Posey: To think Lucroy had passed him for many, but not me.

1B – Paul Goldschmidt: Is it possible for the NL Club to have seven first basemen?

2B – Daniel Murphy: Statistically really good, but is there a more boring player in the majors?

SS – Corey Seager: I certainly could listen to the Turner conversation, but I find Seager more consistent overall.

OF – Bryce Harper: No player is better suited for the spotlight.

OF – Charlie Blackmon: Has cooled of lately, but you’re still looking at a 230 Run+RBI pace.

OF – Marcell Ozuna:  He may get my vote for least likely to sustain, but the results have been magnificent thus far.

Feel free to debate or list your own all star ballot results in the comment section below.


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